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Aside Table

Classic design, thoughtfully functional, with plenty of durability

The tapers and curves of the Aside Table’s legs suggest design cues of the classic Adirondack chair but with a distinctive contemporary vibe. More than just beautiful today, it’s designed to stay beautiful, no matter what the weather (or you) throw at it. It welcomes whatever you’re holding: glass, plate, magazine, phone, keys. It’s the often-overlooked accessory that makes your outdoor space much more comfortable in so many little ways.


  • Clean, simple lines for visual appeal. Durable materials for long life.
  • Strength comes from superior materials and smart engineering. Stays strong and unbending even supporting 300 pounds.
  • Ultra-low maintenance means continuing good looks without sanding, scraping, painting, or staining like wood outdoor furniture needs.
  • Five colors complement any outdoor space and décor, feature UV protection and are pigmented throughout for colorfastness.
  • Forget pressure washing. Designed to clean up easily and stay clean longer with simple soap and water.
  • Built for a long life; no need to replace every few years.
  • Industry-leading product warranties: 20-year residential, 5-year commercial, 5-year fasteners, and 5-year fade-and-stain coverage.
  • Made in USA, thoughtfully created in conjunction with Loll Designs.

Cloud White
Storm Gray
Cloud White
Storm Gray

In any space, having a place to set things down is a must. A beautiful place to put things is even better.


Parts are carved from solid blocks of high-density proprietary polymers with 25%+ post-consumer recycled material—like milk jugs.


Cold, rain, and snow have no effect on longevity and performance. This is investment-grade furniture, not throwaway.


Skillfully fabricated by workers in our Pennsylvania factory.


A hose and a brush gets the table looking like new again. Power washing is unnecessary. No sanding, stripping, sealing, or painting like with wood outdoor furniture.


Five designer colors feature UV protection and colorfast pigment throughout the material. Colors in the collection complement each other and any décor.


Experience timeless styling that fits any outdoor space, quality that lasts generations, and sustainability that makes a difference today.

The Conversation Table is part of the TimberTech Invite Collection
Color Options

The Invite Collection Aside Table is available in five colors

Cloud White




Storm Gray


Appx. 16 pounds

Weight Capacity
Tested by TimberTech to hold 300 pounds. Do not use the Aside Table for purposes other than as an occasional table or auxiliary seating.


Residential Limited Warranty

20 years, Product
5 years, Fasteners, Fade-and-Stain

Commercial Limited Warranty

5 years, Product, Fasteners, Fade-and-Stain

For full details, visit our warranty information page.


For detailed installation guides, visit our installation help page.

What products should I use to clean my furniture? Anything I need to avoid?

A gentle soap or detergent, soft-bristle brush, and garden hose will clean the Aside Table right up. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners or scrubbing tools. Power washers are not recommended. Think of it this way: If you wouldn’t use it to wash your car, don’t use it to wash the Aside Table.

Can I use the Aside Table on the beach? Near salt water?

The durable polymer material in the Aside Table will be essentially unaffected by sand, water, and salt water. The fasteners in the table, though made of marine-grade stainless steel, may experience corrosion when exposed to salt water, as described in the fastener warranty exclusions.

What is the weight limit for the Aside Table?

The Aside Table has been tested by TimberTech to hold over 300 pounds of human occupants. Of course, the table should only be used as an occasional table or auxiliary seating, not for any other purpose.

How often do I need to tighten up the fasteners on the table?

The short answer is not very often. Once or twice per season is probably more than enough. If you find yourself needing to tighten fasteners more often than that, contact customer service to see if additional attention is necessary.

Do I need to store these pieces inside in the winter? Cover them?

Moisture and cold will not adversely affect the Aside Table. Covering and indoor storage may keep the Aside Table looking “like new” longer than if left outdoors, but they are so well made, the difference is probably negligible.

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