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Lounge Rocker

Comfort, durability, and versatility

Available in select markets in Fall 2023 | Available nationally in 2024

We took everything great about the Adirondack Chair and amped up the relaxation factor. Now this chair rocks. When you sit down in the Lounge Rocker and indulge yourself in a few back-and-forths, good things are going to happen to your body, mind, and spirit. Made with our exclusive 25% post-consumer recycled materials, it’s durable, colorfast, UV-protected, and secured with hidden stainless-steel fasteners. All that means your new favorite chair is going to last a long time.


  • Designed and built for comfort and long life with ultra-low maintenance.
  • Updated classic design with color choices for any style of outdoor space.
  • Weather resistant for confident use in any climate, season, or setting.
  • 20-year residential limited product warranty, 5-year commercial, fastener, and fade and stain limited warranty.

Cloud White
Storm Gray
Cloud White
Storm Gray

Sit forward or lean back into full relaxation. Wide slats, smart contours, and thoughtful angling make for easy sitting. Long rocking surface provides a full range of smooth motion. Broad arm rests actually let you rest your arms, and the subtle texture provides a good grip that makes getting up easier.


Parts are carved from solid blocks of high-density proprietary polymers with 25% or more post-recycled material—like milk jugs.


Cold, rain, and snow have virtually no effect on longevity and performance.


The workers in our Pennsylvania factory skillfully fabricate Lounge Rockers to be investment-grade, not throwaway.


A hose and a brush get the chair looking like new again. No power washing necessary. No sanding, stripping, sealing, or painting like wood outdoor furniture.


The elevated chair design comes through in the details: hidden fasteners that won’t snag, subtle texturing, fewer parts for strength and simplicity.


The collection includes five complementary colors with UV protection and colorfast pigments embedded throughout the material for beauty and longevity.


Experience timeless styling that fits any outdoor space, quality that lasts generations, and sustainability that makes a difference today.

The Lounge Rocker is part of the TimberTech Invite Collection
Color Options

The Invite Collection Lounge Rocker is available in five colors

Cloud White




Storm Gray


Appx. 50 pounds

Weight Capacity
Tested by TimberTech to hold over 400 pounds. The chair should be used for its intended furniture purpose only.

Residential Limited Warranty

20 years, Product
5 years, Fasteners, Fade-and-Stain

Commercial Limited Warranty

5 years, Product, Fasteners, Fade-and-Stain

For full details, visit our warranty information page.


For detailed installation guides, visit our installation help page.

What products should I use to clean my furniture? Anything I need to avoid?

A gentle soap or detergent, soft-bristle brush, and garden hose will clean the Lounge Rocker right up. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners or scrubbing tools. Power washers are not recommended. Think of it this way: If you wouldn’t use it to wash your new car, don’t use it to wash the Lounge Rocker.

What is the weight limit for the Lounge Rocker?

The Lounge Rocker has been tested by TimberTech to hold over 400 pounds of human occupants. Of course, the chair should only be used as seating, not for any other purpose. Our 6”2” 300 pound-plus tester also found the Lounge Rocker to be virtually tip-proof, even in star-gazing mode, though clambering kids can tip over almost anything.

How often do I need to tighten up the fasteners on the chair?

The short answer is not very often. Once or twice per season should be more than enough. If you find you’re needing to tighten fasteners more often than that, contact customer service to see if additional attention is necessary.

Do I need to store these pieces inside in the winter? Cover them?

Moisture and cold will not adversely affect the Lounge Rocker. Covering and indoor storage may keep the chair looking “like new” longer than if left outdoors, but they are so well made, the difference is probably negligible.

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