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Cortex® for Advanced PVC

Confidently secure your entire deck with Advanced PVC Cortex, a 100% hidden fastening system featuring collated plug strips and a TORX® ttap® drive system.

Compatible with TimberTech Advanced PVC full profile boards.

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American Walnut®
Castle Gate™
Dark Hickory
English Walnut®
French White Oak®
Slate Gray
Weathered Teak®
Blends in Beautifully

Fastener remains hidden because the included plug is made from TimberTech decking and color-matched to all Advanced PVC collections.

Strong and Specialized

Deck screw is high quality, ACQ-approved, and has a TORX® ttap® drive system for a wobble-free install.


Unlike other hidden fasteners, Cortex fasteners can be used on the entire deck surface, including stairs and perimeters.

Available in:

• 100 sq. ft. – TimberTech Advanced PVC only (350 carbon steel screws, 400 plugs)
• 300 sq. ft. – TimberTech Advanced PVC only (1050 carbon steel screws, 1200 plugs)
• Plug replacement pack (40 collated plugs)

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Is predrilling required when installing TimberTech Advanced PVC decking?

Predrilling is only recommended when installing in temperatures below 40 degrees or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, or when installing into old framing or joists.

Can I use Cortex fasteners with steel or aluminum framing?

Cortex for Advanced PVC is not compatible with metal framing. For steel framing applications, Cortex Drillers (1-5/8″ 410 stainless steel screws) can be purchased through FastenMaster. To special order the deck plugs needed specifically for your project, please contact 1-800-518-3569.

Can TimberTech Cortex fasteners be used for all decking?

Cortex fasteners can be used on all full-profile TimberTech deck boards, except for scalloped boards from our Terrain, Prime, Prime+ and Reliaboard collections.

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