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End Coating

Enhance your deck’s end cuts with a rich, gorgeous finish. End Coating delivers superior durability and performance, giving a lasting wood-like look to end cuts of all TimberTech decking products as well as Contemporary and Builder Rails.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Just 8 oz. covers approximately 250 TimberTech end cuts.

Strong to the Very End

Protects end cuts by standing up to even the harshest weather and elements.

Spreads Evenly and Easily

All you need to apply is a brush or roller. (Read additional instructions and warnings.)

Amount (1 jar)

8 oz.

Questions About Installation?

We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. View installation help.

How many end cuts will one bottle of TimberTech End Coating cover?

Each bottle of TimberTech End Coating will cover approximately 250 end cuts.


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