The Coastal Oak’s front porch

Moisture and time had taken their toll on Amy’s Charleston front porch. She wanted to recapture the classic style and memories made on her grandparents’ porch, but rotting, splintering, peeling paint, and endless maintenance meant she wanted something better—TimberTech.

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A welcoming porch, a lifetime of low maintenance

Amy’s porch was beautiful: wide, deep, and boasting a dramatic split staircase to ground level, but it had seen better days. “Unfortunately, our porch was in rough shape. The boards were rotting, and I constantly worried our kids would get splinters. The paint was peeling, and several areas were compromised.” Her experience told her she wanted composite decking for its longevity and low maintenance. Her designer eye told her she wanted TimberTech.

Amy chose TimberTech Coastline® for the porch surface, along with matte white Premier Rail and AZEK Exteriors square column wraps. She was passionate about maintaining the classic Charleston style and delighted that there was no compromise to gain the durability of TimberTech. “I just love how Coastline pairs with our new exterior paint color, and it has just a touch of warmth that complements the overall design.”

Our home looks brand new, and it will continue to look that way for years to come.

– Amy

Amy, from The Coastal Oak

Amy Romfo is many things: a native Carolinian, a mother of three, and a lover of all things décor and design. Her popular blog, The Coastal Oak, is where she chronicles her penchant for smart, beautiful, and often thrifty home design. Showcasing her gorgeous home in Charleston, South Carolina, Amy shares her family’s coastal lifestyle, lifelong love of antiquing, and her openness to learning, sharing, and embracing ideas for gracious living.

Shop The Coastal Oak design picks

Shop The Coastal Oak design picks

The Porch Boards: Vintage Collection in Coastline

Amy selected Coastline, from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Collection. Its gray hues and wire brushed finish evoke the appearance of weathered wood, yet its high-tech materials remain cooler to the touch than other composites. With zero wood fibers, there is zero chance of splinters in her kids’ feet. She also appreciated the ultra-low maintenance, easy cleanup, and Limited Lifetime Warranty of her new porch boards.

The Railing: Premier Rail

For the porch railing, Amy chose Premier Rail in Matte White. The crisp, clean color complemented both the house facade and the Coastline decking. Durability and low maintenance were key factors in her decision, plus she felt good about its 50% recycled content. The 25-year Product Limited Warranty was important as was the Fade & Stain Limited Warranty that applies to all premium matte colors.

Boards from a Decking Sample Kit

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See Amy’s choices up close and explore other color options.

Inspiration from every angle

The porch style is inviting Southern casual, uniting and transitioning home, outdoor space, and grounds.

The full-width front porch is the grand entryway to the house, a significant part of the façade, and an important outdoor living space for the family.

The Premier top rail and post and cap treatments reinforce the traditional appearance for this historic Charleston home and add a pleasing contrast with the porch and stair surface.

The TimberTech front porch is a relaxing gathering place whose look harmonizes with the rest of the home.

Amy’s appreciation for natural textures and appearances extends to her furniture, textiles and more. Her TimberTech Coastline decking has natural appeal that complements her style.

The formal white railing on the double staircase stands out against the practical gray tones of the stair surfaces.

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