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Drew Scott sits in a green chair on his deck, a table and chairs are in the background

Drew’s high-tech rooftop transformation

Los Angeles, CA
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With an amazing view off the back of his home, Property Brothers host, Drew Scott had big plans for a rooftop deck that overlooked it and added tons of new, usable space. After working with TimberTech Decking on his TV shows, he knew our Advanced PVC was the right decking for the job. “I’ve seen the advancement in technology when it comes to composite materials and I’m always looking for what will give homeowners the most ease,” Drew says. “TimberTech Advanced PVC is beautiful and durable — it’s top of the line.”

Meet Drew Scott

“TimberTech looks like real wood, but it doesn’t warp, stain, or fade the way wood does.”

– Drew 

Drew and Jonathan started building long before their first TV series aired — even helping to build the family home as kids. “Our dad taught us how to be handy,” Drew says. Today, Drew lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Linda, and two small children — so having an easy-to-maintain outdoor space is important. “Because who wants to re-stain their deck every couple of years? You want to enjoy it!”

Headshot of Drew Scott

Drew's deck has two seating areas, large potted plants, and a pergola overhead
“TimberTech Advanced PVC is a league above most other composites,” Drew says. “The color options are amazing, and I had so many choices — I love a natural, organic look.” For Drew’s real wood look, he chose the Vintage Collection® in English Walnut®.
Aerial shot of Drew's green chair and a coffee table on the English Walnut decking
TimberTech’s durability made it an easy choice for Drew in more ways than one. “I like that it’s not going to fade and splinter like a wood deck,” he says. “I just want it to look beautiful and know that the kids can be down there and it’s not going to hurt them — and that Linda and I can walk around barefoot without worrying about splinters.”
Profile view of a green chair with bright orange flower bouquets
“You want a deck that can stand up to any kind of traffic — whether it’s pets, kids, or contractors — and you don’t want the weather to fade or warp it,” Drew says. “You want a deck that’s low maintenance.” When asked to describe TimberTech decking in one word, Drew answered “Reliable.”
Drew Scott stands on his deck with his hands resting halfway in his pants pockets
Knowing the difference between cost and value, Drew believes a TimberTech deck is worth investing in. “Some people think they’re saving money by building with wood, but they’re tricking themselves,” Drew says. “With a wood deck, you have to keep re-staining or repainting, and replacing warped boards — you’re not going to enjoy it the way you would if it always looked amazing like TimberTech.”
Matte black siding on his home and sauna creates striking contrast with the light colored pergola overhead
It’s important to Drew that he live and work sustainably, so TimberTech is right in line with his values. “The fact that my Advanced PVC decking is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life is awesome,” Drew says. “It’s nice to see a company that’s thinking ahead about people and the planet.”
Drone shot of Drew Scott's expansive rooftop deck
With the entire footprint of Drew’s rooftop deck being in contact with his home, fire resistance was important and TimberTech was more than up to code. “When Jonathan and I are renovating, there’s city and national codes, and then there’s Property Brothers code,” Drew says. “TimberTech Advanced PVC has a higher fire rating than most of what’s accepted out there — and, to me, that’s pretty great.”
Close up shot of English Walnut deck boards
Drew’s design tip: “If you go really dark, like black, you’ll see a lot more dirt,” he says. “I went with the English Walnut — it’s natural and sophisticated, but not too light.”
Table and chairs next to wrap around railing with a glass infill
One of the reasons Drew swears by TimberTech is the wide range of price points. “It’s very high-quality decking that checks all the boxes, but it’s also reachable for people,” Drew says. “Jonathan and I like products that all kinds of families can enjoy.”
Drone shot level with the rooftop deck
A self proclaimed “tech nerd,” Drew was excited about all the options on his StruXure® Pergola X. “I like being able to control everything with my voice or phone,” Drew says. “We can open and close the louvers with the app, and it’s great because we get a lot of sun depending on the time of day.” Drew’s high-tech pergola also has built-in screens he can lower to keep mosquitoes at bay, and heaters to warm the space when temperatures drop.
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