Light brown deck atop a grassy hill looking out upon the coast of California

Mark & Jennifer’s outdoor room with a view

Mark and Jennifer loved their first deck so much they chose TimberTech a second time when they relocated to California.

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Mark and Jennifer are no strangers to the beauty and durability of TimberTech Decking. After replacing the rotting wood deck on their former Seattle home with TimberTech Advanced PVC, they were thrilled with the results. Jennifer wanted a deck that looked natural and beautiful. Mark wanted a deck that was low maintenance and easy. TimberTech delivered on both — and when they moved to the California coast to be near their growing family, there was no question that they’d build again with TimberTech.

Mark and Jennifer pose for a portrait. The two are surrounded by wildflowers and bushes in the background.

Mark & Jennifer

Palos Verdes, CA

Mark and Jennifer love hosting family gatherings on their TimberTech deck. With one toddler running around and another grandchild on the way, the cooler splinter-free surface means they never have to worry about little feet being hurt.

*Although TimberTech Advanced PVC decking is cooler to the touch than many other deck board products, all decking products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the decking color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color.

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