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Enjoy Safety & Accessibility With an ADA Railing From TimberTech

January 8, 2021
ADA Railing TimberTech ADA Handrail System

An ADA railing is one that meets the standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Standards for Accessible Design to help make buildings and other structures as accommodating as possible to everyone, regardless of ability.

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What Is the TimberTech ADA Railing Option?

The ADA Handrail by Railing Accents for Impression Rail Express® is a supplemental handrail that can be added to our other railing components, including the easy-install, panelized Impression Rail Express®. Our ADA handrail system includes brackets that attach directly to the existing railing posts or stairwell walls.

All TimberTech railing options exceed compliance standards for strength and safety. However, our ADA railing adds an extra layer of security and ease of access by providing a lower graspable surface that makes it easier for anyone who needs weight bearing assistance.

Our ADA-compliant handrail:
  • Meets ADA railing requirements.
  • Gives you greater peace of mind by making your deck more accessible.
  • Offers ease of installation and can be put in just about anywhere you need it.

ADA Railing Requirements

The requirements from the ADA’s Standards for Accessible Design ensure a railing is as easy and safe as possible for anyone to use.

Stairwell showing ADA Railing via TimberTech ADA Handrail System

What Are the Requirements for an ADA-Compliant Hand Rail?

When installed correctly to your existing railing or stairwell, the TimberTech Handrail System meets all ADA railing requirements, which include:

  • The top of the grippable handrail should be consistent in height, between 34 and 38 inches, above the ramp, walking surface, and/or stair nosings (the slight portion of each stair that hangs over the riser).
  • The gap between the handrail and the wall or other structure must be at least 1-½ inches.
  • The handrail must be continuous with the stair flight or ramp run.
  • Handrails should not rotate within their fittings.

For the complete list of requirements for an ADA-compliant railing, visit ADA.gov.

Achieve Greater Peace of Mind With an ADA Railing

Give your family and guests greater peace of mind with a secure ADA handrail, installed as a complement to your deck’s stairs and/or railing system.

Impression Rail Express Accessories ADA Handrail Handicap Loop Kit

Improved Deck Safety

A TimberTech, ADA-compliant handrail improves the safety of your deck in the following ways:

  • Enduring strength: Sturdy aluminum as reinforcement inside rigid PVC tube reduces any potential bowing.
  • Greater security: The ergonomic secondary railing allows people to have a firm, comfortable grasp and the confidence that the railing will support their weight.
  • Improved stability: Uninterrupted railing along a flight of stairs or deck perimeter provides guests consistent stability with each step.

Your Safer Railing Solution: ADA Handrail by Railing Accents for Impression Rail Express®

ADA Railing TimberTech ADA Handrail with Impression Rail Express in Black

The TimberTech ADA Handrail by Railing Accents for Impression Rail Express® is an ideal choice for those seeking extra security and accessibility. Not only is it sturdy, long-lasting, and compliant with ADA’s standards of design, it’s also easy to install and blends in beautifully with your existing TimberTech railing.

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Ease of Installation

Our ADA handrail does not require any special tools for installation. What’s more, adjustable components such as the internal joiner accommodate any transition from 0° to 90°.

Plus, the handrail can be installed just about anywhere you need it, including:

  • Along any pre-existing TimberTech railing.
  • Along walls and stairwells.

Remember: In order for your handrail to be fully ADA-compliant, you’ll need to follow the TimberTech railing installation guidelines to ensure proper installation.

Impression Rail Express in black with TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection Brownstone decking

Pairs Beautifully With Your Existing TimberTech Rail

Our ADA handrail system pairs beautifully with Impression Rail Express® to create a single, unified system that doesn’t take away from your desired aesthetic or overall design.

Interested in improving your deck’s safety and accessibility with an ADA railing? Ensure it’s built securely and up to ADA’s standards by partnering with a TimberTech-registered contractor who can bring their product expertise to your project.

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