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How Impression Rail Express Makes Installing Deck Railing Easy

February 12, 2020
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A deck railing is like a picture frame on a great work of art. While there are several factors to consider when installing deck railing — from durability to aesthetics to cost — one of the major elements for the DIY-minded is installation ease. Thanks to our Impression Rail Express® and its panelized baluster system, you can achieve a sleek and contemporary perimeter to highlight your composite decking — all with fuss-free installation.  

Below, we take a closer look at Impression Rail Express and how it delivers ease, beauty, durability, and more. 

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What is Impression Rail Express-900x600.jpg

Impression Rail Express is a streamlined, aluminum panelized system with completely hidden fasteners. The attractive aluminum railing system boasts panelized, pre-assembled balusters designed to keep sightlines clear and installation time short.

Installing Deck Railing Using a Panelized System

So, what does that mean for you? Well, first and foremost, the panelized system makes it way easier when installing deck railing. Traditional railing systems require you to fasten each individual baluster into the top rail and bottom rail. With Impression Rail Express, the balusters cohere together in a panel that can be installed as one piece using the pre-drilled holes in the top and bottom rails.

The Impression Rail Express panelized system makes installation both fast and easy. This contributes to lowered expense, as you save on installation time and on material needed to complete the final product — all at a competitive price point within the aluminum railing market.

Within our panelized system, additional design innovation keeps your railing system flawless. Check out some of the technology that defines Impression Rail Express and how it benefits you, the homeowner:

Impression Rail Express Offers:Which Means:

No-weld locking technology at the top and bottom rail.
Your railing is defined by clean lines without gapping or weld beads and won’t rattle in the wind.Locking Technology-500x300.jpg

Secured balusters.
The baluster panel can be easily cut into two or more smaller sections without coming apart. Secured Balusters-500x300.jpg
Stair panels which can be adjusted for custom stair angles.A typical stair angle is 35 degrees. Our stair panel comes in a 37-degree angle that can be adjusted (racked) +/- 3 degrees. Stair Panels-500x300.jpg

A Clean, Contemporary Design

Impression Rail Express is the clear choice when it comes to installing deck railing that is minimalist, contemporary, and sleek. Just a few of the attractive design features that characterize the Impression Rail Express include:

installing deck railing sleek design

Sleek Design

An elegantly designed top rail shape (not just a rectangle or arched-tube shape) that elevates the look of your aluminum railing.

installing deck railing great views

Great Views

If you enjoy gazing out at the view beyond your deck, the last thing you want is a block of rails in your way. With Impression Rail Express, you’ll enjoy unobstructed sight lines thanks to narrow rectangular balusters.

installing deck railing clean installation

Clean Installation

The completely hidden brackets (even for angles and stairs) delivers a clean look and attractive aesthetic when installing Impression Rail Express.

Easy Installation Without Jeopardizing Safety

At TimberTech, we always focus on combining beauty and durability in all our products. With Impression Rail Express, we’ve also brought incredible installation ease to the mix — but don’t think that means we’ve compromised on safety. Impression Rail Express is third-party tested and certified to pass building codes. Plus, this impressive railing is compatible with our ADA Handrail System, which makes perimeter railing safer and more accessible thanks to its Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant design.

Crafted for Durability

When installing deck railing, you want to be sure that the beauty of your pristine perimeter endures. With our mighty metal Impression Rail Express, you can trust that it will. The powder-coated aluminum construction of the Impression Rail Express:

  • Prevents corrosion in moisture-rich environments.
  • Offers premium resistance to scratches, stains, and insects.
  • Offers powerful resistance to mold and mildew to keep railings from cracking or warping.
  • Is durable and low maintenance.

What’s more, this easy-to-install railing comes with a 25-Year Limited Product Warranty, so you can expect lasting beauty paired with premium performance.

What to Know Before Installing Deck Railing

Once you select your color and choose your infill, you are almost ready to start the installation. Your next step will be to decide on lighting, which you will need to install before you finalize the build on your railing. Make sure to also familiarize yourself with the right tools and our installation guide.

Consider Lighting Options

Our permanent outdoor lighting creates an inviting atmosphere in your outdoor living space and can be applied at various sites including stair risers, flush to the deck boards, and under the top rail, just to name a few. For Impression Rail Express specifically, the compatible lighting options are:

  • Indirect Post Cap Light
  • Perimeter Post Cap Light

Note: If you plan on installing post lighting, wiring must be installed prior to securing the posts to the deck and/or stair surface and installing top rail snaps.

Assemble Your Tools

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools to kick off your Impression Rail Express installation. We recommend having the following on-hand:

  • Cordless drill
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Power cord
  • Drop sheets
  • Safety glasses
  • 3/16-inch drill bit
  • 6-inch #2 square drive bit

For a full list of tools and details on installing deck railing with our Impression Rail Express, be sure to check out our Impression Rail Express Installation Guide.

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