Deck Color Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

April 21, 2021
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When it comes to envisioning an ideal outdoor living space, most of us think of deck color ideas first. Why? Because the color – or colors – of your outdoor structure will influence décor, atmosphere, functionality, and the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior.

Deck Color Ideas deck designs hueswatches

Right Color, Right Look & Feel

Color is key to capturing a desired effect – and making your outdoor escape one you never want to leave. Get the right deck color ideas to inspire your project.

To find the right hues for your backyard build, you’ll want to think through a few influencing pieces that will color your decision.

First, Look at the Bigger Picture

TimberTech PRO Reserve Collection Dark Roast backyard deck color ideas

When choosing the right color for your deck, there are several important factors to keep in mind. How much each factor influences your decision-making process will depend on your individual goals for the space.

Some of the ways you can approach exploring and deciding on deck colors include:

  • Complementing your home: This involves aligning your deck colors to fit with the architectural style and color scheme of your home’s exterior.
  • Thinking through color pairings: After all, you’re likely not looking for a truly monochromatic space.
  • Thinking through functionality: Because different colors and deck board materials impact heat retention, traction, and so on, you may need deck color ideas tailored to climate or usage concerns (hello, pool deck).

Because your ultimate deck color palette will ultimately influence all the aesthetic and functional dimensions of your space – albeit to different degrees – there’s no “one right place” to start.

We’ll explore each approach in the order they’re listed above, but feel free to jump right into what matters to you most.

Deck Color Ideas by Style of Home

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection English Walnut deck color ideas

The style of your home can play a major role in choosing both the deck style and color that best complete your outdoor space.

Is your home a:

  • Craftsman?
  • Cape Cod?
  • Mid-century modern build?

Or something different? No matter the architectural style reflected in your home’s exterior, there are color-choosing best practices that should guide your process.

Deck color ideas how to choose

Deck Color Ideas: How to Choose

  • Don’t pick an exact match to your house.
  • Think about climate: Different shades retain heat at different rates.
  • Consider pairing two or more hues: You don’t need to limit yourself to a single-hue deck. Combine two or more colors for a polished, personalized outdoor living space.

Deck Color Ideas by Color Family

Perhaps you prefer to think in terms of color families. Varying shades of warmer browns and tans are the most common decking colors, whether wood or composite – but your creativity doesn’t need to be limited by just these options.

Go Against the Grain® with cool, contemporary picks that will instantly transform your space.

Deck color ideas gray composite decking by TimberTech


Gray composite decking showcases your eye for trend-forward design. Lighter shades, like Coastline® from the TimberTech® AZEK® Vintage Collection®, also retain less heat than darker hues — and competitors’ products.*

Pictured: Coastline® from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection.

White and light deck color ideas by TimberTech

White & Light

A near-white, versatile hue like Whitewash Cedar® pairs seamlessly with the crisp white trim of your home. Discover our other airy options — and capture the tranquility of an island escape, right in your backyard.

Pictured: Whitewash Cedar® from the TimberTech PRO® Legacy Collection.

Better than black decking by TimberTech

Better Than Black

Want all the drama of black composite decking — without the heat retention and visible foot traffic? No problem. Level up from flat black with statement-making hues like deep browns and sophisticated, saturated grays.

Pictured: Dark Hickory from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection.

*NOTE: Although TimberTech AZEK decking products are cooler to the touch than many other deck board products, all decking products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the decking color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color.

Deck Color Ideas by Product Line or Collection

Perhaps you already have a sense of your color preferences, but you’re interested in either:

  • How to combine more than one decking color in your outdoor living space, or;
  • How to choose between several contender colors across product lines or collections.

Step 1

Start thinking about whether you want a warm pairing, one with cool undertones, or an eclectic mix.

Step 2

Get inspired by curated deck color combinations.

Overview: TimberTech AZEK Deck Color Ideas

Our capped polymer TimberTech AZEK decking line combines realistic grain patterns and finishes — plus a portfolio of hues both timeless and contemporary — so you can find the just-right color for your space.

Here’s just a sample of dynamic duos – but remember: design’s the limit.

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Dark Hickory Coastline Stack Swatch AZEK Deck Color Combinations

Keep It Cool

Contrast sophisticated Dark Hickory (top) with contemporary Coastline® (bottom) for a unique, polished space.

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Dark Hickory Mahogany AZEK Deck Color Combinations

Go for Bold

Combining colors with both cool (Dark Hickory, top) and warm undertones (Mahogany, bottom) showcases intentionality and design sophistication.  

NOTE: If you want deck color ideas that also allow for non-standard deck board widths, select from the colors of the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection for Multi-Width Decking options, or Slate Gray and Brownstone from the TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection® for wide-width options.

Overview: TimberTech PRO® Deck Color Ideas

If you’d prefer capped composite options, explore the artisanal hues of our TimberTech PRO line.


Warm Things Up

Combine warmer hues from the Legacy Collection like Tigerwood (top) and Mocha (bottom) to bring cascading color blending and a realistic wood look to your space.


Keep It Cool

Evoke the tranquility of sought-after Scandinavian design with cool, subtly complex colors like Whitewash Cedar® (top) and Ashwood (bottom).  

Spotlight: Rustic as the New Modern: The Reserve Collection

If you know you want the look of rustic, reclaimed wood – but not the maintenance and upkeep issues – look no further than the TimberTech PRO Reserve Collection.

Deck color ideas from the TimberTech PRO Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection

Comes in four on-trend colors, including two contemporary gray shades for the modern homeowner and two stylish brown hues for classic-style seekers. A heavy wire-brushed finish emulates reclaimed wood.

Feeling the Creative Spark?

Start applying your deck color ideas with our 3D Deck Design tool. Launch Deck Designer.

Deck Color Ideas by Functionality

Sometimes, aesthetics aren’t the only reason you might be exploring deck color ideas.

If you live in a warm climate, don’t want to worry about an uncomfortable foot feel in the summer, or are considering a pool deck, deck color is one hot topic.

  • Stays up to 30° cooler than the competition.*
  • Stays splinter-free.
  • Offers up to 40% better slip resistance than the competition.

NOTE: Although TimberTech AZEK decking products are cooler to the touch than many other deck board products, all decking products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the decking color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color.

Ready to Dive In?

Now that you’re an expert on all things deck colors, you’re ready to take the next step: seeing samples of your favorite hues up close and personal.

Order up to four free samples, then place them outside in different lighting to get a true sense of the color.

See & Feel the TimberTech Advantage

Our capped polymer and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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