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Deck Design Ideas: Diagonal Inlay Pattern

May 31, 2019

Inspiring Inlays

Add a dynamic element to any area of your deck with a diagonal inlay deck pattern. This combination of picture framing and angled single-width boards creates a rug-like effect to define areas of your deck and deliver an extra element of sophistication.


Style: Adventurous
Complexity: Advanced

Deck Planning Notes

MUST HAVE A PRO: Laying deck boards diagonally requires additional, beyond-standard framing, as well as precise cuts and careful installation. Hire an experienced contractor, like one of our TimberTech pros, and budget for more time.

MULTICOLOR FRIENDLY: Consider how decking colors can play out across the entirety of your deck layout, with complementary hues for inside and outside frames. Get inspired by checking out popular decking color combinations for TimberTech AZEK and TimberTech PRO.

FINISHING TOUCHES: Picture frame corners (called “mitered corners”) will only look right if the interior deck boards are laid at the same angle as the corners and the joints line up — that’s part of why it is essential to bring in a professional here.

Compatible Product Lines

TimberTech AZEK
All Collections

TimberTech PRO
All Collections

TimberTech EDGE
All Collections

deck design ideas diagonal inlay pattern

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