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How to Pick the Right Deck Contractors to Build Your Ideal Deck

April 17, 2024
How to find the right local deck contractors by TimberTech

Building a new deck comes with a lot of considerations, such as which deck boards you’ll use and how you’ll design your composite deck. While DIY-ing your deck is an option, this will require certain tools and the right skillset to do the job right. The easier choice? Work with deck contractors to complete the build for you.

Finding local deck contractors doesn’t have to be a complicated process. When you know what to look for and what to ask, you’ll be able to find the right contractor to build the deck you’ve envisioned for your yard.

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Why Work With Local Deck Contractors?

Local deck contractors work on a deck substructure

Working with deck contractors offers many benefits compared to DIY-ing your deck build. A professional contractor will have readily available information on deck material pricing, local building codes, and obtaining a permit. Additionally, they’ll have the necessary expertise to build your deck just the way you want it — with your chosen deck boards, railing, and even additional features like built-in deck lighting.

Before diving into finding the right contractor for your build, it’s important to consider your project budget so you have a ballpark figure to bring to your discussions with local deck contractors.

Determine the Cost to Build a Deck

Explore all the cost factors for building a deck, including labor and materials, to get the insight you need for your budget.

A richly hued composite deck features an L-shaped couch in the corner

Once you have your budget locked down, learn what to look for and which questions to ask during your consultation to find your perfect deck building partner.

Tips for Finding the Right Deck Contractor for Your Project

When you search for a contractor for your deck build, it’s not just about finding a capable contractor, but finding the right contractor for you.. And how do you do that? By learning what to look for, and what to ask.

What to Look for in Deck Contractors

A professional deck contractor will be forthcoming when they answer your questions and when speaking towards their expertise.

Local deck contractors stand and talk in front of a deck substructure

Look For

✓ Clear communication

✓ Good reviews

✓ Good reputation in the community

✓ Familiarity with your preferred decking material

✓ Experience in the type of build you want to complete

What to Ask Deck Contractors

To help you determine if a deck contractor is the right fit for your deck build, ask them the following questions at your initial consultation and make sure to take notes of their answers.

  • How long have you worked as a contractor?
  • How frequently do you build decks?
  • Have you done any projects that are similar to the one I’m interested in completing on my home?
  • Do you provide a written copy of your bid, estimate, and construction schedule? (Hint: The answer should be yes!)
  • Can you break down how you come up with a price for a project?
  • Would you be able to connect me with other homeowners in the area with whom you have worked with?

A Few Extra Tips

  • If you can, visit a deck or display built by a contractor to a get a sense of their skillset.
  • Don’t base your selection solely on the number of decks that a contractor builds per year—there are high-quality contractors that only build a few decks per year.
  • Many contractors offer their own labor warranties for confidence in their work — so be sure to ask about the details. For extra peace of mind, TimberTech also provides a labor warranty in certain cases when product and installation requirements are met.

Now that you know tips for how to select deck contractors, explore what working with a TimberTech-registered contractor* can mean for your build. 

Explore Real Decks Built by TimberTech-Registered Contractors

Our professional contractors have built a number of beautiful outdoor spaces for you to pull inspiration from to create your own outdoor living space. Explore some of our favorite TimberTech builds by local deck contractors below or browse our entire 3D image gallery to see more deck design examples.

Thinking you’ll go with a simpler build and wondering if you even need a contractor? Building your own deck can be a rewarding experience, but it requires the right planning, skillset, and tools to be done right.

What to Know About DIY-ing Your Deck Build

When you DIY your deck build, you’ll need to handle all the paperwork and code compliance yourself — and then install your decking.

What to Ask Before You DIY

  • Are you comfortable adhering to local building codes and securing a permit
  • Will your deck have any complex design features, such as a deck board pattern, and are you confident in installing those features? 
  • Do you have access to / are you comfortable using the tools you’ll need to build your own deck? 
  • Will you have help, or will you complete all the work solo?

After you’ve asked yourself the above questions, and still feel confident going forward, think through these other factors for planning your deck build.

Deck Planning Guidance

Deck Layout

When planning your deck, you want to ensure your deck shape and size optimize the space around it. It’s important to choose a shape that will meet your needs while also being easy to build.

Deck Material Options

Your material options typically include traditional wood species and non-wood options like composite decking. While you may think wood is the simplest choice, its rigorous maintenance needs would say otherwise.

Railing Considerations

The right railing can add the perfect final touch to your deck design while improving safety. Create a unique, enduringly beautiful deck design when you choose from our aluminum and composite railing options.

A small composite deck with Weathered Teak decking features black and white furniture

Get More Deck Building Insight

Get the insight you need for every stage of the deck building journey with how-to guides, installation videos, and more in our Deck Building Resource Center.  

Planning and building your own deck is a challenging — but rewarding — process. And it’s not for everyone. Working with a contractor means they will handle all the necessary permits, adhere to building codes , and have the expertise to build your deck right — even with unique designs like elegant curved decking.

If you’d rather rely on a professional, you have the knowledge you need to be selective in your choice. Now, it’s just a matter of connecting with right local deck contractors to find the right fit.  

Discover Trusted TimberTech Pro Contractors in Your Area

A composite deck made with Dark Hickory multi-width decking features a curved couch

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Installation expertise

Every TimberTech pro on our locator is experienced in working with our products and has access to in-depth training on our installation best practices.

Labor warranty protection

When a TimberTech pro installs your deck using our installation best practices, their work is eligible to be covered by our Limited Replacement Labor Warranty.

Reliable project start

TimberTech Pros have relationships with area dealers and TimberTech partners. That means they can secure your TimberTech materials without delay — so you can enjoy your new deck sooner.

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with a TimberTech pro for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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