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Front Porch Materials: The Big Picture

February 26, 2021
Porch materials featuring TimberTech Porch boards for Coastal Living Idea House

In this post, we look at all the components it takes to make a great front porch that’s sure to boost your home’s curb appeal. You’ll learn how the right front porch materials work together to create the perfect entryway for your home.

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Despite being the first thing most people see when they walk up to a house, the front porch is often taken for granted. But as the center of attention (often literally) for many homes, the front porch takes on a lot of different roles.

Your porch can function as:

  • A sight for sore eyes after a long day of work.
  • A gathering spot for friends and neighbors.
  • A welcoming beacon for family members on holidays.

And the list goes on. With all those responsibilities, it’s important to make sure the design and structure of your front porch is up to the task. Great front porches don’t just happen; they’re a combination of a variety of parts all working together in harmony. If a single piece falters – whether it be a sagging board, a collapsing ceiling tile, or a moldy section of trim – the entire porch suffers and so does your home’s curb appeal.

Finding the Right Porch Materials

If you’re looking to upgrade the front of your home, giving your porch a facelift (or replacing it entirely) is a great investment. To get the most out of that investment, it’s important to find front porch materials that:

  • Aesthetically complement one another.
  • Are easy to maintain.
  • Will last a long time.

Finding a brand that can deliver the front porch materials needed to check all those boxes isn’t easy. To that end, we’ve combined the forces of our two brands — TimberTech® and AZEK® Exteriors — to make sure you can find the best porch materials possible, all in one place.

Porch Boards

Porch Materials-Porch Boards-1000x650.jpg

As you’re evaluating porch materials, start with this question: what’s most important to you when it comes to this space?

  • Low-maintenance: Are you looking for a space that’s easy to clean and maintain?
  • Aesthetics: Do you want the option to go with unique designs?
  • Performance: Do you need a porch that can stand up to the elements?

Good news. TimberTech® Porch boards check off all three of those boxes, and so many more.

Low-Maintenance: Easy to Clean and Maintain

Check. TimberTech boards are installed with no gaps between the boards which makes it easier to sweep dust and debris off your porch. This tight fit also means it’s more difficult for leaves and twigs to get caught between the boards. When the time comes to wash your porch, simply:

And, our front porch boards are made of composite rather than wood, so you won’t need to stain them every other year.

Aesthetics: Unique Designs

Double check. Our porch boards come in different nature-inspired colors with a variety of finishes to make sure you can find the look that’s right for your home. And, if you’re craving a unique design that will really make your house stand out from the neighbors (in a good way of course), our multi-width boards are great for creating custom patterns.

Performance: Long-Lasting Materials

Checkmate. We’re talking about the most durable front porch materials you can find. Our fully-capped polymer boards are protected with proprietary Alloy Armour Technology® to defend your porch against moisture, weather, and fading. This technology also protects your porch against UV damage – meaning exposure to sunlight won’t cause the color to fade over time. And our porch boards all come backed by an exceptional Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

See the Difference for Yourself

Order free samples of TimberTech porch boards today!

Trim & Moulding

Coastal Living Idea

When it comes to front porch materials, the right trim and moulding is key to perfecting the look. For this, we turn to AZEK Exteriors. Trim and moulding products from AZEK Exteriors can elevate your porch with beautiful accents and fine details.

If you’re looking for design versatility, AZEK Trim is your new best friend. Using heat, you can form this porch material into curves, arches, and more to fit pretty much any design. For jobs requiring painted trim, look no further than AZEK PVC Trim with PaintPro® Technology.

AZEK Moulding is the perfect porch material for decorative framing on windows, exterior ceilings, and more. With more than 30 profiles to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the right match to add that extra special detail to your front porch.

Find the Right Rail

Check out our railing selection to find the perfect match for your home.

Column Coverings

Porch Materials - Column Wraps.png

Columns can do more than just hold up the ceiling; they can also play an essential role in the overall design of your porch. If you’re looking to elevate this front porch material from its supportive role (see what we did there?), AZEK Exteriors column wraps are the way to go.

AZEK Exteriors offers decorative column wraps that are easy to install while adding a layer of character and dimension. From classic, easily interlocked square panels to more elaborate and tapered designs, we offer a variety of column options to enhance your porch design while providing the support it needs.

Ceiling Options

Porch Materials-Ceilings-Beadboard.jpg

The right ceiling can take your front porch design to the next level. And, once again, AZEK Exteriors has you covered for this front porch material. We offer a variety of color options and design finishes for you to choose from – all made with long-lasting, durable PVC materials.

If you’re looking for a unique design, check out AZEK Beadboard — the boards are reversible with an edge and center on one side and a v-groove on the other. No matter which way you go, choosing porch materials made from PVC for your ceiling delivers amazing designs that can stand the test of time.

Now that you know what makes TimberTech Porch boards the best choice for front porch materials, experience their superior quality yourself by ordering up to four free samples.

See & feel the TimberTech advantage

Our capped PVC and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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