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Front Porch Ideas

October 15, 2019

If you’re looking to amp your home’s curb appeal, these front porch ideas and design tips are for you.

Interested in remodeling or adding a front porch to your home? You’re not alone. According to the National Association of Home Builders, tabulated data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the front porch has increasing popularity in new home construction. Sixty-five percent of new single-family homes started in 2016 included a porch within their features. The data further shows that the porch has been steadily trending upwards, rising from about 40% twenty years earlier to 54.1% in 2005 to its 2016 level, which is its second-highest ever for the time period.

Whether building a new home or remodeling an existing one, a porch is both a popular and practical feature. The front porch ideas found here will help make the most out of your new or remodeled porch. We’ve designed and crafted these tips to help improve your outdoor daily living as well as enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Get Started With Design

When you think of a front porch, what comes to mind? Childhood memories? Shared experiences with family? A place of peace or play? A front porch could be one or all of these things. Deciding how you want to use the space is an important first step. We recommend reviewing some front porch designs to help you with your front porch ideas.

You don’t necessarily have to follow them down to every detail, but seeing finished designs can be an inspiration for your own design. A porch is an extension of your home. We like to think of it as another room in the house. Looking at examples might help solidify what comes to mind when you think of what you want. It could also inspire more front porch ideas that will perfectly suit you and your household.

Before embarking on your project, consider what you want in your front porch. What is its primary purpose? Do you want it to be the face of your house that reflects you and your sense of style? After all, it is usually the first part of your house that people see. Or, since it’s a place to greet people, why not make it a place to entertain them as well?

A front porch can serve as a comfortable spot for family chats or even a place for fine dining outdoors. However you decide to use this part of your house, the purpose of your porch should fit you. Find more ideas on porch purposes and see examples by downloading our Porch Planning Inspiration Guide at

Use the Best Building Materials

Coming up with designs and ideas is the first step. But to fully realize your vision, you need to make sure you’re using the right building materials. This will help you get the best use out of your porch and help ensure you get to use it for a long time.

As you examine porch materials, you should also familiarize yourself with all the parts of the front porch. While every porch is different and some may have parts that others don’t, it’s important to know as much about front porch materials as possible. Being able to call the individual parts by name will help define your design and be useful during conversations with contractors and other building professionals.

A Quick Visual Overview of the Porch

silver maple radiance rail deck
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Column wrap: Add uniformity, durability and decorative accents to columns. Support the design of columns to raise the look of your porch to another level.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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Celing: A beautiful spot for more décor through beadboards, trim and moulding.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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Rail: Required for spaces of 30 inches in height; subject to city and state zoning. A great design opportunity thanks to a wide variety of infills and styles.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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Porch Board: Tongue and groove boards have no gaps, creating a more formal look. Porch boards are installed in a covered space and so do not require gaps for drainage, like deck boards.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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Fascia: Completes the framing around the perimeter of the porch to enhance the borders and elevate the whole picture.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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Riser Boards: Boards applied behind each step; white trim is a popular choice. Fill the space between steps for a more solid look and better overall presentation.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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Deck Boards: Used for water management in uncovered spaces nearby. Single boards may also be used as steps or framing for a complementary feel.

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Now that you know about the places for the pieces of the porch, it’s time to consider which building materials to use. Cost will naturally figure into your decision of which material to use. It should be noted that labor will be the most expensive part of the porch no matter what material you use, according to estimates from Fixr.

We recommend making the most of those labor expenses by using long-lasting materials that require little maintenance. This will help make your new or remodeled outdoor living space easier to enjoy as well as add long-term curb appeal to the house. You can find every building part seen above in durable, moisture-proof material with the best warranties in the business right here at

Bringing Your Front Porch Ideas to Life

It’s time to put your plan into action. If you are remodeling, you need to do a thorough check to help assess the state of your current porch. Before construction begins, find out what needs to be repaired or replaced. After this assessment, decide what will be added to your porch.

For what you’re adding during the porch remodel (or if you’re building a new porch entirely), it helps to make a wish list. The nice thing about wish lists is that they help you manage the scope of your project and communicate with contractors. We have a useful checklist and a handy wish list within our Porch Planning Inspiration Guide at to help. The guide also gives tips for creating a budget and best practices for choosing contractors.

Make yourself at home with your new or remodeled porch. From when the idea first popped into your head until the day the new porch is finished, we want you to have a complementary feature that enhances your entire exterior. This adds valuable curb appeal that lasts on your house as well as a place to sit, greet guests, entertain visitors, show off your personal style and much more.

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