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Explore Eye-Catching Deck Patterns With Borders

March 8, 2021
Deck Patterns with borders example of a picture frame deck with curved inlay

Deck patterns with borders are an eye-catching design choice and suit a wide range of deck styles and shapes. Your border can extend around the entire deck, as in a picture frame, or can be inlaid across the deck surface, dividing up different sections, as in a tile pattern.

Choosing any of the deck patterns with borders means you get:

  • A clean, finished aesthetic, as the border covers the end-cuts.
  • A bold, statement-making design.

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What Are End Cuts?

End-cuts are the short edges of the boards that have been cut. When you lay your deck boards horizontally across the frame, the end-cuts will be exposed at the edges of your deck — unless you cover the ends with a border or fascia boards.

A fascia board, sometimes called a “rim joist cover,” runs around the perimeter of your deck. Fascia covers the wooden frame and often sits flush against end-cuts to cover them. Fascia can also sit below the overhanging boards of a picture frame deck for a finished look.

Deck patterns with borders fascia & matching picture frame

How End-Cuts & Fascia Relate

End-cuts are the exposed edges of the boards that have been cut. Fascia boards cover end-cuts so no exposed ends show.

It’s not required to cover your end-cuts with fascia boards — and other treatments, such as deck skirting, can achieve the same effect — but the end result is a pristine, polished look.

Pictured: Fascia board on a picture frame deck.

Tile & Picture Frame Patterns

Two deck patterns with borders include a tile pattern, which covers your entire deck surface, and a picture frame pattern, which necessarily frames your deck’s perimeter.


TimberTech tile pattern deck attached to beachfront home

A tile pattern is made by adjoining framed portions (“tiles”) whose inlays run perpendicular to each other.

Why Choose This Pattern

The tile pattern gives you a bold, stately aesthetic that is bound to turn heads. This pattern is best suited for a sprawling rectangular or square-shaped deck so the pattern can repeat itself consistently.

Installation Needs

To install a tile pattern, you’ll need to build a new substructure, due to the specific substructure needs of the pattern. A tile pattern will require specialized joist placement that supports weight differently depending on their orientation in the design.

Due to the complexity of this design, we recommend working with a contractor to ensure proper installation.


This pattern requires more material for the substructure and will also likely require labor from a contractor, both of which will influence costs.

Picture Frame

Deck patterns with borders example triple-board picture frame platform deck

A picture frame is formed by laying at least one deck board around the perimeter of your deck, perpendicular to the inlay that makes up the deck surface.

You can choose one, two, or three boards to serve as the frame. This pattern is suitable for just about any shape of deck, including curved deck designs.

Why Choose This Pattern

A picture frame adds visual interest to your deck design and gives it a clean finish, without pulling away from other design elements.

Installation Needs

To install this pattern you’ll need to build a new substructure. The frame requires specific joist spacing and blocking around the perimeter of your deck which is dependent on the number of boards in your frame. If you think you might be interested in DIY-ing this pattern, make sure you’re familiar with the deck joist blocking and spacing requirements for a picture frame.


The pattern does require some extra material for the substructure, which will influence costs, but DIY-ing it can save on labor costs.

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Ways to Customize Deck Patterns With Borders

Customize deck patterns with borders to make your unique design as bold or as subtle as you like.

Deck patterns with borders picture frame platform deck made from TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection decking in Slate Gray

Multi-Width Deck Boards

Multi-Width Decking, available in our TimberTech® AZEK® Vintage Collection®, includes boards of narrow (3.5”), standard (5.5”) and wide (7.25”) widths. You can also find standard and wide-width boards in the Slate Gray and Brownstone hues in the TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection®. Combine these widths in an assortment pattern of different widths for a dynamic, truly unique look.

Inlaid Tile

Inlaid boards are those in your deck surface placed in a different orientation than the surrounding boards to create a pattern. Inlaying bordered tile patterns in your deck’s surface creates focal points in the design. These focal points are perfect areas to place seating or an outdoor dining table. For an even more dynamic design, place diagonally applied deck boards around the tile centerpiece.

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline & Dark Hickory Multi-Width diamond & herringbone inlay Deck
Deck patterns with border example of a curved deck border around contrasting inlay

Curved Border

Not all borders need be straight lines. Create a cool, curvy border that designates a special area in your deck’s design, like a cozy spot for seating. Or, take the curved design around your whole deck perimeter for a truly elegant, eye-catching look. Note: Curved designs are created with a process called heat bending. TimberTech® AZEK® boards are best suited to this process.

Differentiate Deck Levels

Use bordering deck boards to differentiate steps in your deck. Borders that separate deck levels give your deck a crisp, clean look and may also help you avoid some trips and falls, too. Go one step further by adding deck lights to your stair risers. The soft lighting lends warm ambiance to your deck, while also emphasizing your dynamic borders.

Picture frame composite deck built from TimberTech PRO Legacy Collection Tigerwood with Mocha Accents

Now that you have a better understanding of deck patterns with borders, plus the inspiration to customize your design, it’s time to start planning your build. Partner with a TimberTech-registered contractor who can lend their expertise and help you design your perfect outdoor living space.

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