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Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal With TimberTech Porch

August 11, 2020
TimberTech Porch

When you think about composite decking, you likely think of benefits like nature-inspired aesthetics, enduring beauty, and incredible performance. If so, you’d be right – but did you know you can enjoy all those benefits, plus some serious curb appeal, thanks to TimberTech porch boards?

Pull up a chair.

TimberTech Porch: High-Performance Boards. Never Boring.


✓ Protects Against Weathering

✓ Choice of Capped Polymer or Capped Composite

✓ Option for Wide-Width Porch Boards

✓ Contemporary Grays & Versatile Browns

✓ Monochromatic or Multi-Tonal

✓ Choice of 3 Grains: Cathedral, Straight, or Wire-Brushed

Just like in the case of your backyard build, your porch should be a place you can kick back and relax – without having to worry about impending repairs, fading, or mildew. TimberTech porch boards boast durable capping around a fully synthetic polymer core, so you save money over time by skipping the repair, replace, and re-stain cycle associated with traditional wood.

If your porch is made of traditional wood your days of front yard fun will be limited. The same issues that plague traditional wood decks will affect a wood porch, whether it’s made from pressure-treated lumber or luxury hardwood. Those issues include:

  • Moisture invading the boards: When water gets in, structural integrity goes out. Expect warping, bowing, and splitting caused by the process of water evaporating; expect mold and mildew growth when the water does not.
  • Fading: UV rays will bleach the pigment out of your porch stain with time. Plus, because wood boards are porous, you also run the risk of stain leaching into the ground below your porch and around the front of your home.
  • Full porch replacement: Even with regular maintenance, your wood porch boards will eventually have to be replaced. This can translate to a costly and time-consuming process that effects the curb appeal of your home.

What’s No Good About Wood


With a TimberTech® porch, you can still enjoy the classic aesthetics and nuanced beauty of a traditional wood porch, but without all the hassle.

Why a TimberTech Porch Means Lounge-Ready Living

Enduring Beauty

Skip the staining, sanding, power-washing, and replacement associated with traditional wood porches.


Polished Application

TimberTech porch boards are tongue-in-groove for a tighter, polished fit.


Custom Elegance

Standard and wide-width options let you showcase your design savvy.

After introducing Multi-Width Decking, we broadened your options even further by bringing wide-width boards to our porch portfolio. That means you can capture a contemporary look with all wide-width boards, channel coastal charm with a pinstripe pattern like the one featured above, or partner with a pro for something totally custom.

Multiple Widths, One Unique Porch

porch product mahogany


Available in standard and wide widths.

porch product weatheredteak

Weathered Teak®

Available in standard and wide widths.

porch product coastline


Available in standard and wide widths.

azek porch darkhickory

Dark Hickory

Available in standard and wide widths.

With a TimberTech porch, you could be laughing with loved ones and sipping lemonade on a clear evening, all for years to come. Sound good? Order up to four free samples and see the TimberTech Advantage for yourself.

See & feel the TimberTech advantage

Our capped PVC and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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