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Deck Privacy Ideas for Your Backyard Escape

July 1, 2021
Deck privacy ideas by TimberTech

When you think about desirable outdoor living spaces, you likely think of an escape — somewhere you can retreat with a good book, good friends, or good eats. In order to transform your space from simply a backyard to a truly sought-after destination, you need deck privacy ideas.

Why Look to Increase Your Deck Privacy

Why consider deck privacy ideas
  • Gives you a relaxing, secluded retreat — right out your back door.
  • Achieves an inviting, cozy atmosphere.
  • Can elevate your deck design by introducing texture, color, and dimension.

These deck privacy ideas let you enjoy the great outdoors, without being way out in the open.

1.) Pergolas

Deck privacy ideas pergola over patio

Seek Refuge Under the Pergola

Defined by stately columns and slatted roofs, pergolas lend your space a secluded feel while still allowing for a glimpse of the stars twinkling above.

For a more sheltered atmosphere, introduce trees, flowers, or bushes at the edge of your pergola.

Deck privacy ideas pergola with shade canopy

Get Cozier Under the Shade Canopy

Looking for a bit more protection? Add a canopy to your pergola’s roof to block out the sun and create a shaded retreat.

Give your next get-together a tucked-away feel by inviting guests to take a seat under the pergola.

Why Pick a Pergola?

Add height, architectural detail, and a shaded area to your deck.

2.) Slatted Panel

Deck privacy ideas slatted panels

Block Sightlines With Slatted Panels

Whether as an addition to a pergola or without, slatted panels fall into the category of chic, minimalist deck privacy ideas thanks to their simple-yet-versatile design. 

Spacing between each board gives any onlookers only a hint of what’s beyond, while you enjoy peaceful solitude — or an intimate gathering.

3.) Roof Extension

Deck privacy ideas roof extension over deck

Find Respite Under a Roof Extension

Similar to a pergola, a roof extension offers overhead protection — but to a much more thorough degree.

With complete coverage above you, a roof extension adds to a feeling of enclosure and refuge, while providing a bold architectural element to your deck design. 

4.) Trellises

A trellis is a framework of light wood or metal bars often arranged in a latticework design (or sometimes, more unique designs). The original purpose of a trellis is to support climbing plants or fruit trees — but they also fit in perfectly with deck privacy ideas.  

Deck privacy ideas trellis with ivy

Unwind Behind a Trellis

A trellis with tighter-woven latticework will give you a textured aesthetic with a cozy feel, while loose latticework will give you an open look and feel.

To capture the ambiance of a secret garden, train a climbing plant to crawl up the frame, lending greater concealment and more texture and color to your space.

Love the look of a crisp white trellis framing your pool? Take the breezy vibe even further. Opt for TimberTech® AZEK® decking in airy grays or tans — and enjoy an under-foot feel that stays up to 30° cooler than the competition.*

*Although TimberTech AZEK decking products are cooler to the touch than many other deck board products, all decking products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the decking color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color.

Small trellis covered in ivy adds privacy to deck

Keep Your Trellis Small & Green

Don’t have a ton of room for a large trellis on your deck? Stick to a smaller version — but pile on the plants.

A small trellis encased in lush greenery or flowers will give you a denser privacy screen while contributing to an inviting atmosphere — all without overwhelming your smaller space.

Choose a Modern Escape

Love a chic, contemporary look? Discover more modern ideas to elevate your deck design.

5.) Plants

Natural deck privacy ideas tall lush plants

Go With Nature’s Privacy Screen: Plants

Prefer all-natural deck privacy ideas? Choose tall, lush foliage such as evergreen trees or shrubs to plant at the edge of your deck.

For greater visual interest, choose different types of plants to give you a multi-textured, colorful hedge.

Keep in mind that unless you have the plants transplanted in your yard at full size, it may take some time for them to grow in and form a solid barrier.

6.) Bench With a Privacy Feature

Increase seating while adding privacy at the same time with benches featuring tall backrests that double as privacy walls.

Tall built-in bench backrest adds privacy to a rooftop deck

Sit Back & Relax on a Private Bench

Bench designs with privacy features can provide full coverage with solid backrests (shown here) or semi-transparent coverage, such as with a trellis design. Add a seat cushion and pile on the throw pillows to increase comfort and give your space more color and texture.

7.) Privacy Wall

For more extensive deck privacy ideas that can extend coverage around part or all of your backyard, consider privacy walls. Many privacy walls are fence-like structures made of wood — but stone, metal, and even reed panels are all options.

A stone retention wall doubles as a privacy wall

Create an Inviting Enclosure With a Privacy Wall

Give your space a sense of enclosure, while still maintaining an open, inviting air with a lower garden wall, like the stone wall in the image.

The flowers beyond the wall lend softness to contrast with the stone’s solidity — while also adding a bit more height for greater privacy.

8.) Railing

While not quite as obstructive as a privacy wall or fence, a railing can still hinder onlookers’ views of your deck — particularly of seated guests.

A deck railing blurs sightlines and adds privacy

Blur Sightlines With Deck Railing

When designing your deck railing, choose traditional baluster infills (vertical bars between the top and bottom railings), for the most concealment. To obstruct onlookers’ views even more, consider adding on a privacy screen, such as a trellis or slatted panel, to part or all of your railing.

With plenty of deck privacy ideas for inspiration, you’re now ready to begin transforming your outdoor living into a secluded retreat. Partner with a TimberTech-registered contractor so you have the expert guidance you need to create a cohesive backyard escape.

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

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