Deck Decorating Ideas: The Finishing Touch to Your DIY Outdoor Space

April 22, 2021
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This is part seven of our DIY decking series. Fresh off outdoor deck lighting ideas sure to ignite your inspiration, this guide showcases 10 sophisticated deck decorating ideas you need to know.

If you’re looking for deck decorating ideas, you know your deck is like an empty canvas just waiting to be painted. You just need a little inspiration to get started on your masterpiece.

Deck decorating ideas are endless and range from aesthetic surface updates to structural changes.

Benefits to Enhancing Your Deck

✓ Gives you the opportunity to showcase your personal style.

Improves your deck’s appeal and functionality so you and your family spend more time outdoors.

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Deck Decorating Ideas to Optimize Your Space

Find the inspiration you need to transform your outdoor living space with these deck decorating ideas. Each can be customized and built upon to suit your style and optimize your available outdoor living space.

1.) Add Comfort & Style With Outdoor Furniture

Deck decorating ideas outdoor furniture

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about deck decorating ideas is outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture comes in many different styles, from cushioned sets that resemble your indoor decor to more functional, yet chic, designs perfect for open air spaces.

What to Consider When Shopping Outdoor Furniture

  • The function of the furniture: Are you imagining an outdoor dining area, more of a place to lounge, or both?
  • The space you have available: Consider how furniture may make your space feel larger or smaller depending on its style and where it is placed.
  • Exposure to the elements: All deck furniture, even pieces under a covered deck feature, should be rated for outdoor use, as inclement weather can blow in.

INTERESTED IN PERMANENT SEATING WITH STYLE? Built-in deck benches add function as well as bold design to your deck. EXPLORE BUILT-IN BENCHES

2.) Get Creative With Deck Skirting Ideas

Deck skirting is traditionally made up of the boards that run perpendicular to the deck surface and the ground. Common materials used for deck skirting include vertically running deck boards (shown above), lattice work, and PVC trim. Using different colors for your skirting and fascia boards can give your deck a clean, defined perimeter. PVC trim can also add a crispness to your deck thanks to its matte white finish.

Go Natural With Plants as Deck Skirting

For a softer, natural feel, use edging plants like hedges for deck skirting that blends in with your surroundings.

If your deck is on the shorter side, try planting tall plants along the edge of your deck for a natural perimeter as well as some added privacy.

3.) Choose an Intentional Color Palette

Deck decorating ideas outdoor furniture

No deck decorating ideas list would be complete without a nod to color. The colors you choose are not just an expression of your style; they also help set the atmosphere of your deck.

For a cohesive, elevated look, establish an intentional color palette that includes your deck surface, furniture, and decor.

Deck decorating ideas multi-colored decking

Deck Surface Color Ideas

Deck surface color combinations can be subtle and sophisticated or bold and dynamic.

For a refined finish, choose boards in shades of the same hue, such as all grays. For a more statement-making space, combine different colored boards of varying shades, like saturated browns contrasted with light grays.

Deck decorating ideas Multi-Width decking geometric inlay

Furniture Color Ideas

Add color to your space via the furniture pieces themselves, or go for colorful or patterned throw pillows and blankets.

Because of their small size, pillows and blankets can comfortably carry saturated hues or dynamic prints without overwhelming your space.

Deck decorating ideas pool deck

Decor Color Ideas

Decor adds the finishing touch to your outdoor living space and can solidify the atmosphere you’re going for.

For instance, lanterns or candles boost the ambiance and can be placed in minimalist or decorative holders to suit your style.

Keep your interior design color scheme in mind when planning for your outdoor color palette. By coordinating the two color schemes, you can create a curated look that gives you a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

WORKING ON YOUR DECK COLOR CHOICE? Get a comprehensive look at all your color options, from deck board hues to railing finishes. FIND YOUR COLOR

4.) Enliven Your Space With Greenery

Deck decorating ideas outdoor living room

When it comes to deck decorating ideas, greenery delivers limitless inspiration, thanks to an abundance of textures and the different atmospheres cultivated by different plants.

Greenery can be incorporated into your deck in several ways, including:

Deck decorating ideas covered deck area

On-Deck Plants

Bring greenery right onto your deck with pots and planters.

Tall plants draw the eye upward, making a space feel larger, while mounding plants can make a space feel cozier.

Deck decorating ideas built-in bench

Landscaping Around the Deck Perimeter

Work in different plants around your deck’s perimeter to give it a softer border that blends in more smoothly with its surroundings.  

Choosing to go with native plants adds character and supports local wildlife.

5.) Step It Up With Dramatic Stair Designs

Deck decorating ideas deck stairs and outdoor lighting

Stairs add a functional and stylistic element to your deck. Deck stair designs can be minimalist or a major feature of your deck’s look and feel. Your final stairs design depends on not only your design preferences, but several factors including building codes and your deck’s shape and size. No fear – these building requirements won’t stop you from customizing your stair design and locking in a curated addition to your space.

Customizable Elements of Your Stair Design

Deck decorating ideas curved deck

Deck Board Color & Shape

Choose your deck board and riser colors and decide if you want your boards to be straight or curved.

Deck decorating ideas railing materials

Railing Material & Style

Some top rail profiles are compatible with different posts and infills such as cable and glass for a unique look.

TimberTech white railing Accent Light

Lighting Options

Lighting on your stairs provides both ambiance and added safety. Choose from riser lights, railing lights, and more.

6.) Curate Your Railing

Deck railing designs: how to find the right fit

Railings aren’t only a necessary safety feature for raised decks; they can also make a design statement, especially when you mix and match materials for a unique look.

Our railings come in two primary materials: composite and aluminum. Certain profiles within these two categories are compatible with multiple infill options including composite balusters, aluminum balusters, glass, and cable.

You can mix and match top rails, posts, and infills for a look all your own. EXPLORE RAILING MATERIALS

TimberTech White RadianceRail from the Classic Composite Series

Composite Railing

Our composite railing options give you a traditional milled wood look that complements many home architectural styles.

Deck decorating ideas TimberTech aluminum railing

Aluminum Railing

Our aluminum railings resemble wrought iron and give you a sleek, minimalist look that offers clear sightlines for decks with a view.

7.) Make It Multi-Level

Not all deck decorating ideas are topical updates. For a more structural change to your outdoor living space, consider making it multi-level.

Ways to Elevate Your Design

TimberTech Slate Gray Harvest Collection AZEK decking platform deck

Extending Your Deck

Extend your deck by adding another platform (or more). Each platform need only be separated by a step or two to create dimension and give the sense of separate outdoor “rooms” on your deck.

TimberTech Pecan deck from the PRO Legacy Collection with patio

Adding a Patio

Add a patio right off your deck to expand your outdoor living space. A patio can be a great place to add a grill to keep the heat off your deck boards. For more design-forward texture, introduce a hardscaping element.

8.) Create a Sense of Privacy

Being outdoors and maintaining your privacy don’t have to be two separate experiences. Adding privacy to your outdoor living space takes a bit of innovation but comes with big payoff.

Privacy wall TimberTech Driftwood decking from the PRO Reserve Collection

How to Add Privacy to Your Deck

Some ways to add privacy to your outdoor living space include:

  • Hang curtains from your covered deck feature.
  • Add a lattice or planter wall decorated with greenery.
  • Plant tall, full plants such as hedges or evergreens.

9.) Add Height With a Covered Deck Feature

Covered deck features add height and function to your deck by offering varying levels of protection from the elements. Different types of covered deck features include:

AZEK Exteriors white Pergola

Awnings & Canopies

These provide shade and some protection from the elements.

Their fabric often comes in many different colors and patterns, so you can find just the right one to suit your space and style.

Under deck space with TimberTech Dark Roast boards from the PRO Reserve Collection

Under Deck Area

A finished under deck area requires a water management system in order to protect both the space below and the deck boards above.

Finishing the area doubles your outdoor living space, which can then be outfitted with outdoor furniture, decor, and more.

10.) Create Dimension & Add Texture With Mixed Materials

Deck decorating ideas mixed materials for texture

Mix materials on your deck and in your yard for a multidimensional look. Consider adding a hardscaping element to your yard such as pavers or stepping stones to play off the authentic wood look of your deck.

Other textures can be incorporated via your railing, which can feature materials including composite, metal, cable, glass or a combination.

Frame Your Deck Composite Railing Classic Composite Series

Frame Your Decking Masterpiece

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See Deck Decorating Ideas in Action

Now that you have a good starting point for deck decorating ideas, it’s time to go deeper. Explore gorgeous images in our Inspiration Gallery to get even more ideas for your perfect outdoor living space.

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