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Deck Decorating Ideas: The Finishing Touch to Your DIY Outdoor Space

January 28, 2020

DIY Decking Series – Part VII

This is part seven of our DIY decking series. Fresh off outdoor deck lighting ideas sure to ignite your inspiration, this article showcases five deck decorating ideas that will draw loved ones into your new outdoor escape. ­

If you’ve been following along with our DIY decking series, you’ve now learned how to build, frame, and light your very own TimberTech® composite deck. You’re almost ready for laughter-filled nights and sun-soaked afternoons you never want to end. Only one task remains — decorating.

Read on to discover our tips for elevating your outdoor oasis, one glimmering string of bistro lights or throw pillow at a time.

Tip No. 1: Furnish the Outdoor Fun

TimberTech Invite Collection by Loll Adirondacks.png

If you want to cultivate an inviting outdoor living space, first determine your deck furniture. Deck furniture certainly provides a place for you and your guests to hang out, but furniture pieces also unify the look of your outdoor living space by serving as major focal points. Start off your deck decorating ideas by focusing on furnishing, and you’ll be on your way to a design-savvy deck.

Follow these three steps to lock down the right outdoor living furniture for your backyard build.

1) Choose All-Weather Materials

When selecting outdoor furniture, composition is just as important as style. To ensure your furniture can stand up to the elements, look for furniture made of the following materials:

  • Recycled plastics, resins, and marine-grade polymers
  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • UV-protected and stain-resistant fabrics

2) Figure Out How Your Space Should Flow

Next, start space-planning your outdoor living space. Consider the size and shape of your composite deck, as well as your goals for entertaining. Will you want to dine outside at a traditional table set-up? If so, make sure to opt for a table sized for your family and friends. Or, do you anticipate spending the bulk of your time curled up on a comfy outdoor sectional? Home in on the anticipated flow of traffic — in particular, look to your back door and any gateways or stairs — and be sure to place your ready-to-relax furniture out of the melee.

3) Make Your Composite Deck Dimensional

Varying your seating invites different kinds of lounge experiences and visually enlarges your space. Some personality-packed and versatile pieces you can choose from for a truly multi-dimensional deck include:

  • Traditional tableside seating
  • Couches
  • Adirondacks
  • Benches
  • Small poufs
  • Floor pillows

Check Out Outdoor Furniture as Dimensional Design

silver maple radiance rail deck
1 / 3

Using both lounge and cafe chairs makes this smaller outdoor space feel larger by inviting two distinct outdoor experiences.

silver maple radiance rail deck
2 / 3

A sectional placed along a corner draws the eye to the perimeter of your composite deck, making your outdoor living space feel even larger.

silver maple radiance rail deck
3 / 3

A centrally placed dining table draws the eye and invites your crew to file in and fill up. What's more, tableside seating maximizes space. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

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And if you’re looking for truly effortless outdoor living, look no further than the TimberTech® Invite Collection by Loll. The Invite Collection features casual-cool pieces defined by gentle curves and intentional design, in both neutral and bold hues. Each piece is crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled material, and the collection ranges from end tables to benches so you can choose from small pops to main-event mainstays.

Shop the Invite Collection

Deck out your deck with fresh, fun pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Never basic. We remade a classic for lazy afternoons and long nights.

Forget about cushions. This sweet seat is made for two and even more delightful than its living room twin.

Goes anywhere but refuses to blend in. Grab a few; there's sure to be company.

A perfectly coordinated catchall for dishes and drinks, no coasters required.

Tip No. 2: Throw It All Out There


Another surefire way to embrace your unique style while introducing even greater comfort to your outdoor living space? Throw pillows and blankets.

Throw pillows for benches, lounge chairs, and/or couches are a great way to infuse your personal style into your outdoor living space. If you have a penchant for color or pattern, this is your chance to get creative.

Because they’re smaller than major pieces like couches or tables, pillows and blankets accent your space without overwhelming it — meaning they can comfortably carry saturated hues or dynamic prints. Plus, nothing says “kick back and relax” quite like a cushy accent pillow and a lazily draped throw blanket.

Since throw pillows and throw blankets will also be exposed to weathering, opt for removable slip covers on the pillows and machine washable, stain-resistant fabric on both.

Tip No. 3: Punctuate with Personality

Just because your outdoor living space is, well, outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t introduce the same kind of character to your deck that you do your home’s interior.

One effective way to do this is by introducing décor that captures your personality. Are you eclectic or coastal? Casual-contemporary or Americana? Check out some ideas for accents that align with your style below.

What's Your Style?









Another design best practice is to reach for pieces that build the atmosphere of your space. Candles or luminaries lend a warm glow and can be outfitted in as minimalist or as decorative exteriors as fits your style. For a whimsical feel, install bistro or twinkle lights, which boost the ambiance and provide just enough subtle light for cozy gatherings.

Tip No. 4: Vary Your Surfaces

drink tray 2.jpg

Varied surfaces (think end tables, bar carts, and more) make your outdoor living space more visually complex, lively, and inviting. Plus, if they’re flat, they provide yet another resting place for your favorite pinot grigio.

Here are just a few ideas for design-savvy surfaces to elevate your style — and your drink.

  • End table
  • Bar cart
  • Hanging shelf
  • Garden bench
  • Standing drink tray

The one thing to remember when introducing new surfaces? They will necessarily take up floor space, so be strategic about the size and placement of such additions — keep them free of doorways, stairs, or facing vistas that would better suit furniture.

Tip No. 5: Grow for It

greenery 1.png

Greenery is a definite way to breathe life (literally) into your outdoor living space. What’s more, vertical plants draw the eye upward, which will make smaller outdoor spaces feel larger. Start off by strategically placing planters with upward-growing greenery at transition points, like perimeters or near stairs. If you can, align plants with pillars or support beams, as the vertical lines of the structure echo those of the plant and further build an airy atmosphere.

Now that you have a bevy of deck decorating ideas to choose from, it’s time to see your vision take shape.

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