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Deck Decorating Ideas to Create Inviting Outdoor Rooms

April 8, 2022
Deck decorating ideas and deck room ideas by TimberTech

If you’re looking for deck decorating ideas, you know that your outdoor living space has the potential to be a top destination for family and friends. It just takes a little planning and inspiration to transform your deck into an attractive, inviting space.

How you think about deck decorating ideas is actually quite similar to how you think through decorating indoor rooms: You’ll need to decide how you want the space to look, feel, and function. Then, you can build out your color scheme, design, furniture, and décor choices from there.

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How to Think Through Deck Room Ideas

Deck decorating ideas range from full-scale overhauls of your deck design to simple furniture and décor additions, but they all center around creating specific “rooms”  on your deck. Depending on the size of your outdoor living space, you may be able to incorporate more than one room into your design for optimal functionality.

Before you dive into deck room ideas, you’ll need to first think through the following factors so you can start forming a plan for your deck design:

Project Budget & Scope

Are you looking for finishing touches for your deck design, such as furniture and décor ideas, or a full-scale structural addition, such as a pergola or deck extension?

Deck Function

How do you plan to use your deck? Are you hoping to have close friends over for late-night drinks? Large family dinner parties? Or maybe you’re looking for something multi-functional?

Look & Feel

Think about how you want your space to look and feel. Are you going for an irresistible cozy retreat, an inviting entertainment venue for family and friends, or something in between?

With these factors in mind for your project, you’re ready to explore deck decorating ideas and choose the best ones that suit your needs and unique style.

Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Deck decorating ideas for an outdoor living room

Recreate the familiar coziness of your living room with deck room ideas that center around bringing interior comforts outdoors. As you consider these deck decorating ideas, remember to always choose outdoor-rated furniture and décor to ensure your pieces can withstand the elements.

Establish a Color Scheme

Think about the rooms in your home — they all likely have a specific color scheme that supports the look and feel you’re going for. While you may not necessarily have walls to paint on your deck, these deck room ideas allow you to develop a color scheme with your deck board, railing, furniture, and décor colors.

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Consider Privacy Ideas

Ensure your outdoor living room is just as private and secluded as your interior living room with deck decorating ideas that increase your space’s privacy.

Lush Greenery

For a softer, natural feel, use edging plants like hedges for deck skirting that blends in If your deck is low to the ground, plant thick, full greenery around the perimeter to create an attractive and natural privacy screen. For higher decks, place tall, lush potted plants around your perimeter for the same effect.

Privacy Screen

For permanent privacy, build a privacy screen around a section of your deck. Your screen can be as simple as a slatted panel or more decorative like a trellis or uniquely designed panels.

Cultivate a Cozy Atmosphere

Increase your outdoor living room’s cozy appeal with these deck room ideas that focus on bringing comforting details of interior design to the outdoors.  

Outdoor Dining Room Ideas

Love to dine alfresco? Get deck room ideas for creating a comfortable, functional, and inviting outdoor dining room you can enjoy with family and friends.

Create a Covered Space

Enjoy your dinner outdoors with some protection from the elements with covered deck features. These covered features not only give you varying levels of overhead protection, but also help to visually demarcate a section of your deck specifically for dining.

Create an Inviting Tablescape

Nothing invites family and friends to share a meal quite as much as a beautiful tablescape. A tablescape refers to an intentionally arranged tabletop that evokes a specific theme, aesthetic, or feeling. Explore these deck decorating ideas that feature gorgeously designed dinner tables.

Optimize for Seating With Built-In Benches

Planning on hosting larger family dinners, BBQs or other get-togethers? Make sure all your guests have a place to sit with built-in deck benches. Built-in seating brings additional functionality to your space while also giving you an interesting design element. Be sure to place seating at the perimeter of your deck to optimize your available space.

Keep in mind, built-in benches are more structural deck decorating ideas, and you’ll need to have a solid plan to implement them into your deck design. Be sure to speak to a contractor if you’re not keen on adding built-in seating yourself.

Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Ideas

Take meal prep and after dinner drinks outdoors with these deck room ideas that focus on creating separate kitchen and bar areas. Keep in mind that these deck decorating ideas are more in depth and may require the help of contractor.

Integrate a Kitchen Into Your Deck Design

Outdoor kitchens can be as simple or elaborate as you want — but keep in mind the larger and more complex your kitchen design, the higher the project costs. Plus, depending on the size and weight of your kitchen features, you may need to make changes to your deck substructure in order for it to support the new weight of the kitchen.

To optimize your space, build your outdoor kitchen on the edge or in a corner of your deck. But be sure to check with local building codes to ensure your kitchen structure can be built near the edge. Keep in mind that decks that are higher than 30” off the ground typically require a railing, so your kitchen structure will need to be an acceptable substitute for a railing or be built in front of a railing.

Add a Bar for Informal Gathering

Nothing is quite as satisfying as sipping an ice-cold drink on a warm summer’s day. Encourage regular, informal gathering outdoors with deck room ideas that feature a built-in bar on your deck. Similar to outdoor kitchen ideas, outdoor bars can be as simple or complex as you like, from a bar cart to a built-in bar top and storage space complete with refrigeration. And be sure to work with a contractor to ensure your deck substructure can support the new addition.

Create a Functional & Stylish Perimeter

Embrace more functional deck decorating ideas with an attractive and functional Drink Rail or Contemporary Top Rail. Both these railing designs feature a flat board top rail, giving you the ideal spot to set down your drink or plate while also providing a sleek, streamlined aesthetic. Discover two TimberTech railing designs that feature a flat board top rail for a functional, stylish perimeter.

Drink Rail

Contemporary Top Rail

  • Curved-edge board top rail that comes in Classic Black or Traditional Walnut
  • Installed in a continuous line in an over-the-post application for a sleek look
  • Featured in the Classic Composite Series.

Explore More Deck Decorating Ideas

With a sampling of deck room ideas for your outdoor living space, you’re ready to dive into more inspiration to spark your creativity further. And the best place to do that is our Inspiration Gallery which features curated outdoor living spaces you can virtually visit for an immersive experience. Explore each unique deck to see how the right deck decorating ideas can transform your space into the haven you deserve.

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