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Deck Stair Lighting to Boost Safety & Atmosphere

November 5, 2020
Deck Stair Lighting with TimberTech Riser Lights

Perhaps no part of a deck is more important to illuminate than transition points. Transition points include stairs, railings, and other points of elevation change or where potential obstacles might be introduced. Stairs, in particular, are important to keep well-lit with deck lights to avoid any unfortunate spills. Luckily, we have the deck stair lighting inspiration you need to keep your steps secure long after the sun sets.

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Why You Should Choose Deck Stair Lighting

Your outdoor living space should be designed to allow for optimal enjoyment, no matter the natural lighting situation. In addition to the flexibility to continue enjoying your deck after dark, deck stair lighting delivers style, safety, and value benefits.

Deck Stair Lighting Brings Style, Safety & Value to Your Deck

Your Design

Deck stair lighting showcases one of the major architectural elements of your deck while visually balancing other elements like railings or furniture. The result? Trend-right dimensionality.


Deck stairs lights illuminate your steps, as well as those of your family and friends – meaning they lock in the safety and peace of mind you need.

Temporary Lights

While it may be tempting to opt for temporary solutions like lanterns or string lights, inclement weather can make quick work of such lighting. Avoid regularly replacing your outdoor illumination with our permanent picks.

There are just about as many ways to light your deck stairs as there are to design your space. Review these popular picks to get inspired – and remember: You can always mix and match. (For example, if you’re already familiar with deck rail lighting, think about bringing in-deck or riser lights to your stairs to complete your outdoor oasis).

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Subtle Glow

TimberTech Accent Lights

Accent Light

These lights shine a gentle halo of illumination wherever they’re placed.

TimberTech In-Deck Lights for Deck Stair Lighting

In-Deck Light

Punctuate your deck stairs with these small but mighty beacons.

TimberTech Riser Light for Deck Stair Lighting

Riser Light

These stylish riser lights pair perfectly with stairs.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Statement Stairs

TimberTech Under Rail Light

Under-Rail Light

Spotlight where to reach for secure steps with this practical yet posh under-rail light.

TimberTech Lighted Island Cap

Lighted Island Cap

Bring a stately glow to your backyard with these rail-enhancing lights.

TimberTech post cap light

Post Cap Light

Elegant and inviting, post cap lights enhance both visibility and atmosphere.

Like all outdoor living projects, installing permanent outdoor lighting can vary in complexity depending on a number of build/application factors. The good news? We have TimberTech-registered contractors ready to partner with you on lighting your deck.

Brighten Your Deck

Work with a TimberTech-registered contractor to light your outdoor living space.

How to Bring Deck Stair Lighting to Your Space

Post Cap Deck Stair Lighting

Make sure you follow these best practices before introducing deck stair lighting to your outdoor living space:

Review all relevant municipal building codes.

Confirm your lighting and railing compatibility.

Download the Lighting Installation Guide.

Now that you have the inspiration you need, you’re ready to begin designing your ideal backyard with our 3D Deck Designer software. Combine your perfect outdoor lighting, railing system, and premium composite decking for something truly magical: an outdoor escape you never want to leave.

We think that’s a pretty bright idea.

Turn your deck dream into design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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