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November 17, 2020
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If you’re looking for all things deck lights, you’ve come to the right place. In this inspiration guide, we’ll touch on everything from what kind of outdoor lighting fits your unique backyard build, to general best practices for installation.

With the right deck lights, your overall design scheme can truly shine.

Decide Between Temporary & Permanent Outdoor Lighting

Deck Lights featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Coastline & Dark Hickory

When it comes to choosing your outdoor lighting, there are several categories to think about. You can opt for outdoor illumination that falls into:

  • Permanent lighting: This is lighting that involves wiring your outdoor living space. Examples include in-deck lights, accent lights, and more.
  • Temporary lighting: Think bistro or string lights, or artistic lanterns placed at entry points.
  • Mix-and-match: Opt for a combination of gently twinkling string lights and visibility-enhancing permanent deck lights.
Deck Lights featuring Post Cap Riser & Under-Rail Light

Benefits to Permanent Lighting

  • An all-weather solution: Don’t worry about losing your string lights in the storm.
  • Long-term value: Avoid periodically replacing your less-durable temporary lighting and invest in enduring performance.
  • Spotlights your design: Lighting built into your deck draws the eye to the clean lines and aesthetic beauty of your space.
Outdoor deck lighting lantern

Benefits to Temporary Lighting

  • Captures a boho feel: Layering temporary options like luminaries, string lights, and paper lanterns creates a whimsical, relaxing feel.
  • Works well in smaller spaces: If you don’t have as much surface area to work with, the subtle illumination of temporary lighting may be a good fit.

Break Down the TimberTech® Lighting Portfolio & Get DIY Ideas

Deck Lights Featuring TimberTech Lighted Island Cap

If you’re looking to DIY your own deck lights, we’ve got you covered. Learn what deck light options you have, plus some application best practices – then start thinking about laid-back outdoor living as the day turns to evening.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With the TimberTech Lighting Portfolio

Step 2: Review Best Practices for Installing DIY Deck Lights

Step 3: Check Your Tools

  • In addition to a basic tool kit, you may need any combination of:
    • Spade bits: 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch
    • Allen wrench: 2.5 millimeter
    • Drill bits: 3/8-inch, 7/64-inch, 1/4-inch

Step 4: Keep Your Local Contractor On-Call If You Need Them

  • Even veterans in the home improvement department can run into questions.

Work with a local contractor to ensure you don’t get any wires crossed. FIND A CONTRACTOR

Explore Ideas for Deck Post Lights

Deck Lights featuring TimberTech Deck Post Lights & TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection English Walnut

Deck post lights are a great way to bring both atmosphere and increased safety to your outdoor living space.

Deck post lights:

  • Emphasize the design of your posh perimeter.
  • Illuminate transition points (changes in elevation).
  • Spotlight objects (no more knocking your knee on the edge of the grill).

To kickstart your next home improvement project, determine which TimberTech deck lights are compatible with a railing post application.

Still researching you railing options – or just need some deck railing inspiration? Download the Outdoor Living Catalog.

Collect Deck Rail Lighting Inspiration

TimberTech White Post Cap Lights

Remember that rail posts aren’t the only place to introduce eye-catching illumination to your outdoor living space. With TimberTech, you can also opt for rail lighting options like:

  • Post-cap lights: For an elegant halo that offsets the crisp lines of your post caps (pictured above).
  • Lighted island caps: For an ambience-enhancing solution tucked just under the lip of your post caps.

Take the First Step on Deck Stair Lighting

Deck Lights featuring TimberTech Riser Lights for Deck Stairs

If you have or are considering adding deck stairs to your space, permanent outdoor lighting will be key. Deck stair lighting lets you avoid spills, promotes secure steps, and showcases the dimensionality of your backyard build.

TimberTech riser lights (pictured above) are just one option for deck stair lighting. They install right into your stair risers (the board perpendicular to the stair surface) so you can enjoy well-lit steps as the stars come out.

Want even more options for deck lights to pair with your deck stairs?

Now you have the resources and bright ideas to start on your deck lights project. Your next step: Lock in your overall deck design to bring to your TimberTech-registered contractor.

Turn Your Deck Dream Into Design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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