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Deck Steps Ideas to Enhance Your Backyard Build

July 26, 2021
Deck steps ideas by TimberTech

Deck stairs are much more than a simple functional structure — stairs can be a design element all their own. With their angles and planes, even the simplest stairs can add dimension and depth to your deck design. It’s no surprise then that deck steps ideas can range from the simple and chic to the elaborate and sophisticated.

Explore these deck steps ideas to discover the inspiration you need for your own build.

Keep in mind that stairs should be designed with safety and local building codes in mind. Be sure to check with your local building department before pursuing any of the ideas below yourself. FIND A CONTRACTOR

Simple, Straight Deck Design

Simple deck steps ideas for straight stairs

Keeping it simple doesn’t have to mean keeping things boring. A straight stair design can be embellished with subtle or striking elements to make it uniquely yours.

Deck steps ideas including railing

Be Bold With Your Stairs’ Perimeter

Transform simple stairs into a design statement with elements such as:

Subtle and chic deck steps ideas

Go for a Subtle, Chic Design

Keep things subtle, yet chic, with:

Curved Deck Steps Ideas

Curved deck steps ideas

Give your deck stairs a unique, unexpected shape with curved deck steps ideas.

While all TimberTech® composite decking can be curved, TimberTech AZEK® capped polymer decking is best suited to the process of curving boards, called heat-bending. If you’re considering a curved build, be aware that curved deck designs require the expertise of a contractor who is experienced with heat-bending.

Deck steps ideas with curves for elegant transition points

An Elegant Transition Point

Few things are as elegant as curved stairs cascading from your deck onto your patio or yard.

Plus, the gentle curve easily blends with landscaping elements, creating a more fluid transition point.

Two-toned deck steps ideas with curved design

Two-Toned Curved Stairs

For a more striking curved design, go for two-toned stairs. When choosing colors for your treads (the steps) and risers (the back of each step) go for a bold look with contrasting colors such as a gray tone with a brown tone. Or, go with crisp white PVC trim for a light, bright look.

Angled Stairs

Angled deck steps ideas

Want some serious dimensionality for your deck stairs? These angled deck steps ideas can give you the aesthetic you’re looking for.

Geometric deck steps ideas

Embrace the Unexpected

Angles add an element of drama to your deck stairs, giving them a cool, contemporary look. For an even more striking visual, choose boards for your stairs that contrast your deck’s main color.

Deck steps ideas to add depth and dimension

Add Depth & Dimension

Angled stairs add a sense of depth and dimension to your space, thanks to their mix of corners and planes. For even more dimensionality, continue your angled design throughout different levels of your deck, as seen in the stairs and higher platform here.

Illuminate Every Step

Deck lights in your stair risers, deck surface, and railing all add a romantic, ambient glow to your deck — and help to increase visibility, too.

Deck steps with in-deck lighting

Stairs With Landings

Second-story deck features stairs with a landing

Need deck steps ideas for a raised or second-story deck? An important consideration to keep in mind is the height of your stairs. Why? Because stairs more than 12” tall will require an intermediate landing between the deck surface and ground.

Another reason to add a landing is if you need a change in direction in your stair design. Landings aren’t only beneficial for the safety of your deck — they also give you another surface to decorate.

Deck stair landing decorating ideas

Deck Landing Decorating Ideas

The size of your landing will dictate what kinds of deck decorations you’ll be able to add. For a small landing, choose just one potted plant or a small décor piece to add some color and texture to the space. For a larger landing, consider an assortment of plants for a lush, colorful look.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs for TimberTech composite decks

Amp up your deck’s style with spiral stairs. Spiral stairs are ideal for second-story or raised deck with enough height for the spiral to repeat. Due to this design’s unique construction needs, it’s highly recommended you work with a contractor if you’re considering spiral stairs.

Spiral stairs save space and add elegance

A Space-Saving, Unique Step Design

Spiral stairs were originally designed with the intent to save floor space — and so are an ideal choice if you have a small landing area or simply want to keep things compact. In addition to its functionality, a spiral step design gives your deck a truly unique look that will stand out in the neighborhood.

Get Every Step Right: Work With a Contractor

It’s true that some straight, simple deck steps ideas can be DIYed. However, there are a few important considerations, such as the span ratings for stairs, which can be different than span ratings for your deck surface. Always be sure to check the appropriate installation guide for your chosen deck material before beginning any build.

As an essential, functional element of your deck, it’s important to get stairs right — as they could be a serious safety hazard if done wrong.

Working with a TimberTech-registered contractor will ensure your stair design — whether simple or elaborate — is built to building code standards while still bringing your vision to life. Find a contractor in your area today to discuss your deck steps ideas to get a better idea of your project’s scope.

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with one of our registered contractors for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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