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17 Built-In Deck Bench Ideas and Designs

January 19, 2023
Built in deck benches for deck bench ideas on a wide furnished deck with planters and table

When it comes to achieving your ideal outdoor living space, an enduringly beautiful deck is just the beginning. Once you’ve locked in your deck layout, you’ll also want to think about one of the most important components of enjoying your outdoor escape: seating. 

Your options will break down into two categories: temporary outdoor furniture and permanent seating like a built-in deck bench. They each have perks to consider, and even temporary benches can offer dual functionality for storage and aesthetics. 

If you’re looking for ideas to level up your deck design, find inspiration with these deck bench ideas.

In This Article:

  1. Seating as railing
  2. Planter benches
  3. Storage benches
  4. Backless benches
  5. Folding benches
  6. High-back benches
  7. Floating benches
  8. Curved benches
  9. Craftsman benches
  10. Wraparound benches
  11. Stone benches
  12. Deep-seated benches
  13. Fire pit benches
  14. Dining sets with benches
  15. Conversation pit benches
  16. U-shaped benches
  17. Cushioned benches

1. Deck seating as railing

Three photos show built-in bench styles along the perimeter of a deck that act as railing.

Building bench seating right into the perimeter of your deck is a popular choice. Depending on the height of your deck and local building codes, these benches can double as low-profile deck railing for a minimalist look that maximizes your outdoor living space.

Ideal for: Low-profile decks with simple shapes 

2. Built-in benches with planters

Looking for deck bench ideas that optimize functionality? Provide seating and a place for on-deck greenery with a built-in planter and bench combination. The blossoming plants may double as deck privacy and can help integrate your home and garden design. 

Ideal for: Small decks of any style, where every inch counts

3. Bench chests for storage

If you’re tired of stepping over toy trucks and abandoned badminton racquets, this may be the bench design for you. Storage benches can hold yard toys, board games, blankets, or any other item you’d like easy access to.  

You can build your own storage bench with a little elbow grease. Just be sure you waterproof your wood before leaving the bench outside. Or, include a bench in your deck design and build it with composite decking so you don’t have to worry about wood maintenance.

Ideals for: Families with kids and those who like to entertain

4. Sleek backless benches

Backless benches can create new levels in your deck design to add visual interest without obstructing your views. They can accommodate multiple people who can choose to face any direction and get comfortable. They can even act as children’s or coffee tables, and are as versatile as your creativity allows.

Ideal for: Versatile spaces and simple design elements 

5. Folding bench for flexibility

If built-in features aren’t your thing, consider a folding bench that can easily tuck away for deck cleaning and come back out when the party arrives. These benches are typically easy to find in a variety of backless and traditional styles to fit every deck aesthetic. 

Ideal for: Mixed-use or high-traffic decks that benefit from flexible seating

6. Built-in benches with high backs for privacy

Double up the functionality of your built-in benches with an ultra-high back for deck privacy. Build your bench design into an existing privacy wall or trellis, or construct a high backrest to enclose your space from prying eyes. The high walls won’t only provide physical privacy,  but may boost your sound-proofing, too.

Ideal for: Any style rooftop deck or other outdoor living space with shared sight lines

7. Flawless floating benches

Three photos show built-in bench styles along the perimeter of a deck that act as railing.

Floating furniture is a trendy choice for a chic and contemporary deck design. They may be harder to DIY or find prefabricated, but a little creativity and handiwork can get you there. 

Floating benches can be made with end supports and a floating middle section, or anchored to an existing wall or other secure structure. This may work with your deck’s substructure, but you shouldn’t secure a bench with your decking alone, and it’s best to consult a contractor before beginning your build. 

Ideal for: Decks with adjacent walls and a contemporary deck design

8. Classy curved bench ideas

Go for an elegant, unexpected design with a curved deck bench*. Build the bench around a central location, like a flower bed or fire pit, to create an inviting focal point that encourages friends and family to gather.

Ideal for: Larger decks that have enough room for the curves to bend along the design

*NOTE: Heat-bending, the process of curving TimberTech decking, requires a qualified contractor to perform.

9. Carved craftsman chairs

Add a little charm with a craftsman bench to enjoy your backyard. There are still plenty of expert woodworkers creating intricate and classic designs, so you can choose what fits your aesthetic best and add a little art to your deck. 

Ideal for: Creative deck designs or a touch of artisan class

10. Wraparound benches

Bring it full circle with a wraparound bench for a full 360° view. Like the curved benches, this is a great opportunity to create a focal point for your design. These benches can wrap around the perimeter of your deck, or around a flower box or tree for some extra flourish with flora. 

Ideal for: Adding interest to your deck design and facilitating conversation

11. Stone style benches

Switch up the texture of your yard design with a stone bench. Natural stone offers a rustic look and contrast to your decking. You can combine stone or brick with wood to create your bench and even add cushions for extra comfort. 

Ideal for: Large decks with plenty of space and weight capacity

12. Deep-seated benches

Homeowners who love to lounge will enjoy kicking back on deep-seated benches that allow you to curl up or stretch out as you like. These can be shaped as a traditional bench or formed as a lounger or daybed.

Ideal for: Spacious decks with a focus on living space and relaxation

13. Fire pit seating

Photos show how well-placed benches can facilitate conversations with a curved bench at a fire pit and outdoor living room arrangements.

If you have a fire pit near your deck, consider installing built-in benches so there’s always a warm spot for guests to join the conversation. Just be sure they’re far enough away from the fire source — 3 feet is a good starting point, depending on the material of your bench.

Ideal for: Decks near fire pits or fireplaces 

14. Dining set benches

Dining outdoors is a go-to for many deck owners, so why not build a bench as part of your dining set? Benches can accommodate a variety of guests and can easily be moved to other areas when the meal is over. Alternatively, there are communal dining sets with combined benches and a table to welcome friends to dinner.

Ideal for: Homeowners who enjoy hosting parties or dining outdoors

15. Retro conversation pit seating

The classic conversation pit is a throwback to mid-century modern design, and some creative deck planning can make it a reality for your backyard design, too. Consider how you can build a multi-level deck with built-in benches doubling as steps into the sunken entertainment space.

Ideal for: Large multi-level decks for entertaining

16. U-shaped benches

U-shaped benches are perfect for maintaining conversations with a large group, and they fit nicely in a number of deck designs. You can lean into the curve or build your bench with right angles to create the “U,” depending on your personal preference and deck shape. 

Ideal for: Decks with a focal point and homeowners looking for plenty of seating 

17. Cozy upholstered benches

Any bench can benefit from a little cushion, which you can DIY with relative ease or order online for a custom fit. Some prefabricated benches may offer the option to add upholstery or cushions, so be sure to browse through accessories if you’re buying a bench. Just be sure that whatever cushions you order are appropriate for outdoor use. 

Ideal for: Adding comfort to any bench style 

Whether your deck is meant to be your own personal getaway or you love entertaining family and friends, excellent seating is a must. Benches are great options for versatility, and there’s no shortage of temporary or built-in deck bench ideas to choose from. Want to explore custom bench designs for your deck? Chat with a contractor and request a quote to get started.

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