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Composite Deck Color Ideas: What to Know & How to Choose

October 19, 2020
Composite Deck Color Ideas featuring TimberTech PRO Reserve in Dark Roast

When landing on the design scheme for your outdoor living space, finding the right composite deck color ideas will be key. Why? Because your deck color can:

  • Unify the overall look and feel of your home.
  • Establish atmosphere.
  • Complement the architectural style of your house.

It’s not only about collecting a list of attractive hues for your space. In addition to inspiration, you also need to be able to answer: “What is the right composite deck color for me?”

We can help.

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Composite Deck Color Ideas: A Brief Overview

Picking the right composite deck hue isn’t just a matter of color preference. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What color fits best with the style of my home?
  • What kind of atmosphere am I trying to cultivate with my design?
  • What kind of climate and how much direct sun will my deck experience? (As darker hues retain more heat).

Your next step is to get familiar with your options — while still keeping in mind the aesthetic and practical factors above.

Deck colors can be grouped into color families, each with their own aesthetic and practical benefits:

TimberTech PRO Reserve Dark Roast


Style: Typically traditional, especially with warmer undertones.
Heat retention: Depends on the shade and material type of the decking line, with darker hues generally retaining more heat.

azek brownstone displayswatch cc web


Style: Traditional or contemporary, depending on the shade.
Heat retention: Depends on the shade and material type of the decking line, with darker hues generally retaining more heat.

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline Decking Display Swatch


Style: Contemporary.
Heat retention: Depends on the shade and material type of the decking line. Grays tend to stay cooler in the sun than more saturated hues, plus they evoke coastal-cool vibes.

Composite Deck Color Ideas by Style of Home

Your outdoor living space is an extension of the overall design scheme of your home. Since all builds will demonstrate some kind of architectural style, it’s wise to consider which composite deck color ideas pair best with the particular look of your home.

Cape Cod

Composite Deck Color Ideas Cape Cod Home AZEK Trim

Cape Cod-style homes are marked by:

  • A moderately steep, pitched gable roof.
  • Crisp white trim.
  • A large central chimney.

While known for their popularity in New England and the American Northeast, Cape Cod builds look at home anywhere they can show off their inherent curb appeal.

Since Cape Cods are all about crisp hues and clean lines, you’ll want composite deck color ideas that keep things light.

Composite Deck Colors for Cape Cod Home Featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline

Composite Deck Color Ideas for
Cape Cod Homes

Coastline® – The Vintage Collection® (pictured)

Weathered Teak® – The Vintage Collection®

Slate Gray­­ – The Harvest Collection®

Brownstone – The Harvest Collection®

If you want to play up the crisp white trim of a Cape Cod home even more, outfit your deck with white AZEK Trim, expertly engineered from moisture-resistant, durable PVC.

Mid-Century Modern

TimberTech AZEK Cladding Vintage Collection English Walnut

Popularized during the 1940s and ‘50s, this style of home is marked by:

  • Minimalist facades.
  • Mixed materials.
  • Angular structures.

If you have a mid-century modern home, choose composite decking that captures the stunning aesthetics of real wood — without all the wear and tear associated with traditional lumber.

For mid-century modern outdoor living, think cathedral or hand-scraped wood grain patterns and color-blended hues inspired by prized hardwoods. Then, for final touches, choose minimalist, low-to-the-ground furniture and décor with clean lines.

Composite Deck Colors for Mid-Centurry Modern Home Featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection English Walnut

Composite Deck Color Ideas for
Mid-Century Modern Homes

English Walnut® – The Vintage Collection® (pictured)

Mahogany – The Vintage Collection®

Tigerwood – The Legacy Collection

Pecan – The Legacy Collection

For a fully unified color story, choose AZEK Cladding and TimberTech AZEK decking in the same color. Just be prepared to spot your neighbors peaking over the fence for another look.


Composite Deck Color Ideas Craftsman Home AZEK Trim

The most common characteristics of a Craftsman-style house include:

  • A covered front porch.
  • Tapered columns that support the roof.
  • Exposed rafters under the eaves.

Like Cape Cod homes, Craftsman homes benefit from cool-toned composite deck color ideas.

Timbertech PRO Legacy Collection in Ashwood Craftsman Home Ideas

Composite Deck Color Ideas for
Craftsman Homes

Dark Hickory – The Vintage Collection®

Ashwood – The Legacy Collection

Storm Gray – The Reserve Collection

Tips for Choosing the Right Composite Deck Color

  1. Don’t pick an exact match to your house: Choose a color that plays off the undertones of your exterior and lifts from the same palette.
  2. Think about climate: If you live in a warmer climate and anticipate many sunny days spent lounging on your deck, a lighter deck color that retains less heat may be the way to go.
  3. Consider pairing two or more hues: You don’t need to limit yourself to single-hue composite deck color ideas. Combine two or more colors for a polished, personalized outdoor living space.

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