Why Installing PVC Trim Is a Great Finishing Touch for Your Deck

January 24, 2020
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If you’ve invested in a TimberTech® capped composite or polymer deck, you know that premium performance and an eye-catching appearance are assured. But did you know you can expect the very same durability and beauty from cellular PVC trim by AZEK Exteriors® — including at the level of your deck? Especially if you already have our crisp, white AZEK® Trim applied to your home’s exterior, expanding the application to your deck will expertly match the look of your home. Our beautiful white AZEK Trim comes ready-to-apply, doesn’t require paint, and boasts incredible durability.

In addition to its primary use as protection at the transition points of a home’s exterior — such as where the siding meets windows, the roof, or the ground — AZEK Trim has a host of other external applications. Continue reading to learn why installing PVC trim as a finishing touch to your deck will boost the curb appeal of your home.

AZEK Trim: Low Maintenance, High Performance

As the owner of a TimberTech composite deck, you’ve already invested in top-tier decking materials — so, it only makes sense to go with the same level of performance for the trim elements. AZEK offers PVC trim that carries the same moisture resistance and long-lasting performance as the TimberTech decking products in our portfolio. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, high-performance enhancement to your home, the clear choice is our cellular PVC trim.

Here is a breakdown of just some of the differentiators that make AZEK Trim such a natural complement to your composite deck.

  • Durability: Crafted from durable polymers to resist the trials of time and weather.
  • Innovation: The product of materials innovation, AZEK® Trim is uniform, enduring, workable, and defined by precise, sealed edges and easy installation.
  • Moisture-resistant: It will not split, rot, warp, swell, or crack, making it suitable for ground contact. Everything from your deck’s skirting to its fascia is a potential application site for our cellular PVC trim.
  • Economic: While wood has a comparatively low upfront cost, it ends up costing you more money in the long run because of the ever-increasing expenses around maintenance, replacement, and staining. Like our TimberTech products, AZEK PVC trim eliminates the need for such expenses because its durable polymer bonds won’t break down like those found in wood.
  • High-performance: The premium performance of our cellular PVC extends to the substructure of your deck. That means not only elevated curb appeal but a bump in the value of your home, too. We’re so confident in our trim’s performance, we’ve paired it with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

How PVC Trim Unifies the Look of Your Home & Deck

Deck renovations or expansion projects should blend together with the overall style of your home. White AZEK Trim used on your house can be accentuated by the application of white PVC trim on your composite deck. This way, your deck perfectly matches and seamlessly blends with the overall design of your home. Better yet, because our white trim boasts a semi-matte finish that requires no paint, you and your contractor save time and money on the job site.

Installing PVC Trim AZEK White Trim-AZEK Exteriors

Love the crispness of white trim but want to customize your exterior design? Embrace the freedom to add color to trim around your deck, including matching the colored trim of your home, thanks to AZEK PaintPro® trim. AZEK PVC trim with PaintPro® technology makes painting trim easier than ever before, with no sanding or priming, and long-lasting adhesion.

Unlike traditional wood trim — which can require repainting every three years — or competitors’ PVC trim, AZEK PaintPro® trim was specifically developed to be painted beautifully. AZEK PaintPro® trim leverages surface energy engineering, which translates to a superior bond between the cellular PVC and acrylic latex paint. While wood trim and competitors’ painted PVC trim may have conjured associations of “high-maintenance,” the resilient, unique construction of AZEK PaintPro® trim defies the norm. AZEK PaintPro® trim offers high-impact painted finishes that take little time and negligible upkeep — so you can enjoy a low-maintenance, worry-free enhancement to your home for years to come.

Mid-century modern home with AZEK Exteriors Cladding & PaintPro

Finally, because our cellular PVC is lightweight, durable, and flexible, it is easy to work with. AZEK Trim can be easily milled, routed or moulded for use in almost any application you or your contractor could have in mind.

AZEK Trim can even be heat-bended to perfectly align with the contours of even the most uniquely shaped deck. Installing PVC trim to your deck means elevated style, elevated value, and no constraints on creativity.

How to Incorporate PVC Trim into Your Deck Design

So just how can you integrate AZEK Trim into your deck design? Installing PVC trim on a pergola, as column wraps, or as skirting along your deck — just to name a few — is a surefire way to elevate the look and performance of your outdoor living space.

Check out some of these applications below and read on to discover the benefits associated with each.

PVC Trim on Column Wraps With Pergola

Installing PVC Trim White Pergola AZEK Exteriors

A pergola is a design-savvy way to bring shade and elegance to your outdoor living space. If you want to combine those benefits with beauty and a high-performance construction that won’t break down over time, AZEK Trim immediately bolsters the look and functionality of your deck.

PVC on Column Wraps

Installing PVC Trim AZEK Exteriors Column Wraps

The strong vertical lines of columns naturally draw the eye, as can the fascia, or the perimeter boards beneath the deck’s surface line. To really make both of these elements pop, opt for the crisp white and uniform lines of AZEK Trim.

PVC Trim as Fascia & Stairs

TimberTech Harvest Collection Kona Decking

High-traffic areas like stairs and ground-level portions like fascia need to stay warp-free and majorly durable. Our PVC trim is moisture-resistant, making it suitable for ground contact.  Uniform, rigorous, and lab-tested, AZEK Trim delivers top performance, so installing PVC trim as fascia and stair risers promises enduring beauty for years to come.

PVC Trim as Support Beams

Installing PVC Trim Support Beams AZEK Exteriors

PVC trim used as column/support beam wraps is a great way to enhance the look and value of your outdoor living space. The above example showcases our DrySpace build, a drainage redirect system that doubles as a comfortable outdoor living space and is designed with second-story decks in mind. DrySpace works by collecting and channeling moisture between boards, meaning that structural integrity will be all the more important. Installing crisp, white AZEK Trim as support beam wraps combine the premium look of white PVC while simultaneously protecting the beams — and the deck — from damage.

PVC Trim as Skirting on Deck

Installing PVC Trim Skirting AZEK Exteriors

Points of ground contact on a deck naturally introduce the potential for weathering given the direct exposure to dirt, mud, and moisture. AZEK Trim is approved for ground contact thanks to its superior moisture resistance, and the same is true of AZEK PaintPro® Trim. The lower surface energy of PaintPro® technology means a superior hold between the PVC and paint for optimum protection. Weathering agents don’t stand a chance.

See & Feel the TimberTech Advantage

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