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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Pool Deck?

August 8, 2023
An in-ground pool with a deck and built-in fountain.

A poolside deck adds just as much luxury to your outdoor living space as a crystal-clear pool. It’s a place to lounge in the sun, laugh with your friends, and enjoy a snack before diving back into the water. But how much does a pool deck cost?

There’s no go-to average cost to build a pool deck, and prices go as low as $1,000 and as high as $17,000. Though many pool decks cost between $4,000-$12,000

Learn more about cost factors and advice for your new pool deck below. 

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Pool deck cost

Deck chairs and loungers sit in a row on top of an in-ground pool patio.

Pool decks cost about the same as other decks — typically between $4,000 and $12,000 — but some material and design factors can influence the initial installation costs. You’ll want to consider these key features when choosing a functional material for your pool deck:

  • Slip resistance
  • Water resistance
  • UV resistance

Your deck design and size also affect your final deck cost. For example, a hillside infinity pool and spa would need a customized, more complex deck than a 600 square foot above-ground pool. 

Common design and installation factors affect your final cost:

  • Deck size: Larger decks require more materials and time to install.
  • Deck shape: Unique pool and deck shapes may require a more custom deck design.
  • Location: The actual pool location in your yard can also increase costs if you’re building near other structures or on uneven grounds. 
  • Contractor: A contractor’s location, competition, and experience all impact price. 
  • Above-ground vs. in-ground: Above-ground pools are raised and will need raised decks, while in-ground pools can have a patio or patio and deck combination.
  • Professional vs. DIY installation: professional installation increases costs for labor but saves time and stress.

Here’s a comparison of common pool deck sizes and how much they’d cost to install:

Pool SizeMinimum Walkaround Decking CostProportionate Deck
Small: 16’x32′ | 512 sq. ft$700-$4,900$1,600-$11,100
Medium: 15’x36′ | 540 sq. ft.$700-$5,100$1,600-$11,700
Large: 20’x40′ | 800 sq. ft.$800-$5,600$2,400-$17,300

The International Code Council (ICC) requires walk-around decks have walking distance no less than 15 inches wide, and many decks feature a small seating area. So we used a 10’x10′ lounge deck and the 15-inch walkaround requirement to determine the low-end pool deck cost for three popular pool sizes. 

However, most homeowners enjoy a much larger pool deck proportional to their pool. We recommend the square footage of your pool and deck match, and we used this guideline to determine the proportionate deck costs above.  

Above-ground vs. in-ground pools

An in-ground pool and spa features a wraparound composite patio with deck furniture and landscaping.

Whether your pool is above or in the ground determines your pool deck building options. 

Since in-ground pools are level with your yard, you can install a patio made of concrete pavers or a low-lying wraparound deck. Your building options are much more versatile, which means more options for saving and investing in higher-end materials. 

Above-ground pools are raised several feet high, so you have to build a raised deck that’s level with the pool’s surface. You still have plenty of material and design options for a stunning custom deck.

Best materials for a pool deck

Photo comparisons with benefits of each decking material, including average lifespan, mold and mildew resistance, and more.

You can build a pool deck with any common deck material, but some decking offers more protections against water and fading than others. You also need to consider your budget, safety, and maintenance. Here’s an overview of common decking materials to help you choose:

MaterialMaterial Cost* per Square FootPerformance
(TimberTech Advanced PVC)
$19.50-$21.68• Greatest water resistance
• Slip-resistant
• Mold- and mildew-resistant
• Low maintenance
• 50+ year lifespan
(TimberTech Composite Decking)
$13.28-$19.53• Good water resistance
• Mold- and mildew-resistant
• Low maintenance
• 25+ year lifespan
$17.38• 25+ year lifespan
(Pressure-treated Pine)
$3.13• Affordable initial cost
• 10-15 year lifespan
*Prices vary by region and exclude labor, substructure, and customization costs.

PVC decking

PVC is a polymer decking that isn’t made of any organic materials. That means it’s the most water-resistant and durable decking available, so you don’t have to worry about standing water damaging your deck.

TimberTech Advanced PVC boasts several features that make it a great choice for poolside decking:

  • Fade and Stain Warranty: Decking resists UV damage and staining, including warranty coverage for 50 years.
  • Barefoot friendly: Cool Guard technology keeps decking 30° cooler, and PVC doesn’t splinter like wood. 
  • Slip resistant: decking offers 40% better traction than competitors — wet and dry.

Composite decking

Composite decking consists of a recycled plastic and wood pulp blend with a protective polymer cap. It’s far less susceptible to moisture than lumber and requires virtually no annual maintenance compared to wood. 

TimberTech Composite Decking is more affordable than high-performance PVC, with several similar benefits, including:

  • Fade and Stain Warranty: Decking resists UV damage and staining, and includes a 30 year warranty.
  • Moisture resistant: Polymer capping prevents moisture damage and rot.
  • Mold Guard® Technology: Decking resists organic growth from mold and mildew.

Wood decking

Wood decking is available in hardwoods and softwoods. Both species require annual maintenance to resist moisture and prevent splintering and rot. 

Hardwoods outperform softwoods and last 25+ years with regular maintenance. Softwoods last around 15 years with regular care. 

Softwoods, particularly pressure-treated pine, are the most affordable decking materials upfront. Hardwoods cost more because they’re higher quality, and maintenance expenses add up quickly, regardless of your choice. 

Wood deck maintenance averages $405 each year. Once the wood is beyond repair, you must invest in deck replacement or demolition. 

Calculate your project cost

How much you’ll spend on a pool deck depends on several design factors. This means there are plenty of opportunities to customize your design to fit your budget. Try our decking cost calculator to compare deck sizes and materials, and estimate your cost to build a deck around a pool. 

Crunch the numbers on your project

Jump into our Cost Calculator to figure out the material expenses for your deck remodel.

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