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How Much Does Deck Replacement Cost? [2023]

August 1, 2023
A multi-level composite deck features railing and planter boxes surrounding an outdoor seating area.

Wood decks are prone to decomposition, fading, and splintering after years of sun and weather exposure, so they need annual maintenance and a new deck surface every 10 to 15 years to maintain their structure and appearance.

If you own or are considering a wood deck, it’s important to understand the deck replacement cost you’ll face in a decade or so. Deck replacement ranges from $860 to $3,348, depending on your deck’s size, material, and location. 

Replacing your deck is costly, but a new deck improves your home’s functionality and provides extra space to relax. Plus, homeowners enjoy an 89% return on their investment in a new deck. Repairing your deck is also a great opportunity to invest in low-maintenance TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking, which reduces your maintenance costs and won’t need replacing for 50 years or more. 

Explore the costs to replace your deck and great decking alternatives for improved looks and performance below. 

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Average cost to replace or repair a deck

If you’re just replacing your deck surface, new decking boards cost around $2.13 per square foot for pressure-treated lumber and $22.50 per square foot for hardwood Ipe, with several wood and composite options available in the mid-range. 

Your deck replacement budget should also consider labor costs if you need professional help, ranging from $8 to $22 per square foot. Working with a professional guarantees a proper deck replacement, and they can help identify other necessary repairs, like rotting joists or insufficient railing.

Inspect any wood aspects of your deck regularly for mold, rot, and splintering. If your deck requires a little more work than a fresh surface, factor these expenses into your building budget. 

Image of a deck highlights average costs for different deck parts, from substructure to lights.
Deck partReplacement cost
Wood deck boards$2.13-$22.50 per sq. ft.
Composite deck boards$8.25-$9.48 per sq. ft.
Substructure$4 per sq. ft.
Railing$25-$30 per linear foot
Sources: Remodeling Calculator | Lawn Love | HomeGuide

Deck repair costs by material

Cost and quality varies among deck materials, and the type of decking you choose will have a significant impact on your deck replacement costs. Pressure-treated pine is the most affordable decking board available, but the long-term maintenance costs add up, and it’s not as durable as hardwoods like Ipe, which cost upwards of $22.50 per square foot.

Manufactured materials, including composite and PVC, also offer several product ranges that vary in cost and features, like Mold Guard Technology® by TimberTech. On average, you’re looking at between $8.25-$9.48 per square foot for manufactured decking, but you can save thousands in maintenance expenses over the long lifetime of your deck. 

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular deck materials available.

A photo of a deck lists average material costs per square foot for manufactured, softwood, and hardwood decking that corresponds with the list below.
Deck board materialAverage cost per square foot
Pressure-treated lumber$2.13

Common deck repairs

Wood decks naturally decompose, so you’ll need to replace them every decade and refinish them annually

Some specific problems are easier to repair than a brand-new deck surface if you spot them quickly enough. On the other hand, some damage is more significant and requires a specialist’s help. 

Here’s an overview of common deck repairs to watch for and what you can expect to pay for a solution.

RepairAverage repair cost
Substructure damage$4 per sq.ft.
Pest damage$200-$600
Mold and mildew$50-$100
Refinishing$3-$6.80 per sq. ft.
Damaged fasteners$0.30 per sq. ft.
Step repair$15-$40 per step
Source: Angi

Additional cost factors for your deck replacement or repair

No matter how simple your deck design, it’s a unique structure, which means your deck replacement may cost more or less than the estimated average. Multiple factors influence your deck costs, so consider how these play a role in your repair budget:

  • Deck size
  • Deck shape
  • Deck design (elevated, wraparound)
  • Material type
  • Material quality
  • Permits
  • Site maintenance
  • Geographic location (city, state)
  • Property location (attached to house, on a slope)
  • Labor
  • Disposal

Simpler designs like rectangles made of pressure-treated pine are the most affordable upfront, though higher quality manufactured deck boards and railing can reduce maintenance and repair costs long-term. 

More complicated engineering, like elevated decks on stilts or large multi-level structures with stairs, will also increase the price of your deck replacement. So if you know your deck is an advanced build, factor that into your cost estimate. 

You can consult a professional contractor for an accurate quote before committing to a project. 


Can I replace wood decking with composite?

Yes, you can replace your old wood decking with composite or PVC boards and rest assured you won’t have to replace your deck again for 25 or more years. 

Just be sure your substructure is in good condition and the joists are adequately spaced according to your deck manufacturer’s guidelines. TimberTech Composite Decking is designed to install on joists spaced 16 inches in the center, but 12 inches spacing is ideal for a more rigid feel and diagonal board designs. 

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a deck?

Repairing an existing deck is generally cheaper than replacing the full structure. Especially if you replace your wood boards with weather-resistant composite decking, which will significantly lower your lifetime maintenance costs. This extends the lifespan of your deck and avoids future repair costs.

How do I choose a contractor to repair my deck?

It’s always smart to contact a few contractors to talk through your goals and get some project quotes. Get to know each contractor and their professional experience to determine who’s the best fit for your project.

Great contractors are everywhere, and here are a few green flags that you’ve found the right one for your project:

  • Great communication
  • Positive reviews
  • Good local reputation
  • Familiarity with deck designs
  • Experience with your chosen deck materials

Estimating your deck replacement cost can be tricky, since your deck materials, size, and design all play huge factors in determining cost. It’s important to talk with local professionals for the most accurate quote. A trustworthy and professional deck contractor will be happy to answer your questions to nail your project goals. 

If you’re tired of replacing your wood deck every 10 years, now’s a great time to upgrade to durable composite decking. Explore composite decking guaranteed to last 25 years to a lifetime and ditch the annual sealant. 

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