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Top Ways to Improve Deck Safety

September 8, 2020
Classic Composite Series Radiance Rail Deck Safety

Nothing says enjoyable outdoor living like an enduringly beautiful deck…but nothing spoils the fun like a lack of deck safety. Whether from damaged deck boards, poor visibility after dark, or a need for sturdy railing, a less-than-safe deck is a surefire way to wrack up anxiety and repair expenses.

As a safety ambassador for the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), we have the deck safety tips you need.

Scope and Build Your Deck Correctly

strong substructure for deck safety

If you’re at the build stage – or even if you already have a deck but it needs replaced- a critical step toward overall deck safety will be building correctly from the ground up. A healthy substructure translates to a sturdy, dependable deck.

Here are some important tips when it comes to joist spacing and blocking:

  • Protect yourself: Wear appropriate safety gear and assemble the right tools.
  • Locate damage: If you’re replacing your deck frame, check for damage like soft spots, broken pieces, splits, or cracks from moisture damage.
  • Make sure joists are level: Always make sure joists are consistent in size and in plane (level) with one another. You can check that joists are level by running simple string lines.

Always make sure to read the appropriate install guides when building your capped composite or capped polymer deck.

If you feel unsure at any point or have any questions, contact a professional.

Choose Composite or Metal Railing

Composite Railing by TimberTech RadianceRail in Kona

A polished perimeter brings major benefits to your outdoor living space – not only with increased safety, but also performance and installation.

When you select either a composite or metal railing system from the TimberTech portfolio, you lock in:

  • Deck safety: By highlighting edges and providing a barrier, you minimize the risks of falls from the deck. (Remember, without a railing, even a ground-level deck can lead to a twisted ankle.)
  • Dependability: Both TimberTech® composite and metal railings are crafted from durable materials that fight weathering to deliver beauty and unrivaled performance.
  • Installation ease: With options like the panelized Impression Rail Express®, you can enjoy a faster, easier installation that quickly enhances deck safety.

Improve Deck Safety With Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Deck Lighting by TimberTech Accent Light in White

Outdoor lighting will always be a helpful step toward better deck safety, especially when placed at transition points such as stairs. Better visibility means lower risk of trips, falls, or injury.

Check out these outdoor lighting ideas to discover ways to enhance both the safety and atmosphere of your deck.

Prioritize Fire Safety

Composite Decking TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Mahogany

The great outdoors should pair with great deck safety practices, especially when fire is involved. Keep your family safe while enjoying burgers on the grill or s’mores over a fire pit by:

  • Maintaining distance between the deck surface and fire source: Wheeled grills or stand-alone stone fire pits provide clearance between the decking material and flame.
  • Following all manufacturer’s directions: Always be familiar with the proper storage, use, and cleaning of your grill or fire pit.
  • Considering decking from the Vintage Collection®: The TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection boasts a Class A flame spread rating (the same as concrete).

Because there are numerous safety factors that can come into play over the lifetime of your outdoor living space, it’s a good idea to work with a professional. TimberTech-recommended contractors are familiar with TimberTech decking and deliver serious expertise to guide you on your way to a safe, enjoyable deck.

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with one of our registered contractors for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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