Decking Out a Condo in the City by the Bay

August 1, 2016
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It isn’t every day that Steven and Brucie Schneider of Schneider Construction are asked to build a deck on top of a building. As rooftop decks have surged in popularity over the past several years, however, it’s a challenge they’re accepting with increasing frequency. The San Rafael-based construction company was recently asked to replace the 10th Street Loft’s rotting, wooden rooftop deck with a new, larger one. Dismayed by the constant care and quick deterioration of their previous wooden deck, the condo association wanted the replacement deck to be beautiful, durable, and virtually maintenance free. And that’s exactly what the Schneiders delivered.

Inspired by its rich color and superior durability, the Schneiders selected TimberTech AZEK Decking in Mahogany. The duo chose TimberTech products because of their aesthetic appeal, and ease of transport and installation. They also find TimberTech materials to be ideal for roof-top applications because they are significantly lighter than wood, and won’t add unnecessary weight to buildings that could require expensive retrofitting. TimberTech AZEK also carries the Class ‘A’ Flame-spread rating*, which many buildings in California require.

“We specifically chose TimberTech Decking for the 10th Street Lofts because we wanted to create this space with materials that are sustainable and low maintenance,” Steve said. “The condo association and homeowners had already dealt with a wood deck that needed to be replaced after only seven years. We knew that TimberTech products would look beautiful, and are also engineered to last far longer than traditional wood decks. And  TimberTech’s Fade & Stain Warranty are major benefits to the homeowners.”

Settling on the ideal material was easy. Getting those materials to the top of the building was another matter, as there was no way that the long lengths of decking would ever fit in the building’s interior elevator. Instead, the team coordinated with the city and neighboring property owners to use a heavy-duty crane to hoist all the materials from a nearby parking area onto the building’s rooftop. While transporting the materials to the roof went off without a hitch, it wasn’t the last logistical problem facing the Schneiders on this project.

The team also had to develop a unique understructure solution for the decking that would fit the space constraints below the condo’s rooftop access doors. Steve engineered the one-of-a-kind, steel deck support to provide a stable base for the decking and railing.

In the end, the project was completed on time, and now offers residents a gorgeous, bird’s-eye view of the San Francisco skyline, and a beautiful, carefree deck from which to enjoy it. But don’t just take our word for it.

*NOTE: The Class “A” Flame Spread Index rating is based on results of testing per ASTM E84, recognized by the International Building Code (IBC) as a standard method for testing flame spread

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