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How to Choose the Best Decking Material for Your Best Life Outdoors

December 20, 2021
Best decking material and best composite decking material by TimberTech

Curious to know what’s the best decking material? First, you need to think about what the best means to you. You know that durability will be a key component — but you will also want to think about factors like appearance, long-term cost savings, and sustainability.

The best decking material should be durable and beautiful

The Best Decking Should Be…

✓ The best for unparalleled durability

✓ The best for real wood looks and enduring beauty

✓ The best for minimal maintenance and long-term value

✓ The best for sustainability

The very best decking material should allow you to Go Against the Grain® and scrap the status quo with leading beauty, performance, and longevity that other decking products just can’t compete with.

So we’ve engineered just that.

Ready to Meet The Best? 


 Want to Explore by “Best For…” Category? 

Just what makes our capped polymer line the best decking material? In a word: Innovation.  

You can start by familiarizing yourself with all your material options — and then see how they pale in comparison to the innovative first place choice. 

An Introduction to Your Deck Material Options 

Your deck material options could be said to fall into three main categories:  

We’re glad you asked. Our capped polymer boards are a type of PVC deck boards — but they’re so good, they make other PVC products look like a different category.

Note: “Composite decking” is sometimes used to refer to the broad marketplace category of engineered decking. Engineered decking includes both composite deck boards (made of a mix of wood and plastic fibers) and PVC decking (made entirely of engineered material).  

Each deck material varies in terms of durability, real wood looks, and long-term value — but if you want the best decking material in all three areas? You want TimberTech AZEK.  

Deck Material Options

But of all your options, which is the best?

Best Decking Material Option:
Capped Polymer Decking

By TimberTech AZEK

Is a Wood Alternative Really Worth It?

Given most people’s relative familiarity with the product — and its association with lower upfront material costs — you might still be tempted to go with wood.

The truth is: Maintenance costs stack up fast when you choose wood, and repair and replacement needs will arise in just a matter of years.

Why Wood Is No Good

Wood might be a common building material — but it’s not the best.

Traditional wood is not the best decking material because it fades

Choosing a wood deck? We woodn’t.

And if you’re wondering just how much TimberTech AZEK outstrips not only wood decking, but the composite decking and PVC decking of the competition? Put simply: It’s by a lot.

TimberTech creates the best composite decking material and the best decking material overall

Why There’s Composite — and Then There’s TimberTech

See how TimberTech AZEK capped polymer decking leaves the competition in the dust.

You don’t deserve decking that’s just better than wood — you deserve the absolute best decking material. And TimberTech AZEK delivers just that.

The Best Decking Material: TimberTech AZEK Decking

Shown: TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection®Coastline®  

TimberTech AZEK capped polymer decking is a fully engineered decking option made with the most advanced materials technology.  

With majority recycled material and no wood particles, this best-of-the-best composite decking material locks in beauty while locking out moisture for an enduringly attractive, long-lasting deck.  

Our major competitor? Not so much: Trex doesn’t offer a capped polymer line

Pictured: TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection®Coastline®

What You Get With TimberTech AZEK Decking

What makes TimberTech AZEK the best decking material and best composite decking material

Our best decking material is not only exceptionally durable — it’s also strikingly beautiful and reduces your stress so you can live your best life outdoors. TimberTech AZEK decking offers: 

Unrivaled Design and Performance 

Backed by unrivaled technology.

Moisture Resistance 

Mold, mildew, and rot don’t stand a chance.

Wood Looks

Thanks to nature-inspired designs.

A Cool Look & Feel

With options that are cooler to the touch than competitive products.*

Peace of Mind

Thanks to industry-leading warranties.

Sustainable Options

With majority recycled material.

*Although TimberTech AZEK decking products are cooler to the touch than many other deck board products, all decking products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the decking color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color.

Take a deeper dive into what makes TimberTech AZEK the best composite decking material.

The Best for: Unparalleled Durability

TimberTech AZEK is the best decking material with unparalleled durability

TimberTech AZEK delivers superior durability you can trust and allows you to live your best life outdoors. How? Because choosing the best composite decking material means you do away with the sanding, staining, and sealing needed to keep a wood deck in top shape.

With minimal effort from you, TimberTech AZEK stays in top condition for decades to come thanks to its innovative capped polymer composition. But don’t just take our word for it.

Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind

What better way to bolster your confidence that you’ve chosen the best composite decking material than with the industry’s leading warranties?

TimberTech AZEK comes with:

✓ Rich color that endures: 50-Year Fade & Stain Limited Warranty

✓ Structural integrity you can trust: Lifetime Limited Product Warranty

Start with a color scheme for your modern backyard landscaping ideas

So, what exactly is this “innovative capped polymer” material? And how is it different from other composite decking options? We’re glad you asked.

Decking Material 101: Just What Is Capped Polymer?

You’ve likely heard the term “PVC decking” — and of course “composite decking” — before, so you may be wondering how “capped polymer” fits in.

Composite decking is a broad marketplace category that refers to a few different engineered decking options. Learn more about the types of composite decking.

TimberTech AZEK is the best decking material and the best composite decking material

And the Best Decking Material Is…

Capped polymer decking like TimberTech AZEK is the far superior — and more attractive — composite decking material available when stacked up against competitors.

But what’s the point of best composite decking material for durability if you don’t love the look? Lucky for you, we’ve got gorgeous real wood looks on deck.

The Best for: Real Wood Looks & Enduring Beauty

TimberTech AZEK is the best decking material with real wood looks

At TimberTech, we know durable decking alone isn’t enough. Because you deserve high-performance decking that’s high-style, too. Enter the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection®: The best composite decking material for real wood aesthetics.  

The Vintage Collection®

A premium hardwood look thanks to complex color blending and a wire-brushed, low-gloss finish.

Rich, nature-inspired hues that are fade-resistant, which means no staining required.

Unique design options with Multi-Width Decking.

Prefer a More Rustic Aesthetic?

Check out the TimberTech AZEK Landmark Collection which features a character-rich reclaimed wood look.

See for yourself the comparison of real premium hardwoods next to samples from our TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection. Can you tell the difference?

Wood Has Nothing on Us

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection English Walnut vs Ipe Wood Comparison
TimberTech AZEK English Walnut vs IPE Wood
TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Mahogany vs Mahogany Wood Comparison
TimberTech AZEK Mahogany vs Mahogany Wood

Plus, not only are these richly-hued boards fade-resistant, but heat-resistant, too. So you can enjoy your deck to the fullest on warm, sunny days — no shoes required.

TimberTech AZEK is the best composite decking material for full sun

The Best Composite Decking Material for Full Sun Exposure

Learn how TimberTech AZEK decking is designed to stay cooler* in the sun.

*Although TimberTech AZEK decking products are cooler to the touch than many other deck board products, all decking products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the decking color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color.

Unparalleled durability with real wood aesthetics that don’t fade… Wondering if there’s a catch?

The good news: There isn’t.

The better news? There’s more good news: You’ll save time, worry, and costs in the long-run when you choose the best decking material, TimberTech AZEK.

The Best for: Minimal Maintenance & Long-Term Value

TimberTech AZEK is the best decking material with minimal maintenance

Picture this: It’s the weekend, and instead of worrying about spending your precious time buffing out splinters or replacing popped out screws in your wood deck, you’re relaxing. Just relaxing. While the kids run around barefoot, and the dog takes a nap at your feet. Now picture repeating that scene — every weekend.

When you choose the best decking material for minimal maintenance, you not only make a purchase decision, you also make a lifestyle choice. With the durability to resist moisture damage and weathering agents, rigorous deck maintenance becomes a thing of the past — and low-maintenance outdoor living becomes your new reality.



“Besides the overall beautiful appearance, I know I will never have to strip, stain, or seal my deck again!”

Embrace a Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

No decking is completely maintenance-free, even the best decking material. But TimberTech AZEK gets as close as you can get:

✓ Periodically clean your deck surface with a stiff, natural-fiber brush and TimberTech DeckCleaner.

✓ Rinse with a hose and repeat as needed.

Talk about low-maintenance living.

Embrace Long-Term Value

You’ve already invested time and care into your home’s aesthetic, and you need decking that’s up to par: You need TimberTech AZEK.

While choosing a fully engineered decking material is likely a greater investment than other composite decking or traditional wood options, it’s important to consider not only upfront costs, but long-term value.

And value for the best decking material breaks down in two main ways: your long-term cost savings and increased home value.

The best composite decking material offers long term cost savings
Long-Term Cost Savings

TimberTech AZEK allows you to save money over time thanks to:

Significantly lower maintenance costs than traditional wood thanks to minimal upkeep.

Little to no costs associated with repairs or replacements thanks to superior durability.

Increased Home Value

Using the most durable and attractive decking makes your home more appealing to potential buyers.

And what does appeal translate to?

A potential increase in home resale value.

The best composite decking material increases your curb appeal

The Best for: Sustainability

TimberTech AZEK is the best decking material for sustainability

TimberTech AZEK capped polymer decking is the best composite decking material for sustainability. Made with a majority of recycled material, including hard-to-recycle plastics, and absolutely no wood, our innovative decking is designed to be as sustainable as it is beautiful.

Plus, TimberTech AZEK contributes to minimal landfill waste in both its production and lifecycle since it’s unlikely to need replacing thanks to its unparalleled durability.

In fact, TimberTech pulls material out of landfills with ambitious programs, such as:

Traditional Wood: Far From Sustainable

Think “natural” wood is better for the environment than engineered materials? Think again.

Traditional wood causes deforestation and is not the best decking material

Not only is pressure-treated wood infused with harsh chemicals, but all wood contributes to deforestation — including in some of the world’s most precious ecosystems (we’re looking at you, Ipe).  

Plus, many wood deck stains and sealers emit potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), putting your family’s health at risk.

But what about the wood fibers in our capped composite deck boards? They’re 100% recycled, so no trees are cut down in the making of TimberTech decking.

More Reasons to Go Green

Discover more ways sustainable decking like TimberTech AZEK can improve your home, your life — and the planet.

For the Best Decking Material, Choose TimberTech

Let’s recap. The best decking material should deliver:

Superior durability

Real wood aesthetics that last

Long-term value with minimal maintenance

Sustainable outdoor living solutions

And TimberTech AZEK does it all.

You’ve seen the evidence, now it’s time to see the decking. Order free samples of TimberTech AZEK capped polymer decking to get an up-close look at the superior material and nature-inspired beauty. Place your samples outdoors to view them in natural lighting and get a true sense of which hue is right for you.  

See & feel the TimberTech advantage

Our capped PVC and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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