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Fascia Trim for Your Home or Deck: What to Know About Each Type

June 15, 2021
Fascia trim by TimberTech & AZEK Exteriors

You know that your home is much more than the sum of its parts…but when it comes to design and planning, thinking through those parts is useful. To zero in on just one component: Fascia trim is an important part of locking in a unified look and feel and protecting your home’s exterior — and even your outdoor living space.

What Is Fascia Trim?

Fascia trim in white by AZEK Exteriors & TimberTech Porch

There are several related terms that you may hear used interchangeably, or sometimes together, when discussing both:

  • Your home’s exterior
  • Your deck

Let’s quickly take a look at each.

Home Exterior Terms

Fascia (often referred to as “fascia trim”) on a home is one part of the outside of the house. To understand fascia, you must understand a few additional terms.

Fascia trim and home exterior definitions

Exterior Cladding

On a home, exterior cladding refers to a type of siding that covers your home’s exterior walls. Cladding and other types of siding are important in protecting your home from the elements — but they are not the only protective treatments your home will need. Your home will also feature:


On a home, trim refers to the material used to encase, or surround, windows, doors, and other elements.


On a home, moulding is a type of decorative trim used to cover transitions between different surfaces, such as at the junction of a porch wall and ceiling (known as crown moulding).


On a home, soffit is the angled covering (wood board, PVC, or other material) that connects a home’s façade to the fascia or other structure.


On a home, fascia is the board that covers the edge, or face, of an overhang, like the eaves of a roof. It connects to the soffit and is sometimes called “transition trim.”

Within the context of a home’s exterior, fascia often gets referred to as “fascia trim” because it “trims” and encapsulates the edges of an overhanging structure.

Deck Terms

Discussions of “fascia trim” may also take place when the focus is not your home’s exterior, but rather, your deck. Why? Because fascia on a deck also covers the edges of a structure — in this case, the end cuts and/or rim joists of the deck.

Fascia trim on a deck


(“Deck Fascia,” “Deck Fascia Board,” “Rim Joist Cover”)

On a deck, fascia refers to the boards used to cover the end cuts and/or rim joists, installed bordering  the deck surface (below, left).

Just like in home exterior’s applications, fascia “trims” (runs along the perimeter of) an overhanging edge (below, right).

Substructure View of Deck Fascia Trim

Deck fascia trim side view of deck substructure

A bisection of a deck, showing where the front fascia board will be applied to cover rim joists and blocking.

Picture Frame View of Deck Fascia Trim

Fascia trim on a picture frame deck

A side view of installed deck fascia boards on a composite deck.

Fascia on a Picture Framed Deck

Fascia boards can be part of a picture frame border on a deck, but not all decks with fascia include a picture frame border.

The difference has to do with the presence of a perimeter board, as shown below.

Fascia trim on picture frame deck with labels

Finishing your deck with a picture frame border adds an attractive design element and keeps your space looking curated and contemporary.

Get more information on best practices for picture framing a deck in our Deck Building Resource Center.

Discover important components of a deck, from substructure to surface.

The Takeaway

Fascia on a House

The boards that cover the edge, or face, of an overhang, like the eaves of a roof. Like other elements of your home’s exterior, fascia has both aesthetic and practical benefits.

Fascia on a Deck

The boards used to cover the end cuts and/or rim joists, installed horizontal to the ground, covering the rim board outside the exposed exterior framing. Fascia will “trim” the edge of the deck surface.

Now that you know what fascia is — and that it plays a role in both your home exterior and your deck — you’re ready to think through how you want each type of fascia to look and perform.

Fascia Trim on Your Home: What to Consider

Fascia trim on your home

Pictured: A close-up of a home exterior showing crisp white eaves and matching fascia trim.

On your home, fascia serves both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Your Home Fascia Trim Will

  • Helps protect any overhanging edges from moisture, insects, and the elements.
  • Tie together the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior.
  • Play off other exterior elements, like your porch or deck design.

Fascia Trim on Your Deck: What to Consider

Fascia trim on your deck

Pictured: A close-up of a two-story deck with an attractive picture frame border and coordinating fascia board.

Fascia boards on your deck also serve aesthetic and functional purposes.

Your Deck Fascia Board Will

Fascia Both Ways: Exterior Design, From Home to Deck

Fascia on home and deck

Fascia acts not only as a protective layer at a structural transition point, but as an important polish piece that makes a big impact.

Think about homes that stand out in your neighborhood: Is their exterior fascia trim crisp, or is it unremarkable? Do their decks have visible end-cuts, or are they nicely covered by a fascia board?

Most likely, the homes you remember fondly are those marked by clean edges (trim, fascia, and soffit) and well-curated backyard builds.

Bringing It All Together

Explore these inspirational homes to discover how complementing fascia on your deck with the trim on your home lends a finished, cohesive look to your home’s whole exterior.

Curved deck with fascia

Traditional Elegance With Striking Features

Achieve this bold, unique look with:

Deck fascia for rustic refinement

Rustic Refinement

Prefer a more rustic look? Recreate this woodland A-frame’s inviting look with:

Deck fascia for southern charm

Light & Airy Southern Charm

Looking for a lighter feel for your home and deck? Go with:

Now that you know the aesthetic and functional benefits of fascia trim on your home and deck, you’re ready to start planning your next renovation project.

Get started by speaking with a TimberTech expert or a TimberTech-registered contractor who can answer your questions and give you the guidance you need to elevate your home design.  

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