The Fastest Railing Installation You’ve Ever Seen

January 12, 2017
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Installing railing on a deck isn’t usually a timed event, but here at  TimberTech, we thought it would be fun to see just how fast some of our loyal contractors really are at installing our Impression Railing. To find out, we arranged a friendly competition for Wednesday, January 11, at the 2017 International Builder’s Show in Orlando, FL, hosted at our booth by HGTV and DIY Network host and carpenter  Jeff Devlin

Impression Rail’s high-quality, powder-coated aluminum profiles are engineered for strength, security, and low maintenance while offering all the classic aesthetic beauty of cast iron. The competition gave attendees a first-hand look at Impression Railing’s industry-leading aesthetics, and an opportunity to see a live demonstration of how quickly and easily it can be installed.  

Three professional contractors—Gary Daley from  America’s DeckBuilder,  Jason Russell from  Dr. Decks, and Keith Camacho from  Stellar Decks—accepted the challenge, and raced the clock to see who could install a TimberTech Impression Rail section the fastest.  

Who was the fastest? Keith  Camacho, the owner of Stellar Decks, serving NYC, Nassau County and Suffolk County. Camacho edged out the competition by installing the section in a speedy two minutes and 14 seconds.  

“The reason that I’m able to install the  Impression Railing  so quickly is because, as the business owner of Stellar Decks, I don’t just sell, I build—I’ve been building decks for 18 years. I have five guys on my team, and I work with them on every project we do,” Camacho said.  

Camacho likes TimberTech products as they have a lightweight profile, and can be quickly installed by a single worker without the need for welding equipment, specialty saw blades or other special tools that metal railings often require. This allows contractors to work quickly, control costs, and help ensure projects are completed on time.  

“I like using the  Impression Railing  on decks because it’s very easy to work with, and that makes us more efficient,” he notes. “My customers love the look, and that it’s basically maintenance-free once installed. I’ve used it on two projects in the past three months alone.” 

Watch the video to see Camacho and the other competitors in action, and see how fast and easy it can be to install TimberTech Railing.


I like using the  Impression Railing  on decks because it’s very easy to work with, and that makes us more efficient.

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