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5 Small Outdoor Space Ideas That Will Make a Big Impact

December 18, 2019

Do you have a compact outdoor space but still find yourself nurturing some big ideas for design? Or maybe you’re not sure quite where to start with generating small outdoor space ideas? Fear not: TimberTech® has all the right tools — from quality decking materials to design-forward furnishings — to turn less into more. Here are five space-saving tips on how to turn your small outdoor space ideas into fun and entertaining destinations.

1. Use Polymers or Composite Woods to Bolster Both Design and Durability

As an industry leader in materials science, TimberTech offers innovative capped composites and capped polymers that capture all the richness of natural wood without any of the destructive mold, mildew, staining, or breakdown. TimberTech composites come in multiple widths and a variety of earthy colors ranging from highly color-blended to monochromatic, meaning that there’s no limit to the aesthetic potential. Another important element? TimberTech composites come in both grooved and square-shoulder options, allowing for either visible or hidden fastening. Our unique profiles come in full and scalloped, which translate to flush installation and minimized hardware — so that, for even the smallest deck owner, design’s the limit.

What’s more, TimberTech capped polymers can be bent, shaped, and molded for greater design flexibility. Want fluid, curving lines to create visual interest in a compact space? With TimberTech AZEK, your deck can be just about any shape you envision.

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2. Reimagine Railings

The wrong choice of railing can make a deck feel closed off, especially in a small space. To keep your space feeling open and inviting, choose a design and color for your rail that won't overpower the deck, such as black glass or cable infill in your railings. Have a smaller deck that’s fairly low to the ground? Opt for clean and contemporary railing with balusters that won’t break up your sightlines.

If you prefer a more traditional look and feel for your small outdoor space, lean on the architectural profiles of the RadianceRail™, Radiance Rail Express®, and Reserve Rail™ collections. Whatever your style, remember that a railing functions as the frame showcasing your mini outdoor masterpiece — so choose one that keeps your space feeling open rather than starkly enclosed.

Small Outdoor Space Ideas-Reimagine Railings.jpg

3. Give Your Greenery the Grow Up

By now, your small outdoor space ideas are taking root, but you’re still hungry for surefire ways to take your deck from cramped to open. The best way to evoke a sense of space? Dimensionality.

Tall furniture and accents can draw the eye upward and make a deck look and feel more dimensional. To create vertical depth, try outfitting your deck with a walled garden, screen, or pergola. When it comes to the latter, though, remember to keep the build open and incorporate lots of greenery to evoke the wide-ranging airiness of the great outdoors.

Speaking of greenery, another great way to keep the eye traveling upward? Planting your favorite plants vertically with a trellis or even on just one wall of your outdoor space, will keep things open and inviting.

Small Outdoor Space Ideas-Give Your Greenery the Grow Up.jpg

4. Light the Way to Lounging

As a space-conscious homeowner, consider whimsical arrangements such as bistro lights, which can be strung over decks of any size, or those lighting solutions which can be integrated into railings, posts, stair risers and more.

Lighting goes a long way when it comes to crafting your desired outdoor atmosphere. To create a warm ambiance that will keep guests lounging and chatting for hours, stick to warmer bulbs (2,200 to 2,700K) in your lighting fixtures.

Small Outdoor Space Ideas-Light the Way to Lounging.jpg

5. Punctuate with Purposeful Accents

A well-structured deck built with innovative composite materials and outfitted with personality-showcasing greenery and lighting means only one thing remains: accents.

Petite, boldly hued end tables enhance your space’s sense of dimensionality, plus provide a go-to spot to hold your favorite glass of vintage vino. High-contrast or patterned accent pillows on benches and lounges keep things looking lively while inviting guests to wind down. Remember, there’s no one way to accent your space: Be true to your style sense and dive in!

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