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3 Deck Design Options to Spark Your Creativity

January 14, 2022
Deck design options by TimberTech and tips for how to design a backyard deck

Deck design options have evolved significantly from those days when traditional wood was the only material for your build. With innovative engineered decking options, you can embrace new design possibilities while still capturing the real wood looks you love.  

TimberTech® capped polymer and capped composite decking gives you the unique deck design options you need to transform your outdoor living space into a top destination among family and friends.   

Looking for Deck Planning Guidance?

Get insight into not only designing your own deck, but planning your build, too.

First, explore deck design options to spark your creativity and discover the possibilities with TimberTech. Then, get planning guidance on how to design a backyard deck that meets your needs and reflects your sense of style. 

1.) Widen Your Perspective With Multi-Width Decking 

Deck design options include Multi-Width Decking

Who says deck boards should be only one width? At TimberTech, we believe you deserve more flexibility for how to design a backyard deck, so you can create a space that’s unique to you. Enter Multi-Width Decking.  

How to design a backyard deck with Multi-Width Decking

Three Widths for Endless Possibilities  

With Multi-Width Decking, you have your choice of narrow- (3.5”) and wide-width (7.25”) boards in addition to the standard-width (5.5”) boards. 

Multi-Width Decking is available in the following collections:  

TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection® 

TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection® (standard- and wide-widths only) 

Looking for More Deck Design Inspiration?

Check out our Inspiration Gallery. 

Deck Design Options With Multi-Width Decking 

Multi-Width Decking gives you a broader range of deck design options to choose from, so you can take your deck from standard fare to coolly contemporary. Not sure how to design a backyard deck with Multi-Width Decking? We’ve got some ideas to inspire you.  

Take the Wide-Width Interior Flooring Trend to the Outdoors  

Deck deck design options include the wide-width interior flooring trend

Continue the wide-width interior flooring trend in the Great Outdoors with wide-width decking from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage and Harvest Collections. Wide-width boards help your space feel more expansive by drawing the eye outward. This is ideal for smaller decks, as it evokes a sense of space — yet works well with larger spaces, too, where the pattern can repeat for serious impact.   

Plus, choosing wide-width boards means you’ll have fewer boards to fasten, which can save you both time and money on installation.  

Add Dimension to Your Design by Mixing & Matching Widths 

Deck design options include mixing and matching deck board widths

Prefer a more striking aesthetic for your deck design? Opt for an alternating pattern of all three widths across your deck surface for a multi-dimensional look.  

For even more visual complexity, lay the boards diagonally — just be sure your deck substructure has the right joist spacing (12” on center) and blocking to accommodate a diagonal design.

Discover more deck design options featuring deck board patterns

Embrace Visual Complexity With Deck Patterns 

Take your deck design to the next level with eye-catching deck board patterns.

2.) Capture the Look of Reclaimed Wood With the Landmark Collection 

How to design a backyard deck with reclaimed wood deck design options

The color and grain pattern of your chosen deck boards play a big role in the overall look and feel of your space.  

TimberTech boards capture all the beauty of real wood, from minimalist painted wood looks to sophisticated premium hardwood aesthetics, so you have the right deck design options to complete your space.  

Looking for a character-rich reclaimed wood look? We’ve got that too, with the TimberTech AZEK Landmark Collection.  

Refined. Rustic. Modern. 

The Landmark Collection features a cathedral wood grain with a rustic crosscut and matte finish that gives these boards their distinctive texture. The highly color-blended shades with dramatic highlights and lowlights mean no two boards are alike, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind deck

French White Oak is a white composite decking option by TimberTech

French White Oak® 

What it is: A soft light tan of natural oak, tannins, and gray undertones.

Why choose it: For a cozy and effortless look that radiates casual sophistication.

American Walnut® 

What it is: A rich brown with subtle hints of cool gray tones.  

Why choose it: For a character-rich look with an irresistibly inviting feel.   

Castle Gate 

What it is: A cool, stormy gray with warm undertones.  

Why choose it: For a sophisticated, modern aesthetic and a dynamic feel.  

3.) Raise a Glass to Drink Rail  

Deck design options include railing

Railing is not only a safety feature — it’s a design element that completes the look of your space by giving you a unique, curated perimeter.

Prefer designs that boast high functionality in addition to high style? Choose the Drink Rail, which features a TimberTech deck board as your top rail. Enjoy a sleek, linear look — and the perfect place to set down your drink as you chat with family and friends.

Featured in both our Classic Composite Series and Impression Rail Express® railing series, the Drink Rail offers you your choice between a composite or aluminum railing system. That said, if you like to be in complete control of your design, go with the Classic Composite Series, which gives you the most customization options to create your personalized perimeter.

How to design a backyard deck with deck design options like railing

Choose the Classic Composite Series Drink Rail For… 

A transitional design that suits a variety of home exteriors.  

Four infill options, including composite and aluminum balusters, stainless steel cable, and glass panels for a variety of mixed-material railing design options.  

Three colors which you can choose to mix and match for your posts, post caps, rails, and baluster infills.  

Open to completing your outdoor living space with railing, but not sure Drink Rail is your “cup of tea”? We’ve still got you covered. 

Whether you prefer:  

  • A more traditional, milled-wood look  
  • A transitional design 
  • A sleek, minimalist railing

TimberTech delivers high-style, high-performance options to suit your style. 

See how railing impacts deck design options

Discover Railing Inspiration 

Get ideas for your curated perimeter. 

Explore More Deck Design Options  

Looking to keep your creativity flowing? Check out these deck design options for more inspirational ideas.   

How to Design a Backyard Deck 

Now that you know some of your deck design options, it’s time to start thinking about how to apply these ideas to your project. It’s important to think through the best practices of how to design a backyard deck in order to ensure the structure fits in well with your backyard and home exterior.  

Tips for Designing Your Own Deck 

How to design a backyard deck to accommodate your desired function

Deck Function 

How you plan to use your deck will affect its design. Will you be hosting large dinner parties, intimate gatherings, or both?  

How to design a backyard deck to be proportional to your space

Deck Shape 

Your deck shape should be proportional to your home and yard so that it fits in naturally to your greater backyard design.  

How to design a backyard deck to complement your home exterior

Home Exterior 

The design of your deck should complement your home’s aesthetic style and give you a smooth transition from home to yard.  

Bring Your Ideas to Life by Visualizing Your Deck Design 

With the inspiration you need to spark your creativity, as well as tips for how to design a backyard deck, you’re ready to start planning your build.  

Use our 3D Deck Design Tool to visualize your favorite deck design options and get a sense of what will work best in your space. Then, you can share your design with a contractor who can help you bring it all to life.  

Turn your deck dream into design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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