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Deck Design Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

February 17, 2022
Deck design ideas and deck railing design ideas by TimberTech

An incredible outdoor living space is about more than piecing the right decking materials together. You also need inspiring deck design ideas to transform your space from ordinary to oasis.

Deck design ideas are varied, from deck layout to deck railing design ideas, final touches like décor, and more. To get the inspiration you need, it’s best to start with ideas suited to where you are in your deck build process.

Explore deck design ideas by:

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Deck Layout Ideas

Deck design ideas for your layout

Your deck layout refers to the shape and size of your outdoor living space. Getting the size and shape of your deck right not only gives you a proportional, attractive backyard, but also a functional space to spend time doing what you love most.

Tips for Designing Your Deck Layout

To create the ideal deck layout for your backyard, your deck layout should:

✓ Be proportional to the space available.

Complement your home exterior.

✓ Be able to accommodate whatever functions you plan to use it for.

Inspiration for Your Deck Layout

Not sure where to start with your deck layout? Here’s a few deck design ideas featuring layouts to spark your creativity.

Basic Rectangle With Stairs

12 by 16 deck layout template
Deck design ideas and deck railing design ideas featuring a rectangular deck

Simple and highly versatile, a rectangle layout with stairs suits any home aesthetic. Plus, this shape is great for large and small deck designs. You can even consider adjusting the width of the stair design — wider stairs give you a more seamless transition from deck to patio or lawn, while narrow stairs create a sleek, defined pathway.

Rectangle & Octagon Layout

Rectangle with octagon deck layout template
Deck design ideas and deck railing design ideas featuring an octagon layout

Ideal for homes with larger backyards where the shapes have room to be fully realized, a rectangle and octagon combination gives you a dimensional and functional design. Use the octagon for your more intimate gatherings with family and friends and take advantage of the spacious rectangle for your larger dinner parties.

A Low Wraparound Deck Layout

L-shape deck layout template
Deck design ideas deck railing design ideas featuring a wraparound deck

A low wraparound deck takes up minimal space in your backyard since it hugs your home, but also offers plenty of real estate for gatherings of all sizes. While wraparound decks are a common architectural feature of farmhouse and southern-style homes, they are versatile and can be applied to most home designs. They are especially ideal for homes with sprawling backyard views, as the shape allows you to take in the scenery from just about any angle.

See More Deck Layouts

Explore curated deck builds of all shapes, sizes, and styles in our Inspiration Gallery.

Deck Board Ideas

Deck design ideas for your deck boards

From material to the colors, right down to way you arrange the boards on your surface, your deck board choices greatly affect the overall look and feel of your space.

See Your Decking Options Up Close

Order free samples of your favorite colors to get a true sense of which will work best in your space.

Tips for Choosing Deck Board Colors & Patterns

Factors to consider when thinking though deck boards include:

Material Choice

Although a common deck material choice, traditional wood will inevitably fade and discolor, even with rigorous maintenance. For the real wood looks you love without the drawbacks, choose TimberTech® composite decking.

Color Choice

Think about whether you want your deck colors to:

Complement or match your home exterior and/or interior color palette.

Cultivate a bold, energetic feeling or a calm, inviting vibe.

Pattern Choice

Pattern ideas — meaning the orientation of your deck boards to one another—range from diagonals, to herringbone, to inlaid designs for a variety of aesthetic styles. Keep in mind that the more complex your deck board pattern, the greater the time and expense of your project.

Learn about different cost factors to determine your deck build budget. EXPLORE DECK COST

Get Inspiration for Your Deck Board Design

Discover deck design ideas for deck board colors and patterns to get a sense of what will work best for your space.

Deck Railing Design Ideas

Deck railing design ideas to inspire your build

Your railing is a vital polish piece that elevates your design to the next level, making deck railing design ideas an essential consideration for your build. Plus, it’s one of the first things the neighbors will see when they peak over the fence to get a look at your new outdoor living space — so you want to make sure its design is envy-worthy.

Tips for Designing Your Railing

When it comes to deck railing design ideas, there are a few steps to take for designing the right look for your space:

1.) Decide on Railing Type

Discover stylish composite and aluminum railing options to suit your home’s aesthetic and personal style.

2.) Choose Railing Color(s)

The color(s) of your railing can either match your home trim for a cohesive look or contrast it for a dynamic aesthetic.

3.) Choose Your Infill

Your railing infill material — what runs between the top and bottom rail — is a major part of your railing’s signature look.

Get Deck Railing Design Ideas for Inspiration

Discover deck railing design ideas featuring different railing material combinations to find the right fit for your space.

Traditional White Composite Railing With Contrasting Balusters

Deck railing design ideas with contrasting rail and baluster colors

Put a twist on the traditional look and feel of a classic white composite railing by pairing the design with contrasting black composite balusters. Add island post cap lights for a gentle glow that provides ambiance and increases visibility as the sun goes down.

Modern Black Composite Railing With Stainless Steel Cable Infill

Deck railing design ideas featuring cable rail infill

Create a crisp line between your deck and backyard views with a black composite railing featuring an over-the-post deck board top rail. Pair the design with a stainless steel cable rail infill for an industrial-chic feel — and clear sightlines.

Minimalist Black Metal Railing With Glass Panels

Deck railing design ideas featuring glass panel infills

Looking for deck railing design ideas that are simple and sleek for your high-rise deck design? Go with a black metal railing and glass panel infills. The narrow lines of the railing will blend in seamlessly to the visually captivating skyline views while still giving you the security you need.

Final Touches: Deck Decorating Ideas

Deck design ideas featuring decor and furniture

Deck furnishings and décor are the final touches that transform your deck from an empty space to a habitable haven.

Tips for Decorating Your Deck

Your deck décor and furnishings should not only suit your personal style but also improve the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor living space.

To Best Decorate Your Space

✓ Choose furniture and décor pieces that are proportional to your deck’s size and accommodate your preferred deck function so you get the best use out of your space.  

Choose an intentional color palette and stick to it for a cohesive, inviting aesthetic — consider complementing it with your interior home color scheme.

✓ Be sure to choose décor and furniture pieces that are rated for outdoor use, to prevent unnecessary damage in the event of sudden inclement weather.

Get Inspiration for Your Deck Furnishings & Décor

Explore these deck design ideas featuring furniture and décor piece for insight into your space’s possibilities.

Bring Your Deck Design Ideas to Life

With the inspiration you need to fuel your creativity, it’s time to bring your vision to life. Use our 3D Deck Designer Tool to visualize your outdoor living space. Play with even more deck layout, deck board color, deck railing, and décor options, and take the first step toward transforming your deck into a backyard haven.

Turn your deck dream into design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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