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Two Tone Deck Color Schemes to Set Your Deck Apart

November 3, 2021
Direct overhead view of a composite deck with two-toned stairs and built-in bench

Color is an essential part of any design — including your outdoor living space. And sometimes monochromatic just doesn’t cut it. Two tone deck color schemes add greater dimension, visual interest, and uniqueness to set your deck apart from all the rest.  

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Furnished composite deck overlooking a city

Benefits of Two Tone Deck Color Schemes 

✓ Gives your deck a unique look and feel.  

✓ Allows you to complement multi-tonal elements in your home’s exterior.  

✓ Adds visual interest and multi-dimensionality to your space.  

Deck board color swatches

Find the Right Color for You

From deeply saturated hues to light and bright tans, we have just the right color for your space.

Tips for Choosing the Right Deck Color Combinations 

To choose the right overall color scheme for your space, you’ll need to think holistically about not only your deck design, but your greater backyard. 

Consider Deck Board Color Tones 

Deck board colors typically range from cool grays to warm tans and browns. Different combinations of cool and warm colors can affect the aesthetics and atmosphere of your space. When thinking through color combinations, consider a minor color in a color-blended board with the major color of another board. For instance, a gray board may have warm elements of brown that ensure it pairs beautifully with a brown-toned board, creating a complementary pairing.  


Cool Tones 

Establish the foundation for a hygge aesthetic or a coastal feel with a contemporary pairing of Whitewash Cedar® and Ashwood.


Warm Tones 

Hit seriously cozy and inviting design notes with the rich browns and hardwood-inspired color blending of Tigerwood and Mocha.


Mixed Tones 

Nothing says design sophistication like a cool-toned contrast and inviting brown. Pair bold  Espresso™ with color-blended Pecan for a statement deck.

Other Considerations 

Other factors to consider when thinking through two tone deck color schemes include:  

Lush bush next to composite decking stairs with risers


Your railing color and material both affect the overall look and feel of your space. With numerous customizable components, our railings let you create a unique perimeter for your deck that either matches or contrasts with other elements in your yard.

Two tone deck color schemes with a large family home and white pergola over a low deck

Home Exterior 

Your home exterior already has an established color scheme you’ll need to consider. Think about whether you want to complement the colors of your home exterior in your deck design or defy convention and create a striking contrast.

Two tone deck color schemes with two planters and two bar stools on a composite deck in a wooded area


Colors in the landscaping around your deck can influence your deck board colors as well as railing design. A lush green landscape will benefit from a warm brown color scheme, while a colorful landscape will pair best with a neutral gray.

Ways to Incorporate Deck Color Combinations Into Your Design

There are several ways to incorporate deck color combinations into your design. Explore ideas for two tone deck color schemes to inspire your own project.  

Deck Color Combinations for a Cohesive Backyard

Your entire outdoor living space plays a role in your deck design. A two tone deck should combine colors that complement different elements of your home’s exterior and greater backyard to create a unified design. Discover how these curated backyards leverage two tone deck color schemes for a totally cohesive space.  

High-Contrast Backyard 

Two tone deck schemes and deck color combinations on sunny furnished deck with curved stairs

Go for a striking look with a high-contrast pairing like white PVC trim used as fascia and skirting with richly-hued decking.  

While white elements of the deck complement your home’s white trim, richly-hued, gray-toned decking corresponds with gray stone in your hardscaping. 

Scandinavian-Inspired Design 

Two tone deck color schemes and deck color combinations on small deck in alcove behind home

Scandinavian design champions neutrals like warm tans, grays, black, and white. For a home with a black and white exterior, go for sunny tan decking and white PVC trim for a warm hygge-inspired feel. Adding décor and furniture featuring the same tan-black-white color scheme creates a cohesive feel for the whole space. 

Soft, Warm Neutrals 

Two tone deck color schemes and deck color combinations on garden-side deck

Give your colorful landscaping a chance to shine with a two tone deck design featuring soft neutrals. Light tan or gray boards create a neutral backdrop for landscaping elements like mulch, flowers, and foliage.  

Pair your soft colors with a gentle curved deck design that further accentuates the natural bends of your landscaping. 

Deck & Railing Color Combinations

Colors and materials in your railing design are other defining elements in customizing your overall outdoor living space aesthetic.  

Monochromatic Railing 

Two tone deck color schemes and deck color combinations featuring a sunny second-story outdoor composite deck with a round chair

Create a simple two tone deck with a monochromatic railing paired with a single-color deck surface. 

Black railing tends to blend into the background, so your view stays the star of show, while white is bright and will stand out for a crisp, clean look.  

Two-Tone Railing 

Two tone deck color schemes and deck color combinations in a leafy home backyard with patio furniture

Give your deck design a more standout perimeter with a multi-tonal and mixed-material railing.  

Choose the customizable Drink Rail and opt for white composite posts and bottom rail, black aluminum balusters, and a deck board top rail that matches your deck surface for a perfectly curated — and functional — perimeter.  

Deck Board Color Combinations 

If you prefer to dive into the details, focus on curated deck surface designs. See how these two tone deck color schemes can give your deck surface greater visual interest.  

Two tone deck color schemes and deck color combinations on low furnished deck in backyard of large blue home

Picture Frame Border

Give your deck a defined perimeter with a picture frame border made from a deck board (or boards) in a contrasting color.  

For a high-contrast perimeter, choose light boards for the infill and dark boards for the border — or vice versa. Prefer a more subtle look? Go with a shade or two lighter or darker than the infill, staying within the same color family.

Inlay Design

Get creative with two tone deck color schemes featuring an inlay pattern. Create a focal point in your deck surface with a different colored inlaid square.  

Laying your boards diagonally around the square adds greater visual interest and emphasizes the focal point further by drawing the eye.

Two tone deck color schemes showcased with two comfy chairs and an end table on a composite deck
Two tone deck color schemes and deck color combinations on furnished deck with giant patio umbrella

Assortment Layout 

Mix two to three deck board colors in an assorted layout across your deck surface for a visually complex look.

Stick with all warm or all cool colors for a cohesive look, or mix cool and warm tones for a bolder aesthetic. Stagger the boards for greater sophistication in your design.

Deck Skirting & Fascia Color Combinations 

Your deck surface boards aren’t the only details to consider for deck color combinations. Mix different colors in your deck skirting and fascia applications for an eye-catching deck perimeter. 

White PVC Trim as Fascia  

Create a crisp, clean border with AZEK® PVC trim used in fascia and stair riser applications. The bright white of the PVC trim creates a sharp contrast with richly-hued decking, while complementing the white trim of your home.  

Finish your perimeter with an equally crisp and bright white composite railing. 

Large single family home furnished deck
Two tone deck color schemes with rounded deck stairs featuring decorative cups and risers

Warm Brown Tones 

Go for a more subtle perimeter with skirting and fascia boards only a shade or two lighter or darker than your deck surface.  

Stick to warm browns for a perimeter that blends in with surrounding mulch or garden beds, or go for gray hues to match concrete or stone hardscaping elements

Compare Deck Color Combinations From the Comfort of Home 

To design two tone deck color schemes, you need to see your color options side-by-side — and preferably in person. Order free sample packs of decking and railing combinations to get curated color schemes delivered right to your door.  

Be sure to place your samples outdoors at the site of your deck build to get a true sense of how your deck color combinations look together at different times of day.  

Find the Right Color for You

From deeply saturated hues to light and bright tans, we have just the right color for your space.

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