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5 Cool Deck Features to Elevate Your Design

February 5, 2021
Cool deck features ideas by TimberTech

Cool deck features for your outdoor living space are more than aesthetic improvements. Deck features can also:

  • Up the resale value of your home by adding sought-after elements to your outdoor living space.
  • Increase the amount of time your family will spend out on the deck with more things to do and experience.
  • Ensure your deck stands out in the neighborhood by offering unique aesthetics and functions.

Whether you’re more of a modernist, traditionalist, or an eclectic, find cool deck features that suit your personal style and make your outdoor living space a top destination for family, friends, and neighbors.

Explore our inspiring Deck Ideas Series for layout, color, and design insight.

Cool Deck Features for the Modernist

Mid-century modern design is defined by crisp lines, a neutral color palette, and the mixture of different materials. Mid-century modernism also puts a strong emphasis on simplicity and function. These cool deck features play to the mid-century modern design characteristics of mixed materials and functionality.

Cool deck features mixed materials decking & pavers

Mix It Up With Mixed Materials

Pair your TimberTech deck boards with TimberTech® Pavers to create a mix of textures that add dimension to your space. Use the varying textures to split up sections of your space that serve different functions.

Multi-Width Decking can give your deck a multi-dimensional appearance with patterned inlays. EXPLORE MULTI-WIDTH DECKING

Modernize Your Space With Outdoor Electronics

Cool deck features ideas by TimberTech outdoor electronics

Create an outdoor living room by adding electronics to bring your deck into the twenty-first century. Electronics are best paired with covered decks or screened-in porches, so you don’t have to worry about inclement weather damaging your devices.

Consider adding devices such as:

  • A TV
  • An electric fireplace
  • A grill or other kitchen features
  • Overhead lighting

Cool Deck Features for the Traditionalist

In design, traditionalism embraces natural colors, symmetrical lines, and classic design with modest ornamentation. A traditionalist will prefer order, consistency, and comfort, both in their designs and their personal lives.

Cool deck features poolside decking

Bring the Beach to You: Add a Pool

Bring the beach to you by adding a traditional rectangular or round pool to your backyard. Create a symmetrical, cohesive look by extending your deck to wrap around the pool. And don’t stress: Moisture-resistant TimberTech deck boards are some of the best materials for pool builds

Go Classic With a Pergola

Add some height and style to your deck with a pergola. A pergola is a classic structure with a slatted roof, providing you with a semi-protected area to escape the sun’s rays. Add extra shade with a shade canopy, or, hang a variety of decorative elements from the slatted roof, such as climbing vines or string lights.  

Cool deck features outdoor lighting

Cool Deck Features for the Eclectic

An eclectic style is full of variety and unexpected pairings. It’s typical to see elements of many different styles converge in an eclectic-style home. To bring your eclectic style to your outdoor living space, consider these cool deck features.

TimberTech PRO Legacy Collection Pecan Deck & Classic Composite Series Drink Rail

Choose Mixed-Material Railing

Who says railing has to be all one color and one material? With certain TimberTech Railing collections, you can mix and match railing materials and colors for a truly unique look around your deck’s perimeter.

Be Cool With Heat-Bent Benches

Instead of sticking to the straight and narrow, create dynamic gathering areas on your deck with heat-bent benches. Our TimberTech® AZEK® deck boards can be heated and molded into curved designs. Built-in benches with curvy designs add a unique element to your deck. 

Heat-bent curved decking from TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection Brownstone

Ready to kick off your deck improvement project with these cool deck features? Start visualizing which features suit your space best in our 3D Deck Design tool.

Turn your deck dream into design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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