Modern Backyard Ideas to Elevate Your Design

September 10, 2020
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The right modern backyard ideas can take your deck from middle-of-the-road to uniquely chic. Even if you tend toward more traditional design, bringing modern touches to your outdoor space delivers serious benefits. Modernizing your backyard build:

  • Increases the value of your home.
  • Bolsters curb appeal.
  • Sets your outdoor living space apart from the rest.

With ideas from Multi-Width Decking applications to eye-catching mixed materials ideas, this list has what you need for a modern escape — right out your back door.

Modern Backyard Ideas: Visual Complexity

One of the hallmarks of a modern backyard? Visual complexity. Think curated design moments like high-impact inlays, Multi-Width Decking, and a mix of curved and straight lines.

Introduce High-Impact Inlays

Composite Decking TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline Dark Hickory Multi-Width Decking for modern backyard ideas

An inlay is a portion of the deck surface made up of deck boards in a different color, width, and/or orientation than the rest of your deck. Using complementary colors in your deck design is one of the surest ways to create visual complexity. An inlay brings depth and variety to your deck, serving as:

  • A visually interesting focal point.
  • A natural gathering space for visitors.
  • A truly unique statement that captures your personal style.

Make a Statement With Multi-Width Decking

Modern Backyard Ideas Multi-WIth Decking from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Dark Hickory and Coastline

Modern backyard ideas need modern deck board options — enter Multi-Width Decking. Mix-and-match three available widths: narrow (3.5”), standard (5.5”), or wide (7.25”). Broadening your design ideas (or narrowing your focus) with multiple widths:

  • Introduces a variety of lines and for a majorly modern look.
  • Draws the eye to key focal points, showing off your taste for curated design.

Enliven Your Space With Heat Bending

Modern Backyard Ideas Heat-Bent Decking from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Coastline

If you’re drawn to modern backyard ideas that defy the status quo, consider a coolly curving deck. TimberTech® AZEK® deck boards from the Vintage Collection® can be heat-bent to create unique and contemporary profiles and designs.

A heat-bent deck embodies visual complexity thanks to:

  • A creative mix of curved and straight lines.
  • Clear gathering areas, enlarging your space.
  • The option for picture frame or contrast borders for even more dimension.

In addition to locking in a truly contemporary aesthetic, these modern backyard ideas increase the square footage of available living space. High-style design, meet a higher home value.

Modern Backyard Ideas: Bringing the Indoors, Out

Modern Backyard Ideas Outdoor Electronics with TImberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Coastline

Another major trend in contemporary outdoor living? Partially covered decks. Covered composite decking allows for modern touches like:

  • Outdoor TVs
  • Permanent dining or kitchen features
  • Shelving
  • Overhead lighting

Modernizing your space with unexpected electronics, lighting, and/or dining options carries some serious benefits:

  • Combines the entertainment of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors.
  • Extends the square footage of your living space (another home value perk).
  • Provides a space for unique activities — think roasting s’mores over the grill while watching your favorite scary movie.

If you have a second-story composite deck, you can still enjoy such modern amenities with DrySpace™,* our water management system. DrySpace collects and channels moisture from the spaces between boards with a hidden under-deck drainage system.

Modern Backyard Ideas: Mixed Materials

Modern Backyard Ideas Mixed Materials Featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Decking and AZEK Pavers

Today, a modern outdoor living space means using mixed materials. When choosing outdoor building materials, select from nature-inspired colors and mix up your textures to tell a modern landscaping story.

A few of the ways you might combine different materials in your outdoor design include:

  • Using pavers to mark walkways or gathering places.
  • Applying crisp white PVC as deck skirting, fascia, or on stair risers.

Modern backyard ideas using mixed materials elevate your design by:

  • Bringing even more design-forward dimension and variety to your space.
  • Unifying your home’s exterior and your backyard — for example, play off a stone façade with texture-right pavers.
  • Tailoring to your budget — choose more expensive materials for smaller surface areas.

Your outdoor living space should capture contemporary design that’s uniquely yours. Your next step: visualize your modern backyard ideas with our 3-D Deck Design software.

*AZEK’s use of the mark DRYSPACE is with the consent of DrySpace, Inc., in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ( AZEK and DrySpace, Inc. are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the goods or services of the other.

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