Choose Easy Deck Railing With the RadianceRail Express® Smart Set

September 28, 2020

Your deck deserves the polished style and safety of a reliable railing — but where to start? And what if you already know you want traditional beauty and composite railing performance, but without having to customize each component of your railing system? You need easy deck railing solutions. That’s where the RadianceRail Express® Smart Set comes in.

What’s the 411 on Composite Deck Railing from TimberTech?

Our railing portfolio features both composite railing and metal railing, so you can choose the aesthetic and material that fits your needs. Before we jump into more detail, it’s important to first know the different components that make up a composite railing system.

The Ingredients of Composite Railing

silver maple radiance rail deck
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The top rail is the uppermost piece of rail that connects to the top of the infill.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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The bottom rail is the piece that runs along bottom beneath the infill.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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The infill is what fits between the top and bottom rail, filling the inside of the rail. It can be made of glass, composite or metal balusters, or CableRail.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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The skirt is a covering that surrounds the bottom of the post.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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The post is a vertical piece that sits in between the infill and connects the top and bottom rails.

silver maple radiance rail deck
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The cap is the piece that sits on top of the post. It can sometimes include lighting.

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Knowing these different parts matters because it will influence your planning process. In the case of most composite railing systems, you will need to choose all, or the majority of, the components listed above. Choosing the components lets you customize your railing — which is great! But if you already know you want a traditional, polished look and are looking to streamline the rail ordering process, the RadianceRail Express Smart Set is the easy deck railing for you.

What Is the RadianceRail Express Smart Set?

The RadianceRail Express Smart Set, like the RadianceRail Express, is a composite railing system. Both options feature:

  • Pre-routed bottom rails for quick and easy baluster installation.
  • An elegantly sculpted top rail.
  • An accessible price point.

So what’s the difference? The RadianceRail Express Smart Set comes with all of the material components you will need to realize your new railing, all included together, except the terminating post.

RadianceRail Express Smart Set

What Makes the RadianceRail Express Smart Set an Easy Deck Railing System?

It’s simple: When you order a RadianceRail Express Smart Set, you order a coordinated, pre-routed easy deck railing that is ready for installation.

Easy Deck Railing System with RadianceRail Express Smart Set
All Your Railing Material Components in One Simple Set
  • Includes top and bottom rails, post sleeves, post cap, post skirt, footblocks, balusters, AND hardware.
  • Durable composite construction stays highly fade-, stain-, and moisture-resistant.
  • Stately top rail, post caps, and post skirts evoke traditional millwork.
  • Never needs to be stained, painted, or sanded.

Ready to bring easy deck railing to your backyard build? Your next step will be to contact your local TimberTech dealer to order the RadianceRail Express Smart Set. Use our Find a Dealer tool to locate local distributors — and get one step closer to the finished outdoor living space you’ve always wanted.

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