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Porch Remodel Ideas to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

April 4, 2022
Porch remodel ideas by TimberTech

Thinking about a porch remodel? Your porch is one of the most important aspects of your home exterior. Why? Because it serves as the face of your property and is the first thing people see — so it’s your best opportunity to showcase your home’s value and your personal style. But where to begin?

To help you think through your porch project, we’ve gathered planning tips as well as porch remodel ideas to spark your creativity.

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Planning for Your Porch Remodel

A porch remodel project takes careful planning to ensure it is a success — and all your expectations are met. To plan for your porch project, you’ll need to think through the following:

Determining Your Budget

Your budget will help you determine the extent of your project: whether you’ll go for a full-scale structural overhaul or opt for surface-level changes such as resurfacing with new porch boards.

Your Home’s Exterior Style

Your remodel should complement your home’s existing exterior style for a cohesive aesthetic.

Your Porch’s Functionality

How you plan to use your porch will affect its design by determining how large or small of a space you’ll need. Ask yourself: will your porch be a gathering place or more of a transition point where you welcome guests into your home?

The Materials You Use

The porch materials you choose for your remodel will affect your upfront costs, the long-term value of your home, and how much maintenance you can expect to do.

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A composite deck features an elegant outdoor chair and ornate coffee table

Is a Porch Remodel Worth It?

As you consider your budget, porch design, and materials, you might be wondering: “Is a porch remodel worth it?” In short, yes. A porch remodel can increase your home’s resale value by providing an attractive façade and additional functional space to your home. Plus, when you choose high-value materials like TimberTech® Porch boards and AZEK® Trim® and Moulding®, you create a porch that’s as durable and low maintenance as it is beautiful.

Porch Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Project

Porch remodel ideas for different styles of home

Now that you know the basics of planning your porch remodel, you’re ready to dive into ideas to inspire your design. Be sure to keep the above factors in mind so you can apply the ideas that work best for your needs, wants, and abilities.

An Inviting, Scandinavian-Style Entryway

Porch remodel ideas include those for Scandinavian-style homes

Transform your porch into an irresistibly inviting entryway with a Scandinavian-inspired porch remodel. The Scandinavian style is known for its warm neutrals, mixed materials, and simple functionality. This style is highly inviting, as well as versatile — using elements of Scandinavian design will work with nearly any home exterior.

Bringing Elements of This Porch Remodel to Your Own

Traditional-Style Wraparound Porch for Gathering

Porch remodel ideas for traditionally styled homes

Lean more toward a traditional style? Traditional porches are typically large spaces on the front of a home used for entertaining and as additional living space. Whether your porch remodel will be cozy or sprawling, you can still channel this good-to-gather vibe into your design with traditional elements.

Bringing Elements of This Porch Remodel to Your Own

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Coastal Living Room-Inspired Screened-In Porch

A porch remodel for a coastal home includes whites, blues, and natural textures

Remodeling your screened in porch? Screened-in porches are more common in the south — where mild weather draws you outside all year long — but they can suit any style of home.

Channel those southern sunny vibes and try to beat the heat of summer with a cool coastal-style porch remodel. The coastal style is a breezy, effortless aesthetic that relies on natural textures and a cool blue and white color scheme to transport you straight to the beach. These porch remodel ideas capture that light, airy coastal feel you can incorporate into your design.

Bringing Elements of This Porch Remodel to Your Own

Two-Story Craftsman-Style Back Porch Hang Out

A craftsman-style porch remodel featuring crossbeams on a pitched gable roof extension

Live in a craftsman-style home? Then you’re likely drawn to porch remodel ideas that embrace artisanal, hand-crafted designs rich in character, rather than mass-produced, generic looks. This two-story back porch remodel transforms this backyard into an entertainment destination — with quite the view. But even if your porch remodel ideas span only one story, you can still incorporate elements of this craftsman porch remodel into your own design.

Bringing Elements of This Porch Remodel to Your Own

Start Your Porch Remodel Project With TimberTech

With inspirational porch remodel ideas to spark your creativity, you’re ready to dive into exploring your porch options. Start by ordering free samples of TimberTech Porch boards in your favorite colors.

And if any decking board colors catch your eye, don’t hesitate to order decking samples, too — because who says deck boards can only be used on a deck?

Whichever porch or deck board samples you decide on, be sure to place them outdoors to get a true sense of how the colors look with your home exterior.

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