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Why a Porch Remodel Matters

September 13, 2019

Your porch is one of the most important parts of your house. Why? Because it’s often the first part of your home that’s visible. It’s more than just the front part of the property; it’s the face of your property. We generally prefer to put our best face forward, so let’s explore how to do that through a porch remodel.

The first step is planning. While your home’s exterior will influence what you can do, it’s important to consider what you want out of this part of your house. How you plan to use it is as much a reflection of you and your household as the décor. Porches can be used in many ways, but it will help in conversations with designers and contractors if you have a primary purpose in mind for their work.

Purpose helps define design. Your porch remodel could focus on creating a place for play, relaxation or even fine dining. If you like talking with neighbors, maybe a new porch designed without railing and low to the ground for easy access would be a better fit. However you decide, build it with quality so you can use it for a long time.

The building products you use can make all the difference between a dream upgrade and a nightmare headache for your property. Even the finest designs lose luster if the materials don’t hold up. Warped boards, paint that peels easily, rotting wood and other moisture damage aren’t very appealing or inviting. A porch remodel should last a long time with the least headaches. Use premium, weather-resistant materials that stay intact with almost no maintenance. Besides, who said durability can’t be stylish? Long-lasting parts that stay beautiful even in harsh climates boost curb appeal and help your home make a good first impression.

A porch remodel is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. You should plan accordingly. It will take time. Just as if you were planning to update your kitchen or add a new bathroom. You will have important decisions to make, including which products to use, who you will hire for the work and more. But just like any other room in the house, when the work is finished, the results can be very satisfying. Since it faces the outside, the whole neighborhood can share your satisfaction when your new porch is done.

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