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Outdoor Living Space Plans to Suit Your Home’s Style

December 15, 2020
Outdoor Living Space Plans featuring TimberTech PRO Terrain Collection in Silver Maple

Outdoor living space plans come in many shapes and sizes, from simple yet elegant squares and rectangles to distinctive octagons and so much more. Each deck plan, and how you customize it, captures a different aesthetic, so you can choose the perfect one to complement your home’s unique style.

Which Outdoor Living Space Plans Complement My Home?

Deck plans primarily deal with your deck’s shape. The shape of your deck is an important design element that will influence other design features, such as deck board patterns, railing, stairs, and more. This makes choosing a deck plan one of the first, and most important, steps in your deck design process.

Choosing a deck shape that complements your home depends on several factors including:

  • The architectural style of your home.
  • The backyard space you have available.
  • The primary function(s) of your deck.

Start with one of the customizable outdoor living space plans and let your creativity run wild.

For a Southern-Style Home

Low deck ideas for furniture and decor

Popularized in the warm southern climate, southern-style homes are marked by:

  • Tall ceilings for a spacious, airy look.
  • Lots of windows for plenty of light.
  • Gabled roofs with a medium to shallow pitch.

Outdoor living space plans that complement the spaciousness of your southern-style home include sprawling rectangular designs. Use different shapes and levels to separate sections your deck so each can serve a different function, such as a large rectangle for entertaining a crowd and a smaller octagonal section for more cozy, intimate gatherings.

For a Farmhouse-Style Home

Outdoor living space plans for a farmhouse-style home featuring TimberTech PRO Terrain Collection in Silver Maple
Pictured: TimberTech PRO, Terrain Collection™, Silver Maple

Farmhouse-style homes were developed to suit an agricultural lifestyle. These homes are characterized by:

  • Multiple family gathering areas.
  • A formal front room and a large country kitchen.
  • Straight lines and modest ornamentation.

The best outdoor living space plans for farmhouse-style homes are those that encourage gatherings. A spacious wraparound deck will give you and your loved ones a beautiful space in which to spend time, while complementing the straight lines of your farmhouse-style home.

For a Traditional-Style Home

Outdoor living space plans for traditional-style home featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Mahogany and Cypress

Traditional-style homes combine classic, simple elements for a sophisticated look. Common characteristics include:

  • Symmetrical windows.
  • Simple rooflines.
  • Little ornamentation.

To complement your home’s simple elegance and symmetry, choose a traditional rectangular shape with a set of stairs. For a bit of a break from tradition, add different color inlays for an eye-catching look.

For a Craftsman-Style Home

Outdoor living space plans for Craftsman-style home featuring AZEK Siding & Trim

Craftsman-style homes emphasize artisanal craftsmanship over the mass-produced. Instead of a manufactured look, a craftsman-style home will emphasize a personalized hand-made look.

Common features include:

  • Covered porches with exposed rafters under the eaves.
  • Tapered columns to support the roof which often narrow toward the top.
  • An emphasis on horizontal lines rather than the verticality of Victorian homes.
Multi-Width Decking Assortment Pattern by TimberTech

Opt for an Assortment Pattern

A rectangular deck will help emphasize your craftsman-style home’s horizontal lines. For further emphasis, go with an assortment pattern for your deck boards. An assortment pattern uses Multi-Width Decking in a repeated pattern for a dynamic look.

For a Mid-Century Modern-Style Home

Mid-century modern-style home featuring TimberTech PRO Legacy Collection in Mocha

The mid-century modern style is characterized by an almost futuristic aesthetic with an emphasis on function. Mid-century modern builds also favor natural-looking materials. Common design elements include:

  • Organic and geometric shapes.
  • Minimalist ornamentation.
  • Mixed materials and textures.

To complement your home’s unique style, go for a sophisticated, low-to-the-ground square that plays into the mid-century theme of minimalist style and geometric shapes.

Make It Your Own: Customization for Your Outdoor Living Space Plans

Customization Options Before You Choose a Deck Plan

These customization options directly affect your deck’s shape and build and need to be decided on before you choose a deck plan.

Composite & Aluminum Railing TimberTech Impression Rail Express With RadianceRail Posts


Frame your deck with an elegant railing. Choose from a number of deck railing systems to match your deck’s color and style or create a dynamic contrast.

Deck stairs featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Coastline & Mahogany capped polymer decking


Stairs are not only a design element, but a functional one, too. Keep in mind that your deck’s shape, height, and the deck boards you choose will all influence certain elements of your stair’s design.

Deck lights outdoor lighting TimberTech

Deck Lights

Give your deck an ambient glow with deck lights. Deck light options include those placed in the railing, along stair risers, and in surface deck boards.

Customization Options After You Choose a Deck Plan

For more personalized outdoor living space plans, go with a deck board design like no other. Combine different colors and use various inlay patterns to showcase your design savvy.

Herringbone pattern TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Coastline


Formed by repeating deck boards that come together in a “V” shape, the herringbone pattern is an intricate, decadent inlay perfect for creating a focal point in a larger deck area.

Pairs well with: Mid-century moderns thanks to texture.

Pinstripe pattern TimberTech AZEK decking


Reminiscent of the suit fabric of the same name, the pinstripe pattern offers a look that elevates your deck while being subtle enough not to compete with other design elements.

Pairs well with: Traditional style homes due to its subtly.

Tile pattern TimberTech PRO Terrain Collection in Silver Oak


The tile pattern features straight boards arranged in framed groups, each of which is rotated perpendicular to the adjoining framed portion.

Pairs well with: Craftsman-style homes due to its unique geometric pattern.

With so many aesthetic possibilities with our decking product lines and collections, you’re bound to find the perfect look to suit your home’s aesthetic. For more guidance in choosing the perfect deck boards and pattern for your project, head over to our Decking Designs & Style Center.

Ready to start visualizing outdoor living space plans for your project? Launch the Deck Design Tool to get started on customizing every element of your deck, from the overall shape right down to the deck boards.

Turn your deck dream into design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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