Outdoor Living Space Ideas to Optimize Your Backyard

September 1, 2020
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When it comes to a polished outdoor living space, you know there’s a lot more to consider than just your deck surface. Once you’ve compared your composite decking options and decided on your building material, the question remains: how to create the rest of your outdoor oasis? You need outdoor living space ideas to kickstart your inspiration. Look no further.

Elevate With DrySpace

dryspace under deck outdoor living space ideas

Outdoor living space ideas don’t have apply solely to single-story decking. If you have a second-story deck, DrySpace™ is an easy and attractive way to expand your outdoor living space.

DrySpace is an under-deck water management system that channels storm water so you can make the most of the area below your second-story deck.

A DrySpace system offers:

  • Adaptable installation: Can be installed on new decks or retrofitted onto existing decks.
  • Clean aesthetics: Provides an attractive finished ceiling look.
  • No-fuss outdoor living: Ensures rainy-day enjoyment of your outdoor living space while protecting from rainwater.

Pick a Pergola

Pergola and composite decking in Brownstone AZEK Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Pergolas are an impressive way to unify the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space — and your home. Choose a color scheme and build materials that complement those used on your home’s exterior.

Just a few benefits to introducing a pristine pergola include:

  • A coordinated home design: If you’ve polished your home’s facade with crisp white AZEK® Trim, matching PVC column wraps will tie your aesthetics together — all while promising no fading, staining, or weathering.
  • Shade AND style: Pergolas serve as an elegant way to allow for breeze and light sun. They can even serve as a structure for colorful climbing plants.

Enjoy Entertaining with Outdoor Dining

outdoor dining

Outdoor dining options often top lists of outdoor living space ideas, and for good reason: your deck should be as functional as it is attractive.

The most eye-catching outdoor dining spaces are as detailed as their indoor counterparts — think a mix of materials and complementary hues. An outdoor dining space within your backyard build comes with benefits like:

  • Serving as a gathering place for meals and enjoyment: Have some laughs (and second servings) while taking in the outdoors.
  • Directing traffic flow: An outdoor dining table helps distinguish the different sections of your space.
  • Functioning as a visual centerpiece: Strong design thrives on dimension, and nothing draws the eye like inviting seating and a handsome table.

The most important component to outdoor dining is durability. Choose a deck table and furniture that uses the right materials: recycled plastics, resins, and marine-grade polymers or rust-proof metal.

Want something that combines creativity with sustainable living? Use your leftover composite decking to upcycle a tabletop for your space.

Take a Seat With Built-In Benches

AZEK Decking Harvest Collection in Brownstone Benches

Speaking of taking a seat, outdoor dining isn’t the only opportunity to introduce relaxation to your space. If you prefer conversation-starting outdoor living space ideas, opt for built-in benches.

When constructed with the same composite decking material as the rest of your deck, built-in benches will:

  • Deliver the same performance and enduring beauty: Any permanent additions to your outdoor living space will be exposed to the elements just like your deck surface. Use TimberTech composite decking for your benches and lock in the same moisture resistance, natural wood-inspired look, and fade-fighting power as the rest of your deck.
  • Showcase your eye for contemporary style: Like a picture frame border, permanent along the perimeter of your space adds visual interest and balance without breaking up sightlines.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, it’s time to see your outdoor living space ideas come to life with our 3-D Deck Designer Tool. Start from scratch or customize one of the deck templates — design’s the limit.

Turn Your Deck Dream Into Design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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