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Enhance Your Yard With a Picture Frame Composite Deck

March 15, 2021
Picture frame composite deck featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Mahogony Cypress Multi width

A picture frame composite deck adds serious style and elegance to your backyard. To create a picture frame pattern, you need to lay at least one deck board — up to three — around the perimeter of your deck, perpendicular to the deck surface.

Miter Picture Frame Border

You can choose this pattern for practically any shape of deck, including curved deck designs. Reasons to choose a picture frame composite deck include:

  • Frame boards cover up your deck’s end-cuts (the short ends of the boards that have been cut).
  • Creates a crisp, polished look.
  • Frame can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be.

Get inspired with different deck board pattern ideas. EXPLORE THE SERIES

Ways to Customize Your Picture Frame Composite Deck

A picture frame composite deck does more than cover up your end-cuts — the final effect can be anything from a subtle design element to a bold statement. Discover ways to customize your picture frame with just the look you want.

Subtle Picture Frame Design

A picture frame can offer simple charm, without stealing the spotlight from other design elements or your backyard view. Consider these same-color frames for an elegant yet subtle look.

Southern Living Showhome Deck in TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline

Single-Board, Same-Color Frame

A single board for your frame in the same color as your deck surface gives your deck a subtle sophistication.

This simple frame adds just a touch of elegance, without pulling away from other design elements such as your customized railing or outdoor furniture.

Three-Board-Frame Destination Deck

This free-standing floating deck in Mahogany boasts a same-color frame with three boards.

To avoid competing with the visual statement achieved by your picture frame, outfit your space with simple furniture. Rattan chairs add a touch of coastal boho vibes without compromising the pared-down look.

Picture frame composite deck featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Mahogany on the beach with dog

Bold Picture Frame Designs

If you’re all about going big and bold, choose one of these picture frame designs that achieve a stunning aesthetic marked by high contrast.

Picture frame composite deck featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Dark Hickory outdoor dining

Single-Board Frame in Contrasting Color

For a bold look, mix warm and cool colors in your picture frame design. Varied tones create visual interest and sets your design apart from the pack.

In this two-story deck, the dark gray of the Dark Hickory border and brown of the Mahogany deck surface make for a contemporary color combination.

Single-Board Frame in Complementary Color

The two browns, Tigerwood (deck surface) and Mocha (border), complement each other beautifully in this low-to-the-ground, multi-level deck.

With a multi-level profile and in-deck lighting, this deck embodies dynamic design.

Picture frame composite deck featuring Timbertech PRO Legacy Collection in Tigerwood Mocha Accents Multi-level decking
deck ideas featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Dark Hickory Coastline accents lakeside home

Single-Board Curved Frame With Dynamic Inlay

While not a traditional picture frame — the contrasting border curves around an inlay as opposed to framing the whole deck — this look delivers. Combine Coastline® and Dark Hickory deck boards for a bold, curved picture frame composite deck, and finish the look with Multi-Width Decking in a herringbone pattern.

Substructure Needs of a Picture Frame Composite Deck

This deck design requires specific substructure construction for the frame boards to be secure.

Single Picture Frame Blocking Add Second Joist

Specific Joists & Blocking

A picture frame composite deck will need specific joists and blocking, especially in the corners where the deck boards will meet each other. The exact blocking and joist spacing you’ll need depends on whether you go with one, two, or three boards for your frame.

If you’re planning to DIY your deck build, be sure you review how to picture frame a deck and explore our Deck Building Resource Center for installation guidance.

Connect with a TimberTech-registered contractor who can lend you their expertise to ensure your picture frame deck is built to perfection. FIND A CONTRACTOR

Now that you understand what it takes to build this type of deck and have the design inspiration you need to make it your own, it’s time to get started no your project. Start with our Deck Building Resource Center where you get the details and insight you need to know what it takes to build your own picture frame composite deck.

Turn your deck dream into design

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