Make a Statement With a Herringbone Deck Pattern

February 17, 2021
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A herringbone deck pattern is an intricate, sophisticated pattern that will make your deck stand out from the crowd. The herringbone design is created by repeatedly laying two deck boards that meet at a 45-degree angle to the deck frame. Due to the tightness of the pattern, herringbone pairs best with larger decks that have the space for the pattern to recur.

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Substructure Needs for a Herringbone Pattern

To support a herringbone deck pattern securely, your substructure will require appropriate joist spacing and blocking.

Herringbone deck pattern requires specific deck joist blocking & spacing

The Importance of Joists

Because of the angle of the deck boards, herringbone patterning will require a combination of single and double joists (two joists installed side-by-side) to provide support where the ends of the boards meet. Specific substructure construction regarding joist spacing and blocking will depend on:

Due to the intricacy of this pattern, we recommend working with a TimberTech-registered contractor who can ensure your deck’s substructure and pattern are laid out properly.

How a Herringbone Design Elevates Your Space

A herringbone deck pattern creates a tight, textured pattern that exudes a sense of luxury. Because of its uniqueness, it elevates your deck design in several ways.

Herringbone deck pattern outside Southern Living Showhome

Breaks the Mold

Herringbone is pleasantly unexpected and adds visual interest in your deck. If you’re looking to Go Against the Grain® with your deck design, a herringbone pattern is the way to go.

Herringbone deck pattern inlay detail

Keeps Your Space Design-Forward

The tight, woven textile look of a herringbone deck pattern brings dimensionality and the designer deck flooring trend to your outdoor living space. 

Herringbone deck pattern on porch featuring ornate vases

Shows Off Your Style

A herringbone design delivers a truly striking feature that will wow guests. It also gives you a unique canvas to design around with furniture, decor, and greenery.

How to Customize Your Herringbone Pattern

Use different options in deck board size, color, and arrangement to customize your deck’s herringbone design.

Herringbone deck pattern with geometric inlay featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline & Dark Hickory

Use Multi-Width Decking

A herringbone deck pattern is usually constructed with narrow-width (3.5”) boards to accentuate the tightness of the pattern. However, you can use standard-width or even wide-width boards for a larger pattern. 

Herringbone deck pattern and geometric inlay

Go With a Patterned Inlay

A patterned inlay is a smaller section of your deck that features a pattern, while the rest of the boards are laid in a standard, single-width pattern. Combine herringbone with other patterned inlays for a look that’s truly all your own.

Different color deck boards deck patterns

Choose Different Colors for Your Pattern

For a subtle textural difference, use the same color boards for the herringbone design as for the rest of the deck surface. Or, make the pattern pop by using different deck colors for the inlay. 

Feeling adventurous and considering a herringbone deck pattern in your design? Partner with a TimberTech-registered contractor to discuss your vision and ensure your deck is built safely and to perfection.

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