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Choose Aluminum Railing for an Attractive, High-Performance Design

May 27, 2022
Aluminum railing and aluminum deck railing by TimberTech

One of the best ways to complement your outdoor living space? With an attractive, high-performance railing. While wood is the traditional option, aluminum railing is a popular choice for many decks due to its sleek design, clean sightlines, and simple maintenance (no sanding or staining required). Plus, with TimberTech aluminum metal deck railing, you also enjoy a customizable design to suit your unique tastes.

Explore all your railing options — from aluminum to composite — and see how the right design can add the perfect finishing touch to your deck. Learn more about deck rail lighting ideas.

Why Choose Aluminum Deck Railing: More Value & Less Maintenance

Aluminum railing provides a sleek, modern design

Aluminum deck railing from TimberTech offers a sleek design for your outdoor space in addition to numerous benefits over wood railing. In short, when you choose an aluminum deck railing, you’ll spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space, rather than maintaining it. 

Benefits of TimberTech Aluminum Railing

✓ A customizable design – Multiple color, infill, and top rail options to fit your deck design needs.

✓ Incredible durability – Resists fading, staining, and scratching.

Significantly less maintenance – No sanding, staining, or sealing required.

✓ Clear sightlines – Thanks to streamlined profiles.

✓ Safety and stability – Thanks to strong infill options, including rattle-free balusters.

✓ Industry-leading 25-Year Limited Warranty – For your peace of mind.

Now that you know the benefits of choosing TimberTech aluminum railing, it’s time to explore your options.

Use TimberTech® Aluminum Railing for Design & Functionality

Aluminum railing delivers a narrow profile for unobstructed views to a desert surrounding

TimberTech® offers two aluminum railing systems: Impression Rail and Impression Rail Express®. Between the two, you can decide if a classical wrought iron design or a contemporary look is right for your deck.

TimberTech Aluminum Deck Railing Options

Impression Rail aluminum railing in Black

Impression Rail

Capture the look of classic wrought iron for your outdoor living space with the sleek and simple design of Impression Rail.


  • Classic top rail.
  • Black and Bronze color options.
  • Aluminum baluster infill.
Impression Rail Express aluminum railing in White with a Classic Top Rail

Impression Rail Express

Curate your deck railing to your personal style with the customizable Impression Rail Express.


  • Classic, Modern, and Drink Rail top rail options.
  • Black, White, and Dark Bronze color options.
  • Aluminum baluster, vertical cable rail, and glass infill options.

Understanding Your Options

Impression Rail is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a traditional wrought iron-inspired design.

However, if you want your railing to be fully customized to your preferences, choose Impression Rail Express. Impression Rail Express gives you more options to curate a unique railing design.  

Plus, Impression Rail Express is the easier railing option for a DIY project.   

Thinking of DIY-ing Your Railing?

Enjoy straightforward installation with Impression Rail Express.

Explore your options with Impression Rail Express, starting with the top rail design, to help you decide which aluminum railing is right for you.

Impression Rail Express Top Rail Options

Impression Rail Express offers three top rail options — each with a different aesthetic look and feel.

Remember: Impression Rail has one elegant top rail option for your consideration; the three options below are only available with Impression Rail Express.

Impression Rail Express Classic Top Rail aluminum railing product image

Classic Top Rail

Give your deck a classic feel with a traditional top rail that radiates tradition and elegance.

Modern Top Rail

Embrace a contemporary profile when you choose this crisp, streamlined top rail design.

Impression Rail Express Modern Top Rail aluminum railing product image
Impression Rail Express Drink Rail aluminum railing top rail product image

Drink Rail

Set your drinks down with confidence thanks to the innovative design of the Drink Rail which allows you to choose from any of our square shouldered deck boards as a top rail.  

Add a gentle ambiance and improve visibility with permanent deck rail lights. Learn more about deck rail lighting.

Impression Rail Express Infill Options

Your railing infill (the section between the top and bottom rails) offers yet another customization option when you choose Impression Rail Express, so you can create the outdoor space you envisioned.

Keep in mind, Impression Rail offers one infill for you to consider: aluminum balusters.

Impression Rail Express offers three infill choices:

Aluminum deck railing panel with aluminum balusters

Aluminum Balusters

A classic choice, aluminum balusters give you a sleek, clean look with their narrow design.

Aluminum deck railing with a glass panel infill

Glass Infill

For a clear view of your surroundings and a minimalist feel, choose barely-there glass infills.

Aluminum deck railing with vertical cable rail infill

Vertical Cable Rail

Capture an industrial-chic aesthetic with contemporary (and safe) vertical cable rail.

Impression Rail Express Color Options

Your railing color plays a pivotal role in your railing design. Choosing the right deck railing color will depend on whether you want to complement or contrast other elements of your exterior space, such as your deck board colors and your home exterior color palette.

Below are all the color options for Impression Rail Express.

Note: Impression Rail comes in Black and Bronze (a lighter shade than Dark Bronze) — but not White.


Black is a classic color that suits a wide variety of home styles and deck colors. For a contemporary, cool look, pair black with gray composite decking


Keep your perimeter light and bright with white aluminum railing. The clean white color matches perfectly with white PVC trim used on your deck or home exterior.

Dark Bronze

The rich, inviting hue of Dark Bronze lends itself well to warm exterior color schemes. Pair Dark Bronze with tan decking like Weathered Teak for a warmly welcoming design.

White composite deck railing with black balusters along a gray composite deck

Explore More Options With TimberTech Composite Railing

With comparable durability and style to aluminum, composite railing delivers even more design options.

Curate Your High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Aluminum Railing

Now that you know the benefits of choosing aluminum railing, and the many options for customization, you’re ready to start curating your railing design. Download the TimberTech Railing Guide for more information on all your railing design options, plus customization guidance to build your ideal perimeter.

Find the Right Railing for You

The beauty of a railing’s many parts? Ample opportunity to customize to your personal style. Browse our Railing Guide for insight and inspiration.

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