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House and Deck Color Combinations for a Unified Home Façade

November 24, 2021
House and deck color combinations and deck color schemes

If you’re planning on adding a deck to your home, one of the first questions you’ll likely ask yourself is “what color should my deck be?”. The right house and deck color combinations don’t simply complement one another — they make a design statement. Whether that statement is subtle or bold, your entire home exterior should reflect a unified aesthetic that showcases your personal style.  

Benefits of coordinating house and deck color combinations

Benefits of Coordinating Home & Deck Colors

✓ Gives your home a unified, polished façade.  

✓ Helps your deck feel like a natural part of your home exterior. 

✓ Gives you an intentional, curated home exterior that is uniquely you.  

But where to start with home and deck color schemes? First, think through what factors affect deck color schemes and then explore curated outdoor living spaces to get inspiration for your design.  

What Is the Best Color for Decking? 

In short, there is no single best color for decking. The “best” for your specific deck project will depend on what you value most in terms of aesthetics, performance, and function. 

Factors for Determining the Best Color for Your Deck 


Certain deck materials fade far more than others. While wood will inevitably fade and discolor over time, engineered decking is designed to retain its colorfor the long-haul.

Home Aesthetic Style 

Deck color schemes should complement the aesthetic style of your home. Looking to remodel your home soon? Keep your new color scheme in mind when designing your deck.


Landscaping will affect which deck colors pair best with your yard. Lush green lawns pair well with rich brown decking, while a colorful garden may pair best with neutral gray decking.

Sun Exposure 

What level of sun exposure will your deck receive? Lighter colored decking, like light grays and tans, will be cooler to the touch in direct sunlight.*

Interior Flooring 

Choose to either coordinate the colors of your decking and interior flooring for a seamless transition from indoors, out, or contrast them for a defined line.

Home Color Palette 

The most eye-catching homes are those that feature a color palette of a primary, secondary, and tertiary color, with primary being the most prominent color.

*TimberTech® AZEK® decking stays cooler in the sun, so you can enjoy outdoor lounging without the scorched toes. Note that although TimberTech AZEK decking products are cooler to the touch than many other deck board products, all decking products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the decking color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color. 

Don’t Forget Your Deck Railing Colors

Your deck railing is an important part of your overall color scheme. Discover ways to customize your perimeter just right.

Curated House and Deck Color Combinations 

Explore curated house and deck color combinations, based on your home’s primary color. Keep in mind that a polished home exterior often comes from a thoughtful mix of hues. 

Many visually striking homes feature a prominent primary color, a less prominent secondary color, and an accenting tertiary color

Curated house and deck color combinations example

For Example

Chicago-based design enthusiast Casey Finn of The DIY Playbook partnered with landscaping innovator Yardzen for a TimberTech makeover in her backyard.

Her Home’s Color Palette 

House and deck color combinations for primary color of taupe siding

Taupe Siding (Primary) 

House and deck color combinations for secondary color of brick cladding

Natural Brick (Secondary) 

House and deck color combinations for tertiary color of white trim

Crisp White Trim (Tertiary) 

Completed Project: A Bold Complement to a Neutral Palette

The final backyard build stays in the neutral color family, but brings dimension to the lighter palette of the home thanks to complementary, darker decking and railing.

Pictured: TimberTech® PRO® Legacy Collection decking in Pecan and Contemporary Railing in Black with stainless steel cable rail infill

Light house and deck color combinations with darker deck color schemes

For a Tan or Taupe House

House and deck color combinations for tan homes

Tan is a warm, inviting shade that ranges from sandy tones to rich golden hues. House and deck color combinations are numerous for this versatile siding color. Go for a cool contrast by choosing contemporary gray decking. Tie your home and deck color schemes together with a common accent color, such as white PVC trim, which can be used for both your home trim and deck fascia. If you have a second-story or balcony deck, white PVC column wraps can give your space a classic, stately feel.  

Stick to tan deck color schemes for a tan home for a continuous effect

Stick to Shades of Tan

Looking for a more chic, monochromatic look? Opt for tan decking that closely resembles your home siding for a continuous effect from home to deck.

Break up the solid color palette with a black metal or composite railing that contrasts your home’s white trim.

Skip staining to maintain deck color schemes with TimberTech decking

How Do You Pick a Deck Stain? You Don’t.

TimberTech decking captures the real-wood looks you love, no staining required — ever. 

For a White House

House and deck color combinations for white homes

White gives you a clean canvas that can support a variety of house and deck color combinations — including a bold, statement-making multi-colored deck. Get creative and show your design savvy with an inlaid deck pattern, such as a circle (as shown above). Other visually striking ideas include: 

Deck color schemes featuring an inlaid herringbone pattern

A Section of Herringbone Pattern 

Made up of narrow-width deck boards of two or three different colors. 

Deck color schemes featuring an assorted pattern

An Assortment Pattern

Made up of two or three deck board colors across the whole of the deck surface.  

Consider your home’s secondary and tertiary colors when thinking through multi-toned deck color schemes and try to choose deck boards that echo those colors for a cohesive look and feel.   

House and deck color combinations for a Scandinavian style

Capture a Cozy Scandinavian Feel

A white home is the perfect backdrop for a Scandinavian-inspired outdoor living space, which champions neutrals and warm wood tones. Choose sunny tan decking and white PVC trim for your deck for an inviting foundation. Complete your Scandi-chic design with black and white furniture to echo your home’s color palette.

For a Gray House 

House and deck color combinations for gray homes

Gray is a cool neutral tone that gives your home a contemporary feel and works well with many different house and deck color combinations.  

If Your Home Is… 

House and deck color combinations for Cape Cod style homes

CAPE COD in Design…

Deck color schemes for Cape Cod style homes

…Keep It in the (Color) Family 

For house and deck color combinations with a subtle contrast, choose gray composite decking that’s either lighter or darker than your home’s siding. This keeps your overall palette light and airy — just like the locales that first inspired Cape Cod builds.

If Your Home Is… 

House and deck color combinations for contemporary style homes


Deck color schemes for contemporary style homes

…Go Bold 

Opt for warm brown decking and a black railing to contrast your home’s cool exterior and crisp white trim.   

For a Blue House 

House and deck color combinations for blue homes

No matter which deck color family you choose from, your blue home will mean your house and deck color combinations achieve an eye-catching look. Run with the dramatic aesthetic by choosing richly-hued brown or gray decking paired with white PVC trim for your deck skirting and fascia. Outline your deck with a white composite railing and black balusters for a high-contrast perimeter.  

Coastal style deck color schemes for blue homes

Embrace a Coastal Look Feel

Blue is a defining color of coastal-style design. Embrace a cool coastal theme with light gray composite decking and white composite railing for a neutral foundation. Then work warm tones with natural fibers into your furniture and décor to polish off your seaside-inspired design.

Discover the Best Decking for Full Sun

Keep bare feet happy with TimberTech® AZEK® decking, designed to stay up to 30° cooler than competitive products.

For a Multi-Colored House 

House and deck color combinations for multi colored homes

While many home color schemes have a balance of a primary color, a less prominent secondary color, and a tertiary color that serves as an accent, you might live in a more creatively designed build. A multi-colored home has two or more colors that vie for dominance, creating a highly unique façade. The best deck color schemes for these kinds of homes? Neutral gray or light tan decking that lets your home exterior be the star of the show.  

Neutral gray deck color schemes for multi colored homes

Use Composite Decking as Exterior Cladding 

Using composite decking as cladding adds a unique textural element to your home’s exterior.

Create a seamless transition with the same deck boards used in both your cladding and deck, or go for a sharp contrast with different deck board colors in each application.

Deck Color Schemes: Make Your Color Selection at Home 

What better place to decide on house and deck color combinations than in your own home? Order free samples of your favorite TimberTech decking colors to be delivered right to your door and examine your options up close.  

Be sure to place the samples outdoors next to your home to see the colors in different lighting throughout the day to help you decide which is best for your space.  

See & feel the TimberTech advantage

Our capped PVC and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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