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Can I Paint or Stain My Existing TimberTech Deck?

September 5, 2016

While TimberTech traditional wood composites can be painted or stained, it’s not recommended—our deck are designed to be low-maintenance, and if they are painted, stained, or sealed, you will need to reapply on a regular basis to maintain the appearance. TimberTech does not guarantee the performance of the paint or stain applied to our decking.

We have a few recommendations if you plan on painting your TimberTech deck. Wait about 8-10 weeks or until the decking has completed its weathering process before painting or staining. Be sure to clean your TimberTech surface before applying paint or stain. Do not paint or stain over surfaces that may contain dirt or mildew. Be sure to check out our Care and Cleaning tips online.

Protect Your Deck

Explore the Care & Cleaning Guide and keep your composite deck looking as good on day 1,000 as day 1.

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