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Looking for maintenance-free decking? Look to TimberTech

January 13, 2022
See how TimberTech low maintenance deck material comes close to being maintenance free decking

If you’re looking for maintenance-free decking, you’re looking for a solution that minimizes your long-term deck costs and workload. While there is no completely maintenance-free decking option, TimberTech® Advanced PVC and Composite Decking come as close as you can get.

With exceptional durability that minimizes the likelihood of damage from the elements, our low-maintenance deck material gives you an enduringly beautiful space — one that protects your weekends and your wallet.

Why choose TimberTech maintenance-free decking

TimberTech gives you nearly maintenance free decking

More time to spend enjoying your deck with those you love thanks to no sanding, staining or sealing.

No more exposure to the harsh chemicals often found in wood deck stains and sealers.

Significant cost savings over time thanks to minimal supplies needed for maintenance and low risk of repairs / replacements.

What type of deck is maintenance free?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that no deck is 100% maintenance free. That said, the type of decking material you choose will make a big impact on the time, effort, and maintenance costs you’ll devote to deck upkeep over the life of your structure.

That all depends on your deck material. Learn more about the important deck maintenance steps.

Is composite decking really maintenance free?

Is there any true maintenance free decking

Again, no material is 100% maintenance free because all materials — man-made or engineered — will experience some degree of weathering when subjected to erosion agents. Which means some level of maintenance is necessary to keep the deck looking its best.

But if you want minimal maintenance and a deck backed by superior materials technology? Choose TimberTech.

Better tech means low maintenance deck material

Better Tech, Better Deck

Our boards are protected with fully engineered capping technology that locks moisture out while locking in rich, fade-resistant color.

Our proprietary polymer blend outshines the competition, so you enjoy an enduringly beautiful deck.

Deck maintenance starts with the substructure

No matter what decking material you choose, every deck will require an annual inspection to ensure it remains in top condition and is safe for use.

Why are deck inspections so important? Because most deck substructures are made of traditional wood which is highly vulnerable to moisture and the elements. Annual inspections can help you catch problems early before they become dangerous — and more costly.

Get a quick lesson on deck anatomy.

The extent of your deck inspection will vary depending on the type of deck you have:  

Traditional wood is far from maintenance free decking

For a traditional wood deck

Your inspection will include both the substructure and surface.

Be sure to check for common issues such as rot, warping, cracking, rusted fasteners, and other moisture-related issues.

TimberTech delivers nearly maintenance free decking

For a TimberTech deck 

Your inspection will include the traditional wood substructure. Check for moisture-related issues like mold, rot, and rusted fasteners.  

Your TimberTech deck boards are highly resistant to moisture and the elements, so they won’t require as in-depth of an inspection to ensure your deck is in top condition. 

Depending on what issues are found through your deck inspection, maintenance may also include repairs or replacements of certain deck components in addition to proper cleaning. 

Get guidance on whether repair or a full-scale replacement is best for any deck issues. Learn how a deck repair contractor can help you decide.

Understanding the relationship between long-term deck maintenance & material

Maintenance free decking comes down to low maintenance deck material

While all decks will require annual deck inspections and some maintenance, you can minimize your workload and enjoy a low-maintenance outdoor living experience with TimberTech.

Maintenance for your TimberTech deck: easy & affordable

With a TimberTech deck, you can spend more time doing the things you love with this easy maintenance schedule:

Regularly sweep away dirt and debris.

Remove seasonal accumulation such as snow and fallen leaves.

Wash and rinse occasionally with the appropriate brush and TimberTech DeckCleaner.

So cleaning your TimberTech deck is straightforward.

And that’s it. No staining, painting, or sealing needed, so you can keep the money you would normally spend on maintenance supplies for a wood deck safely in your wallet.  

Low maintenance deck material with real wood looks

Real wood looks. Real low maintenance.

Find out how TimberTech captures all the beauty of wood while ditching the upkeep.

Maintenance for a traditional wood deck: rigorous & costly

If you stick with a traditional wood deck (meaning softwoods like cedar or pine, all the way up to dense hardwoods like Ipe), prepare to roll up your sleeves and shell out some cash.

Traditional wood is not a low maintenance deck material

The hard truth

Traditional wood is far from maintenance free decking. Due to wood’s organic material make-up, even the densest hardwoods require significant upkeep in order to keep them from fading, cracking, or warping.

Maintenance needs of traditional wood

You may want to grab a pencil for this — the list is long.

  • Cleaning the deck with harsh chemical cleaners to kill mildew and mold.  
  • Sanding any cracks or edges.
  • Repairing or replacing any damaged deck boards or joists. 
  • Adjusting wood deck fasteners as they are likely to pop out as the boards swell from moisture.
  • Applying wood deck stain and waiting up to 48 hours until it dries.
  • Sealing the deck to protect all your hard work.

…And then doing more again next year (lucky you).

Save on long-term costs with TimberTech

Choose low-maintenance deck material from TimberTech and save big on costs in the long run.

The best low maintenance deck material: TimberTech Advanced PVC

While you may think all your composite decking options are similarly close to being maintenance-free, the truth is not all composite decking products are created equal.

Composite decking brands feature serious variations in terms of capping technology and durability, with some options not featuring a cap at all. And less-durable decking means a potentially greater likelihood of deck repairs and replacements for you — which is a far cry from maintenance-free decking.

Rather choose the best low-maintenance deck material and optimize your chances for a deck that stands the test of time? Choose TimberTech Advanced PVC capped polymer decking.

What makes TimberTech Advanced PVC the best?

TimberTech AZEK is the best maintenance free decking

Real-wood looks that are fade-resistant (and never require staining for protection).

Unbeatable durability and an impressive lifespan thanks to fully engineered decking, with absolutely no wood fibers in the cap or core.

Industry-leading warranties for greater peace of mind, including a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

What choosing TimberTech Advanced PVC means for you: With minimal work from you, you get to enjoy a deck designed to last and stay enduringly beautiful for decades to come.

Not only is it easy to maintain, but it’s also easy to install. EXPLORE ADVANCED PVC INSTALLATION

Upgrade your outdoor lifestyle with TimberTech

Upgrade your lifestyle with nearly maintenance free decking from TimberTech

While not entirely a maintenance-free decking option, TimberTech gives you an unbeatable, low-maintenance deck material that changes your outdoor lifestyle for the better. No more weekends spent laboring over your wood deck, just the relaxation you deserve.

Get started on your deck project by ordering the TimberTech Starter Kit. You’ll get decking samples of our most popular colors, as well as our Outdoor Living Catalog featuring design ideas to inspire your build.

Kickstart your journey
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Compare easily with this mix of contemporary gray and brown samples, all while sparking your creativity thanks to our Outdoor Living Guide.

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