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15 Deck Furniture Ideas + Design Inspiration

February 10, 2023
Four bamboo bar stools with white seats are placed in front of a bar counter on a deck kitchen space.

Large yards and a beautiful deck are huge perks when shopping for a home, but outdoor living decor is sometimes pushed to the back burner in favor of interior designs. Exploring deck furniture ideas and comparing durability, design, and functionality can be so much more exciting than picking out a pack of plastic lawn chairs. 

Whether you’re planning on hosting dinner parties or chatting the night away by the fire, we have the outdoor furniture ideas you’re looking for.  

In This Article:

1.) Live life outside

Two photos show separate deck furniture arrangement ideas with contrasting colors, seating options, and tables.

Your living room staples can be just as beautiful and functional on your deck, as long as they’re made of weatherproof materials or placed on a covered patio. The classic sofa and armchairs combo is a great starting point for your outdoor living space.

This layout works great for small deck designs or to create a designated lounge space on a larger deck. Tie your sitting area together with matching throw pillows or a centered coffee table. 

2.) Enjoy outdoor pool furniture

A pool with two submerged lounge chairs shows a deck sectional behind it and adjacent bar and dining area to the left.

Your pool is the hot spot for summer parties, so you’ll want an inviting space for guests to dry off and relax. It’s important to consider water resistance as well as durability against chemical and UV exposure when shopping for seating. 

Chaise lounges and Adirondack beach chairs are popular poolside choices to lie back and soak up the sun. Upright chairs and bistro tables are also convenient for enjoying a drink and watching the kids cool off in the pool. 

In addition to seating, consider adding partial shade so guests can choose to dry off in the sun or take a break in the shade. Pool cabanas are a beautiful choice to complement your pool and provide cover from the sun and other elements. 

3.) Keep it low-key

If you love movie nights under the stars or have kids sharing your deck, consider low-lying furniture for your space. Floor cushions are easy to pull out for large gatherings or move around with the party. Bean bags are a favorite for kids, while new modular couches allow you to customize your space by need. 

Simple, comfortable floor furniture is easy to move and store if you don’t have a lot of space. This also makes it super versatile for Friday nights in or to welcome guests to hang out. It’s still a good idea to keep a couple of traditional seating options around, since sitting low isn’t comfortable or accessible for everyone.  

4.) Swing with the breeze

Two photos show different types of deck swings, including a bench swing with throw pillows and a hanging oval chair on a porch.

Wooden rocking chairs and bench swings are a front porch favorite, but your options for a little movement don’t end there. The availability of swinging chairs and hammocks has erupted in the last few decades, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the swing of your dreams. 

Many outdoor swings are made of wicker with upholstered cushions, but plastic, canvas, and aluminum-framed swings are also easy to find. You can also choose among benches, singular seats, or daybeds to fit your space. 

5.) Create space to kick back

A woman relaxes in a standalone woven hammock on her deck.

Comfort is king, and if lounging in the fresh air is your favorite pastime, ultra-plush furniture with room to stretch out and kick your feet up is ideal. 

Go all out for your afternoon nap and invest in a hanging hammock or outdoor daybed. Or save some space with a simple chaise lounge that fits into the rest of your deck furniture decor. 

Ottomans and chests make the most of your space and double as extra seating, tables for your summer read, and may even offer built-in storage space.

6.) Go glam outdoors

Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be plain and plastic — you can bring your glam style to your outdoor space with a few accessories. 

Choose outdoor furniture with fun elements like fringe or studs to create a foundation for your decor. Level it up with your favorite art prints, metallic planters, suncatchers, and mirrors to add depth. It’s ultimately up to you just how much sparkle you sprinkle into your deck design.

7.) Cool off with a drink

An outdoor space shows a variety of deck furniture around a pool, including lounge chairs and pergolas, with a focus on a bar and seating.

Whether you prefer fresh coffee in the morning or an evening drink after dinner, an outdoor bar space is a great place to unwind. Bars are ideal deck furniture for entertaining, with a surface for drinks and food and storage space for cups, coolers, or even a mini fridge. 

8.) Make a statement with lighting

A collage shows lounge chairs at dusk with rail lights glowing, and a poolside dining set in the day with a hanging light fixture above.

Deck lighting adds ambiance that can complement your landscaping while ensuring everyone enjoys your deck safely at night. These can be built into your deck steps or railing posts for seamless style. 

Statement lights are a go-to for interior and exterior design and can tie a space together. Consider a bold fixture over a dining space or as a focal point for your backyard lounge. Smaller pieces like string lights or novelty tabletop lamps also illuminate your deck with a little extra flair.

9.) Prioritize play

Your deck can double as a play space for your little ones, including kid-sized furniture, toys, and safety gates. A skilled contractor can help you install safety gates and kid-friendly railing.

Durable outdoor furniture is a must for weather-resistance, and performance fabrics can withstand child’s play. This way, mud bakery mishaps won’t ruin your new upholstery and the kids can enjoy supervised independence. 

10.) Turn attention to the view

A lakeside deck with glass railing has a matching furniture set including an outdoor sofa, coffee table, and armchair.

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful beach or city skyline view from your deck, you can keep your furniture simple and let the scenery take center stage. 

Minimalist furniture with simple geometric shapes and strong lines won’t distract from the view, but still maintains a trendy and modern look. Complementary color palettes like cool ocean blues by the beach or warm industrial neutrals in the city are also a good idea when choosing textiles and decor.

Deck features like glass railings prioritize a beautiful view as part of your deck’s design, providing an unobstructed view from your favorite lookout. 

11.) Separate your spaces

Photos show outdoor dining sets and seating around a fire pit with adjacent kitchen and living areas.

Decks can be outdoor dining spaces, reading nooks, and sunbathing lounges — even all at once. The key to a cohesive multipurpose deck is intentional design. You can break down a large deck space into designated areas with your deck decor and planned traffic flow to optimize the space. 

Vertical elements like trellises and hanging planters can improve your deck’s privacy and segment spaces without closing them off. 

Mindful furniture arrangements also help create boundaries or focal points for an area. Built-in features like raised levels or benches and simple accessories like rugs can signal separation between spaces.

12.) Try a DIY space

Sometimes you just can’t find the perfect piece for your space. If you enjoy a little creativity and have some handy skills, consider DIY decor and deck furniture ideas from YouTube or Pinterest. 

Fresh sanding and paint can go a long way for existing wood furniture, like built-in benches or rocking chairs. Custom cushions are also easy to make so you always have the perfect color and pattern match. If you really want to bring your vision to life and already know your way around a miter saw, you can even build your own wood furniture for your deck. 

13.) Build a bold color palette

A brown outdoor sectional with light blue upholstery features lime green throw pillows, all on a deck with multi-colored decking boards.

Bright, saturated colors add a fun flair to any outdoor living space and work especially well with open decks. The key to creating a bold color palette is ensuring that your chosen hues have the same value and undertones. 

So if you want multiple bold colors, choose two to three that have the same brightness. If you’re looking to mix values, you can match undertones to ensure a great match. Or choose a bold pattern you love for a rug or pillows and use those existing colors for your palette.

14.) Make the most of a small space

A small deck makes the most of its space with a peach rug, two outdoor sofas, a coffee table, and plenty of throw pillows.

Choosing pieces for a small deck can be tricky, but clever planning and placement can help you fill your space without overwhelming the design. Items like a sectional provide plenty of seating and can be placed in a corner to save space, or pulled out to designate a separate living space. 

Balancing large pieces with small decor choices like different colors or arrangements can help break up the space to feel roomier, too. For example, a small rug and accent tables make a large sectional feel like an individual section of your deck. 

Consider multiuse features like bar counters with shelves or storage ottomans to keep your space organized and avoid crowding the floor space. 

15.) Play with color tones

If you’re worried about bold colors looking too elementary, consider working with different tones in a single hue. For example, if you love pink, invest in decor and furniture that uses light, dark, and bright tones of pink. You can still add a pop of a complementary color like green, or pair it with neutrals for a creative and cohesive look.


Outdoor deck furniture is all about durability, weather resistance, and function, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your aesthetic. If you’re still shopping for the perfect deck furniture ideas, check out these answers to common questions for inspiration.

What is the best furniture for a wood deck?

Many homeowners prefer lightweight and weather-resistant deck furniture made of plastic, aluminum, or PVC, like TimberTech’s sustainable Invite collection. These materials are easy additions to any wood or composite deck. Otherwise, you can choose any deck furniture you like for your wood deck with some proper precautions. 

If you place area rugs on your wood deck, for example, be sure the deck is properly sealed and consider occasionally switching up your furniture placement to avoid extreme fading or discoloration. Avoid placing potted plants directly on the deck so they can’t retain moisture. 

What is the best furniture for a composite deck?

Similar to wood decks, composite decks can enjoy any number of furniture styles and materials as long as you take the right steps to protect your decking. Stay mindful of furniture legs that can scratch decking — choose items with rubber legs or place protective caps on legs to prevent damage.

Heat sources like fire pits and grills should never be placed directly on composite decking, though this may be safe with the right manufactured gas fire pit and heat-resistant barrier. Consult your manufacturer guidelines and an experienced contractor to learn more.  

How can I make my big deck more comfortable?

Start by identifying your deck needs when you begin to plan your outdoor furniture layout. Things like entertainment, dining space, or a hot tub are all elements you can design around and use to segment your deck space. 

Identifying separate spaces allows you to create a comfortable space without closing off the whole deck or creating a design that’s inconsistent or overwhelming. Items like plants, furniture, and panels can help physically separate spaces, while decor choices can visually distinguish deck areas. 

Be mindful of traffic and flow when you’re laying out deck spaces. You want to make sure your deck is easy to navigate and avoid overcrowding the deck floor with furniture and decor. It’s always a good idea to adjust your layout as you host guests and see how everyone uses your deck. 

What furniture and materials are best for outdoor use?

Outdoor furniture is often made of aluminum, PVC, and plastic since these materials are lightweight and weather-resistant. They’re also highly affordable and accessible, available at your local hardware, furniture, and big-box stores. 

Some people don’t love the look or feel of many cheap plastic furniture options, but there are plenty of high-quality items that are designed for comfort and durability. Alternatively, organic pieces made of wicker or cedar are easy to find, look great, and won’t damage your deck. 

Weather-resistant fabrics like polypropylene are UV-resistant and dry quickly, so you can leave them out without worrying about damaging your upholstered furniture. Other synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester are also designed for outdoor use, so you can purchase or DIY fabric furniture for your deck. 

Whether you love the look of woven wicker and boho cushions or want to lean into a maximalist style with bold colors and patterns, there’s no shortage of deck furniture ideas to make your outdoor living space just as stylish and functional as your interior decor. 

Excited to furnish your outdoor living space? Start with a great deck design and quality decking for a space you’ll love for years to come. 

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