How Deck Post Lights Keep Your Deck Safe & Inviting

September 2, 2020
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Choosing the look of your deck board surface may be your first thought when you think “outdoor living.” But there’s more to an outdoor oasis than just decking; you also need ideas for deck lights. Your space should serve as your go-to escape: that means safety and atmosphere will be key. The way to achieve both? Deck post lights.

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Deck Post Lighting 101

What Are Deck Post Lights?
Deck posts are part of a railing system and occur at transition points, meaning at the edge of your deck and where there are changes in elevation (like stairs). Why Are Deck Post Lights Important?
Because transitions introduce the risk of trips or spills, deck post lighting is a logical way to enhance the style and safety of your space.

With TimberTech, you have three options for lighting along your deck posts. All three improve visibility and polish the look of your deck — you just need to consider which is compatible with your railing and suits your style.

Transition Point Lighting: Post Cap Lights, Island Caps, Accent Lights

Black Post Cap Light RadianceRail Expess Deck Post Lights

Post Cap Light

Provides: Brightened steps and railing use, applied post-railing installation.

Works with: Premier Railing®, RadianceRail®, Trademark Rail™, RadianceRail Express®, and Impression Rail Express®.

White lighted island cap deck post lights

Lighted Island Cap

Provides: Illumination that highlights the crisp edges and craftsmanship of your railing.

Works with: Premier Railing®, RadianceRail®, Trademark Rail™.

White accent deck post lights

Accent Light

Provides: A subtle glow and can be placed closer to the ground for safe steps.

Works with: Composite railing posts, Impression Rail Express®.

Note that each option requires different wattage and installation practices. Always consult the Lighting Installation Guide and, if you have any questions, work with a registered contractor.

Brighten Your Deck

Work with a TimberTech-registered contractor to light your outdoor living space.

Remember that your choice of deck post lights will depend on your railing. If you’re still deciding on your deck railing, read up on composite deck railing and our easy-install Impress Rail Express.

How Deck Post Lights Improve Safety

You and your family deserve to safely enjoy your fun-filled backyard build. That’s where any of our three options for deck post lights come into play.

Outdoor lighting can enhance safety for you and your family in a number of ways:

  • Keeps transition points like stairs well-lit for secure steps.
  • Illuminates the objects and structures on your deck surface — no more running into the edge of the grill or the outdoor dining chairs the kids forgot to push in.

How Deck Post Lights Enhance Outdoor Atmosphere

Picture it: as the day fades into evening, you’re lounging on your deck, sipping a favorite beverage while the kids play in the yard. The recreation and relaxation can continue — and all with some cozy ambience — thanks to outdoor lighting.

Reserve Rail in white with accent deck post lights

Just two of the ways deck post lights enhance your atmosphere:

Infuse your space with soft halos that let the good times continue to roll.

Trace a glowing perimeter for a sense of security and peacefulness.

Now that you have some bright ideas and want to visualize your outdoor living space in 3-D, jump into our Deck Design tool.

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