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How Deck Post Lights Keep Your Deck Safe & Inviting

April 11, 2022
Deck post lights and lighting for deck posts by TimberTech

As you design your outdoor space, you want to make sure it meets your needs during the day and as the evening deepens. To keep your space bright and the good times rolling, deck post lights are a popular lighting option that sit atop the rail post or are embedded within it. This outdoor lighting solution is a beautiful way to add subtle ambience to your evening while highlighting objects and transition points for safety.

Explore Your Deck Lighting Options

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Deck post lights and more lighting options like riser lights

Deck Post Lighting 101

Deck post lights beneath the cap on a black composite railing

Deck post lights are a part of the railing system built on your traditional wood or composite deck. They illuminate your railing posts and offer a serene atmosphere while adding safety with increased visibility after the sun sets.

While you can choose temporary lighting for deck posts — like solar light caps — permanent fixtures offer many benefits that will enhance the look and feel of your space with added longevity and durability.

Reasons to Choose Permanent Deck Post Lights

Improves Deck Safety

Permanent lighting that’s installed within your railing allows you to mark borders and illuminate transition points for confident movement after daylight hours.

All-Weather Durability

The durability of permanent deck lighting means you won’t have to replace your luminaries or lanterns every season as with temporary lighting.

Unified Look & Feel

Lighting highlights the design of your outdoor space and cultivates an inviting atmosphere. The right lighting and railing elevate your outdoor space for a cohesive design.

Instant Illumination

You can use timers to program permanent deck lights to go on at dusk. Or simply flip a switch and your entire deck will light as you step outside.

Illuminate Your Deck With TimberTech

Deck post lights in the island cap on a white composite drink rail

Permanent lighting for deck posts makes it easy to brighten your outdoor space when the sun sets. With three types of deck post lights in the TimberTech lighting portfolio, you can choose to install your post lights at the top of your rail post or closer to the deck boards.

Close up of deck post lights in an island cap

Lighted Island Cap

Top-rail illumination that highlights the crisp edges and craftsmanship of your railing.

Deck post lights include accent light on a white composite railing post

Accent Lights

A subtle glow that can be placed closer to the ground for safe steps.

Deck post lights include a post cap light beneath the cap

Post Cap Light

A warm, inviting glow around your post for atmosphere and added visibility.

The best time to install deck lighting is during your deck construction or during resurfacing.

Keep in mind that each post lighting option requires different wattage and installation practices. Always consult the Lighting Installation Guide to ensure your deck post lights are installed properly.

See TimberTech Lighting Installation

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Lighting for deck posts include post cap lights for metal railing

You may be able to install your deck post lights on your own, so long as you ensure proper wiring and are clear on all installation best practices. However, if you want to take the stress out of DIY, you can work with a TimberTech-registered contractor to have your deck post lighting installed with peace of mind.

Installing deck wiring involves complexity. Connect with a contractor to ensure the job is done properly. FIND A CONTRACTOR

How Deck Post Lights Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Lighting for deck posts include island cap lights in a white drink rail

When a warm summer day fades to evening, you’ll naturally want to continue to lounge on your deck and enjoy the outdoors with your family, friends, or on your own. The recreation and relaxation can continue — and with some cozy ambience — thanks to deck post lights:

Infuse your space with soft halos that let the good times continue into the evening.
Trace a glowing perimeter for a sense of peacefulness and security.
Make your outdoor space more inviting to visiting friends and family.

How Deck Post Lights Enhance Your Safety

Lighting for deck posts illuminates your perimeter

While lighting for deck posts add beauty to your deck and yard, they can also help you stay safe as you enjoy your evening outdoors. Deck post lights — as well as deck rail lighting and deck stair lighting — can enhance the safety of your outdoor space:

Illuminates transition points like stairs for confident movement during the evening.
Highlights objects and other structures on your deck surface to avoid potential collisions.
Well-lit areas discourage wildlife from visiting your deck or getting too close to your home.

Bring Deck Post Lighting to Your Space

Lighting for deck posts adds ambiance and safety to your deck

Now that you’re more familiar with your permanent deck post light options, you’re ready to find the right lighting solution to illuminate your outdoor space. Explore our deck lighting portfolio and your corresponding railing options when you download our Railing Guide — then begin designing your ideal and atmospheric outdoor space.

Find the Right Railing for You

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