Enhance Your Space With These Ideas for Arranging & Cutting Pavers

July 8, 2020
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An outdoor living space should be a true retreat — not another item on your to-do list. Because TimberTech® Pavers provide a durable, attractive finish to porches, patios, rooftops, and more, they’re an ideal solution to your landscaping needs. Our pavers are engineered from lightweight composite material and use a patented grid system, meaning that arranging and cutting pavers is a breeze. What’s more, our pavers come in three different collections and applications, five different colors, and three sizes — so it’s safe to say, they lay a seriously good foundation for DIY design.

Keep reading to learn what kind of pavers we offer, how to cut and apply them, and just why they’re a great addition to your outdoor oasis.

TimberTech Pavers: Lightweight, Durable, Easy to Cut & Assemble

We offer three different options for those looking to bring texture and durability to an outdoor living space: Resurfacing Pavers, Permeable Pavers, and Standard Pavers. All three are durable yet lightweight, so the process of cutting pavers is quick and easy.


Resurfacing Pavers

Resurfacing pavers are designed to be installed directly over an existing surface — think roofs, porches, and walkways.  They are engineered to resist harsh weather, mold, mildew, and moisture, and won’t stain or crack.


Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are uniquely engineered to significantly reduce runoff while resisting moisture, mold, or mildew, plus protecting from staining and cracking. These make for a powerful water management system.


Standard Pavers

Standard (or in-ground) pavers are made from a high-performance blend that protects against moisture, mold, mildew, staining, and cracking. Unlike resurfacing pavers, they apply at ground-contact.

Explore TimberTech Pavers and discover the eight rich colors and three versatile sizes available.

Even better news? Along with offering aesthetic variety, TimberTech Pavers are durable, easy to cut and install, and sustainable.


Benefits to TimberTech Pavers

Here are just a few of the ways TimberTech pavers benefit you:

  • Easy to Cut: Unlike other pavers made of stone, brick, or concrete, our composite pavers are easy to cut and don’t require complex and expensive diamond-blade masonry.
  • Easy to Apply: Our patented grid system makes it fast and easy to lay your pavers. That cuts down on headaches, plus cost on the job site if you work with a contractor.
  • Sustainable: They contain up to 95% high-performance, recycled composite material. In fact, every 500 square feet of TimberTech pavers prevents approximately 250 vehicle tires and 7,500 plastic containers from entering U.S. landfills.
  • Durable: Because of their robust composite blend, TimberTech Pavers are resistant to staining, scratching, and impact — so much so that they’re backed by our Lifetime No-Crack Guarantee.

Once you’ve decided to opt for TimberTech Pavers, your next step will be to measure your outdoor living space to determine which of the three paver sizes you’ll need. If your space isn’t perfectly square or rectangular, you will likely find yourself cutting pavers. Luckily, our composite pavers are easy-to-cut using a jigsaw or miter saw.

Here are some of the items you’ll want to have on-hand before you begin cutting pavers:

  • Safety glasses, gloves, and ear plugs
  • 4-foot level
  • Utility knife
  • Jigsaw or Miter Saw
    • 5- or 6-TPI jigsaw blade
    • 10-inch, 24-tooth miter saw blade
    • 12-inch, 32-tooth miter saw blade

For a full list of the tools required, as well as detailed information about proper application practices, check out the Pavers Installation Guide.

The three saws mentioned above — the Jigsaw, 10-inch Miter, and 12-inch Miter — are common cutting tools that don’t require special blades. Check out some more info on each below:



The jigsaw is the most versatile saw for cutting composite pavers.

  • Use for complex cuts such as curves and holes.
  • Cut several installed pavers at the same time.
  • Use to finish off incomplete miter saw cuts (e.g. cutting a larger grid with a 10-inch miter saw).

Recommended Blade

  • Wood cutting blade (5- to 6-tooth per inch).
  • Example: Bosch T101D and T144D.

10-Inch Miter

This saw can be used for almost any cut.

  • Cut pavers in half or any angle (larger pavers might require two cuts).
  • Cut grids (requires two cuts; larger grids require finishing with jigsaw).

Recommended Blade

  • 10-inch, 24-tooth carbide tipped wood ripping blade (Teflon or other coating recommended).
  • Example: Freud D1024X Diablo 10-inch 24-tooth ATB Ripping Saw Blade with 5/8-inch Arbor and Permashield Coating.

12-Inch Miter

A less common saw but great at minimizing the number of cuts on larger pavers and grids.

  • Cuts larger pavers (e.g. 4-inch by 8-inch) lengthwise in one cut.
  • Cuts larger grids (e.g. 16-inch by 16-inch) in two cuts without needing to finish with a jigsaw.

Recommended Blade

  • 12-inch, 20- to 30-tooth carbide tipped wood ripping blade (10-20-degree positive rake angle, Teflon or other coating recommended).
  • Example: Freud 12″ Red Teflon Rip Blade (LM72R012)
  • Example: Freud 12″ Thick Stock Rip (LM71M012).

Once you’ve read the installation manual, taken all proper safety precautions and made sure you’ve collected the right tools, you’re almost ready. Now, you have to think about cutting — no matter the shape of your outdoor living space, you’ll either be cutting pavers in a straight line or into a curve. Keep your saw level and proceed slowly, pausing periodically to check you’re on track.

Ideas for Applying Pavers

Don’t be afraid to get creative. All three types of TimberTech Pavers come with a proprietary installation grid, you only need to decide on your pattern and color scheme before you’re ready to jump in.

Here are just a few paver patterns to get the inspiration flowing.


Plain-Weave Pattern

For the Plain Weave pattern, you’ll use all three sizes of TimberTech Standard Pavers (8-inch by 8-inch; 4-inch by 8-inch; 4-inch by 4-inch). You can select one, two (pictured) or three colors.


Custom Pattern

This pattern was custom-made by strategically cutting the central image out of a pre-determined herringbone pattern and then laying appropriately cut Standard Waterwheel pavers (the light gray) in the middle. PRO TIP: Lay the overall pattern first, then trace the image or emblem you want and custom-cut from there.


Herringbone Pattern

This is the most popular and easiest pattern to install. Resurfacing pavers will interlock grids in both directions. You can stick with a single color for a more classic look or opt for three (pictured above) to bring a unique design statement to your backyard.

Cutting and applying pavers is quick and easy with TimberTech — and the result? A stunning outdoor living space that stands up to the elements for years to come.

Pave the Way to Enviable Outdoor Living

Our sustainable pavers are engineered to endure the elements all while laying an eye-catching foundation.

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